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  1. Shoes

    This is Hip-Hop.

    Oh wow.
  2. Shoes

    What’s Your Favourite Daft Punk song?

    Digital Love. One More Time > Aerodynamic > Digital Love > Harder Better is a hell of a way to open an album. Goddamn.
  3. Shoes

    The electronica thread

    New Four Tet is just gorgeous
  4. Shoes

    This is Hip-Hop.

    New Czarface beat is crying out some verses.
  5. Shoes

    This is Hip-Hop.

  6. Shoes


    Gutted for Aaron
  7. Shoes

    Football Thread 2018/19

  8. Shoes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Juve going out!
  9. Shoes

    Audio Club

    beats for proressive illness.
  10. Shoes

    This is Hip-Hop.

    E cutting up funk.
  11. No, they really did make her tits smaller. Great comments section!
  12. Shoes

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now "on hiatus")

    I liked TLJ, but I want Rian to do another Brick. Fuck Star Wars.
  13. Shoes

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Dude. That sounds pretty worrying.
  14. Shoes

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Munich are fucking burying Dortmund.

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