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  1. You need to be able to bake down the displacement maps into the geometry because when you take the model into whatever printing package you use, the map will (probably) be removed and revert to the underlying mesh, which I presume will be basic. On that note I have no idea if Blender can do that but it's something to bear in mind. Edit: a quick Google suggests you can.
  2. I think the problem is not necessarily that you get bad service, it's more where they get the keys from. I may be wrong but i think G2A was one of the slightly dodgier providers with CDKeys been the only one that i know of that seems to have a good rep.
  3. Renewed for series 6 and 7: https://www.comedy.co.uk/tv/news/5701/more_inside_no_9/
  4. Yeah I've had some succes with my Foul Blightspawn. His weapon is assault so he can easily move up the board and get in range. He's a bit swingey, I deleted a Drukhari flyer (12 wounds) much to the constenation of the Drukhari player but if you don't screen him he gets targeted quite easily. And with the strength roll he can easily whiff although -3 AP and flat 3 damage on an auto hitting weapon is nothing to be sniffed at. TBH all I want us an excuse to take more plague marines, they're over priced atm and their longest ranged weapons are 24". The irony is the starter sets and conquest magazines contain Space Marines and Death Guard. You'd think they'd give some parity since there's quite a bit of Death Guard armies knocking about. How many people have stopped playing because their starter army, Death Guard, is getting their arsed kicked?
  5. Yeah, one arm can be double laser and the other can be a missile launcher (Krak and frag, not blight iirc) so could be ok. But yeah the fact that they don't get disgusting resilience, despite been obviously fleshy on the model, was why I hadn't bothered getting one. I think it's approximately £34 on GW online. It's a shame the codex has so much in it, probably like a lot if other codex, that never get used. I play at an independent retailers shop and they are good set of people. The general feeling I get, is people are a lot like me, they're informed by the competitive scene but aren't out and out competitive. The "rule if cool" is the standard but it doesn't help when you're cool model continuely gets blasted to death round one :p
  6. On Wednesday we had deployment zones along the long edge of the table whitch had one side of buildings and ruins (although it was only 1/3rd and not blocking too much LOS). The other 2/3rds was low terrain with a big gap to cross which meant he parked his army and shot me to pieces. His main guns on his robots and Dunecrawlers were instantly in range and he had a couple of characters/elites(?) that provided rerolls. Apart from my Desecrator I don't think any of my guns reached. He also got first turn so one of my warglaives disappeared real quick due to them mauling him badly in the previous game. In that first game we had deployment zones along the short edge of the table with a fair bit of LOS blocking terrain. My Knight sat at the back on an objective whilst my Warglaives moved forward and wrecked his Dunecrawlers. In that game his robots were down one side and wasted any of my troops that tried to get near. He didn't have much that could touch my Knight and the one thing that got in range I killed. I have another Knight to assemble which is an Imperial one and some bits to make it look Nurgley. Although it'll be a bit more points I think it'll do a bit better due to what I can arm it with. I've held off getting anything like a Deredeo or Leviathan mainly due to incoming rule changes and the price they are but might buy a Helbrute. And whilst the Death Guard Helbrute could do with a buff it does have access to some long range weapons.
  7. Hah, I finished a unit of cultists off the other week. I literally deployed them, didn't get to go first and were subsequently wiped out before they'd even moved.
  8. There's not a lot of customisation, what you see in the pictures is what you get with not a lot left on the sprues at the end (if any). Obviously there's some stuff you don't have to put on, like I didn't put the banner on that's between the legs, but you won't be have enough to do another Knight imo. You could use weapons from the Imperial Knight quite easily to make both Knights Despoilers but one wouldn't look quite as Chaotic as the other.
  9. Hmm... this is something i'm currently having a problem with, I got shot off the table last night from an Ad Mech army. I ran my Chaos Knight Desecrator with 2 Warglaives and a battalion of Death Guard (1500pts total). Knights died before they could do anything useful and my Death Guard didn't have the punch to do anything either. I'd played the Ad Mech a couple of weeks before with something similar and won but he'd changed things up to deal with the Knights (changed army trait etc.) His Castellan robots (or whatever) just obliterated anything they fire as he also spent command points on "Wrath of Mars" iirc which made them fire twice. Either way he just deleted units left and right and i'm feeling quite despondent if truth be told. The same thing happens when i play another guys Ultramarines with 2 Executioner Repulsors, who, by his own admission, finds them a little boring to play with. Fucking re-rolls at every stage, well nearly. Spent £80 on the Desecrator and a shit load of time painting it but tbh it's fucking trash (in game). I realised DG were quite low tier when i started playing but thought the gap may have been a bit closer tbh, I've always been into Nurgle and Plague Marines and i'm not really bothered by many other armies so it look like i'm stuck trying to find a way for these to work. I've got options but i feel if i want to be even slightly "competitive" or stand a chance i'll need to tow the internet line. Here's hoping for some goodies in our Psychic Awakening book (when ever that lands).
  10. A slightly more life-like Baby Yoda figure: https://www.sideshow.com/collectibles/star-wars-the-child-sideshow-collectibles-400369
  11. May be try and find a local independent games club that plays AoS, WH40K etc. You might find people more willing to play a little less competitively. The one I go to has a mix of newer/returnees like myself and more experienced players. They also play other wargames other than GW stuff which sort of means their not as focussed/powergamerey. Basically they're a decent bunch. I've not ventured into my local GW shop so they may be perfectly fine. Also have s look on Reddit, there's plenty of lists and advice for list building. I've tried to do a bit of both, advice of the internet but also try and work some if it out myself. However, nothing beats getting a couple of games under your belt so you can get a feel of things.
  12. It's not Giantbomb but Dan talks a bit about why he is leaving the gaming press.
  13. I actually thought this was quite dull, like someone was trying to make a Scorsese mob film and not quite getting there. The cg was poor but if you're trying to do young versions of old actors what are you going to do? It got to the point where I wasn't even sure if they were meant to be the younger versions or not, only the context of the scene seemed to place it in the timeline. I'm also not sure the 3.5 hour run time really warranted the story been told. That said, I'm "glad" I've seen it but won't ever watch it again.
  14. I haven't watched him this week but he always seem to have a noticeable "slur" but i'm sure he mentioned a few weeks ago he'd changed meds and his slurring did seem to have gone (on that podcast at least). My brother was on epilepsy meds for years and developed a slur but when i saw him last, his speech had improved and it turned out he'd stopped taking the medicine since i'd last seen him which had been a few months previous. Or he has a small speech impediment and i'm reading too much into it
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