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  1. This one's definitley worth a watch. It sounds great, but I'm slightly put off by the points he brings up about replayability and the weapon pick ups. When I say "slightly put off", I mean I'd probably buy it at £50, but not £70.
  2. I'm pretty sure it's a PS4 release, if that makes a difference for you.
  3. I just found the sexy photoshoot minigame in Kiwami 2. That's an eye opener
  4. Eleven Pistol Whip Superhot Cubism
  5. Dash Dash World is a Mario Kart style game that’s pretty decent. It does make me feel a bit queasy though.
  6. I was having a tough time with the combat, then realised I had an item equipped that made enemies much more aggressive. You might have the same thing equipped.
  7. I still play it moat nights on the Xbox, so I'm sure it still must be easy to get a game on PSN.
  8. I've been hammering the mulitplayer over the last few weeks and I've been in awe of how good it looks, now I know why!
  9. Why do you keep restarting it, out of interest? I don't really see the point of starting again, and going through grinding to get fuels and materials. Once you've got far enough in to the game getting huge amount of materials is really easy.
  10. Wooooah - I knew they were in 6, but there are NJPW guys in Kiwami 2 as well???
  11. Cheers, I had played around with those setting a bit, but it wasn’t really clear what they were doing. I’ll give it another go, hopefully I’ll find it feels more natural!
  12. What do people think about Eleven and Racket Fury? I find RF plays a much more natural game if table tennis, and I’ve had much better multiplayer games with it. In Eleven I find that I’m having to hit the ball harder than I would in real life, it feels quite heavy.
  13. I had never heard of this until they spoke about it on the Giant Bomb Game of the Year podcast. How did I miss this??? It’s a great game that really shines in multiplayer with some friends. I found a great review of it that describes it better than I ever could -
  14. Yesterday I realised I could play my Xbox save for No Man's Sky through Game Pass on my PC - on the Quest 2! I need to play around with the settings a bit, but it was really impressive. Are there any more VR enabled games on Game Pass?
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