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  1. Yeah, sounds tricky to pull off but I approve of the concept. With everything viewed on demand these days there's definitely scope for experimentation, moreso if it becomes an aspect of the storytelling medium in itself.
  2. Quality is something that can be fixed but I do wish there was a way around older shows having wierd (ie, entirely normal until recently) aspect ratios. I always feel like that ages them more than anything else, and it feels like such an unfair observation for me to make.
  3. Just randomly came across Estrons a few days ago and have been getting a lot of mileage out of relatively few tracks. Sounds like they were around for a few years, went big in 2018, and then immediately broke up. Typical. Keep wanting to describe them as like-Distiller-but-welsh, but that's frankly a shit description and only serves to highlight my poor musical vocabulary.
  4. No sign of it on the uk one yet, but I've added it to my to-do list. Sounds interesting.
  5. I always thought he was pretty much based off Clint Eastwood?
  6. Think it said it was based on a book, so I have to wonder how much was dictated by that and if the book did any better a job with the premise.
  7. Yeah, and admittedly I think it works for the character given the nature of her arc.
  8. Bit surprised to see this is just....up, on Disney+. Being a recent release I'd have just assumed they'd do a Mulan and charge separately for it. Will have to give it a watch later.
  9. Agreed, I was hoping it would be more of a ponderous character study of clooneys character tbh, rather than that being a vehicle for all the other stuff.
  10. Can I also add that I enjoyed it more than I should have when
  11. If its just a straightforward mesh of the surface geometry, sure, but at this point I'd half expect someone could feed a face into an algorithm and have it figure out the underlying bone structure, moreso if it has both the old one and a young one to cross reference against each other. I mean, faces should be perfect for algorithmic learning; slight variations on what are otherwise firm rules (same anatomy, limited range of proportions etc).
  12. I understood that easily enough, though I wonder if some ppl got confused by
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