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  1. Vulgar Monkey

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I only just got round to seeing this (and the last couple of marvel films), and I agree it hangs together far better than I'd have expected given how convoluted things have the potential to get. Yep, and it does feel like more recently theyve gotten more confident at tapping different genres/themes. Besides which, at this point I think we need reminding why some of the more mundane heroes are there. I do feel like with more emphasis on the cosmic/magical/generally reality-bending stuff lately, a lot of people have probably had to heavily revise their hero power-rankings (and then argue about it online).
  2. Just to go back to the previous comments for a minute......what they've done with SLJs de-aging looked great in the stills, but that it holds up under close inspection in motion is nothing short of astonishing. I had no idea the tech had got to that point. Also, that suit is pretty slick.
  3. Vulgar Monkey


    Hm. Makes my laptop look less like a toaster and more like an old-fashioned grill! It's an Asus with a 2gig i3, 4gig ram, and onboard intel graphics, although technically even that meets the system requirements. They make it sound like anything that can run DirectX9 will do, which is pretty vague tbh.
  4. I might be resurrecting a bit of a dead thread here, but I just saw this. Recently picked up netflix for another month so I could marathon the new Bojack season, and treated this as an added throwaway couple of hours. I also saw 5th Element again within, oh, the last six months, so had that fresh in mind as a comparison. Plus, I go in knowing it's Besson being his most Bessony; ie eclectic and stunning visual design, nonsense writing and story. And that's what I got. Rather enjoyed it on those merits. To echo most of you though, the lead casting got a hard nope from me. I dunno if the comic it's based on shines a bit more light on that decision, but both the character and actor are instantly unlikeable. Like, the intro scene was a solid 8/10 and the moment we meet the leads it drops to a 4. As much as I wouldnt expect to be saying it....Rhianna best actor. And Owen gets a shout for his angry end speech. But that's no different from 5th Element tbh, and as with that it's the design that'll stick with me. Notable bits being the Brutalist Millenium Falcon, the goofy tribe of bridge-troll looking dudes, and the Geth-like killbots that look suspiciously like they were lifted directly from the portfolio of one of my favourite artists. Also, all the weird clothing. Not a great film by any margin, but fun nonetheless.
  5. Vulgar Monkey


    I had just noticed this! Question is, will it run on a toaster? The recommended specs look pretty toaster-like, and the game engine doesnt look much different from the first game, but running and running well arent quite the same thing.
  6. Vulgar Monkey

    BoJack Horseman

    Fuckit, that's my weekend sorted then. Just depends if I think I'm in the right mindset for all that pathos tbh.
  7. Vulgar Monkey

    BoJack Horseman

    Is it a regular slot or a season-dump?
  8. The dialogue was easily the best bit of the original though. Just getting that out there.
  9. Vulgar Monkey

    Spelunky 2 - sequel to the actual best game ever

    Looks absolutely lethal.
  10. Just to be contrarian, and to bring up a feature no-one else has talked about much yet.......what about that brain-hacking sequence? C'mon. Sneak up on a dude, skulljack him, do whatever to his allies network including leaving a little sneaky backdoor in their firewall for later......and then brick their weapons midcombat. That's classic cyberpunk boardgaming at its best, and if it translates across to videogames as well as it looks like it might, that has huge potential. If this were a less than Triple-A game, I'd say that one mechanic could be the single novel basis for the entire game. You go around technomancing people, that's it. Fleshed out fully, that'd be a lot of fun. I mean, normally in games hacking is stuff like emails or security doors. This could be a lot more creative. Watchdogs but better. I think the fact they earlier pointed out that they could hack a door and then just didnt bother is quite deliberate.
  11. I tell you what, even if (god forbid) the full game never exists due to CDPR head office being struck by a nuclear weapon or something, the existence of this demo alone is incredibly impressive. I've watched it back and all those 'busywork' ambient city bits at the beginning are absolutely FULL of environmental detail. Just creating the assets for the bits we've seen must've took crazy manhours. I dare say from a purely visual-development perspective it's kinda a work of art. If I ever get to play the full release I'll probably spend hours just wondering around the city as a virtual tourist.
  12. Looks better than I could have possibly hoped. I normally like to go back over these things frame by frame to analyse the bejeesus out of environments, clothing etc, but in this case it'd take me all night! Guess I'd better get the coffee ready.
  13. Vulgar Monkey

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    I'd actually quite like something like this. The best thing about Picard was that Stewart has the acting chops to properly flesh him out as a relatable human being, and quite a thoughtful, likeable one at that. If they can manufacture some storyline that gets a lot of the usual technoblurb and alien-species-of-the-week stuff out of the way and focuses on actual character drama, I'd be very happy. TNG was at its best as a morality tale that just happened to be in a scifi setting, you could probably make the scifi very discreet and it'd still work fine. I could also see a situation where the plot is about picard but not directly involving him (say, he's gone awol) If it turns out he's just an overarching support character that turns up for a few scenes here and there, that'd be a shame.
  14. Vulgar Monkey

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    Ok, those last couple actually look like concept art. They really seem to have put a lot of work into the procedural planet stuff. I'd love to know what code has resulted in floating spinning-top shaped geology or hexagonal tree canopies.
  15. Vulgar Monkey

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    As far as overarching themes go, I agree. However in terms of vfx and practical prop design, pretty much every single thing I can think of that he's been involved in favours a heavy industrial, sometimes even clunky, aesthetic. So I'd be very interested to see what his iteration of robocop would look like, certainly as compared to 2014s slick Apple version.

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