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  1. It's not just production issues. Seemingly thousands upon thousands of people on the Chinese mainland opted to pick this up to keep them active during the city lockdowns, so all the usual sources in Japan and HK got their stock absolutely ransacked by importers. Can imagine Nintendo wanting to replenish stock in Asia before anywhere else in the near future.
  2. Loved this shit back in the day. Still do.
  3. Judging by the music when using it, it seems Resetti runs the rescue service.
  4. He tagged the wrong person. Must be getting old.
  5. Apart from everyone that isn't doing that. Contribute or fuck off.
  6. Put some music in it and we have a deal. Although given the state of most contemporary driving game soundtracks, I may live to regret this statement.
  7. It is. There's no guarantee people will do anything interesting with it, but the ability for people for people to make high-quality music on a relatively cheap laptop is pretty powerful. Like, Yellow Magic Orchestra's BGM is a legit classic but the rear cover of the album is a detailed breakdown of all the equipment they bought to make it. The total comes to ¥51,250,000, or around half a million quid in today's money. Ain't anyone but the musical elite spending that much on synths.
  8. 20/02 - Guardian Heroes (360) 20/02 - NiGHTS into Dreams (360) 18/02 - Snake Pass (XB1X) - I'd been turned off this around the time of release by people suggesting it was an exercise in frustration, but as it's about to leave Game Pass I thought I'd give it a whirl, and I'm glad I did. For one, it's a lovely looking thing in those vivid Viva Pinata colours, but in the slithering and coiling of Noodle it does that rare thing of feeling like nothing else. They nailed it to the extent that I'm not all that disappointed it doesn't look like getting a sequel. Sumo done good (again). 14/02 - Blazing Chrome (XB1X) - This is so faithful to the Contra of old that it's difficult to find fault with it and not feel I'm being unfair in some way. It's just that while it's great fun, immaculately presented and knows exactly what it needs to be, it lacks a certain spark of innovation that gave the OG titles their edge. There were few moments of genuine surprise, unfortunately. Previous: Ongoing: Persona 5 (PS4), Forza Horizon 4 (XB1X), FIFA 20 (PS4)
  9. Pretty much. The record labels never really liked the artists being both the public face and the creative force behind the music, because it granted them way too much power. There's something in the liner notes of a Nation of Ulysses album that I'm probably misremembering, about how the history of popular music has largely been that of capitalism and technology driving down labour, so you go from needing orchestras, down to big band jazz, to amplification allowing a four-piece rock group to fill a stadium, to being able to do the whole thing on a computer. It's an idea that's full of holes and Ian Svenonius probably wrote it, so I doubt it'd make much sense even if I could find it online, but the idea always comes to mind whenever people talk about how liberating technology can be in music creation, because the labels always find a way to make it work for them too.
  10. I bought one last month after picking up three years of Game Pass, as buying one here was only about fifty quid more than a One S. I'm unlikely to buy a Series X on launch because I always have a rough time with unreliable launch hardware, so I'll likely get a good while out of it.
  11. I've had a few things like that since buying a One X. Somehow, opening certain screenshots would shunt the resolution to something unsupported by my TV. No idea why it was happening, but only a hard reset by holding down the power button for about ten seconds sorted it
  12. This isn't from Gunfire. It's Airship Syndicate, who made Battle Chasers.
  13. Time Crimes? I can't actually remember anything about Time Crimes but it was the first thing that popped into my head.
  14. I might give them another shot, I just recall losing interest in the last few records almost immediately. That said, this is my favourite Casablancas thing of the last few decade or so, so I'm probably not to be trusted.
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