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  1. Cheers, I had played around with those setting a bit, but it wasn’t really clear what they were doing. I’ll give it another go, hopefully I’ll find it feels more natural!
  2. What do people think about Eleven and Racket Fury? I find RF plays a much more natural game if table tennis, and I’ve had much better multiplayer games with it. In Eleven I find that I’m having to hit the ball harder than I would in real life, it feels quite heavy.
  3. I had never heard of this until they spoke about it on the Giant Bomb Game of the Year podcast. How did I miss this??? It’s a great game that really shines in multiplayer with some friends. I found a great review of it that describes it better than I ever could -
  4. Yesterday I realised I could play my Xbox save for No Man's Sky through Game Pass on my PC - on the Quest 2! I need to play around with the settings a bit, but it was really impressive. Are there any more VR enabled games on Game Pass?
  5. Do you mean The Anomaly? If not then keep following the Artemis/ Atlas storylines. It takes a while to realise the scope of what you can do. You can unlock different vehicles to use on planets; buy massive space freighters and recruit a fleet; go on missions to find destroyed freighters in space and loot them; there are loads of unique space ships to find. It has a sense of discovery that very few other games come close to, but if you ever feel like it’s getting dull concentrate on the story missions for a while until they throw something new at you.
  6. Follow the main quests in the guide.
  7. I started on the RT60 mode then after about 6 hours I changed it to the quality mode to see what the differences were. Suddenly it was snowing, the streets were much busier and everything looked much sharper. It took me about 10 minutes to get used to the 30fps frame rate and I’m just playing in on the quality mode now. I know people are saying it’s a great balance be the 2 modes, but there are a lot of noticeable compromises.
  8. I've been thinking about trying this out. How's the PS5 update, and how is the onboarding for new players?
  9. There are loads of great games on there, but I'll just pick three to avoid the list getting too big. Titanfall 2 - as Sprite said. Fantastic single player mode and an even better multiplayer mode that is still busy. No Man's Sky - fantastic game full on content now. Looks stunning on the SX. A Plague Tale: Innocence - not a game I would have bothered with if it wasn't for Game Pass. It's a great, compact story in a unique setting. Enjoy!
  10. I want to shuttle some PS4 games from my old hard drive to a new SSD, but the PS5 won’t see both drives at the same time. It can see either of the drives if only one of them is plugged in, so I know they’re working. Has anyone had the same issue?
  11. From that point I stuck the game on the easiest difficulty setting and smashed through it, it was honestly much more fun that way.
  12. Ultimate is in the Xbox sale for £34.99 at the moment, so I finally picked it up. It's a bargain for the amount of kontent in there!
  13. My TV doesn't do that. There must be a setting on the TV or Xbox to stop that happening?
  14. I'm getting a Quest 2 for Christmas, so I'll definitely try that!
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