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  1. I figured that made sense for the reasons listed. You couldnt take out all their systems etc, so it was like they were literally focus-firing just to break up the mass of the ship itself. Like splitting a log. But yeah as of Voyager I thought they were implied to be good as beaten, so I suppose at this point you might as well toy with them as a concept a bit. Does feel a bit like the disney star wars approach though. Also, I agree with the setup they seem to be angling; however I dunno how theyd justify them getting all the way over to the other side of the galaxy and leaving no other trace until Q lols around with them.
  2. I took the accent thing as a very deliberate goof given the background of the character, but also the only time Picard wasnt stiff was when he was playing a character iirc. Granted, that would usually be on a holodeck rather than in person, but either way I seem to remember he usually threw himself into it as much as anyone (except maybe Riker). Also, I actually found 7s new direction kinda made sense. Back on Voyager the whole ex-borg thing meant she was usually really pragmatic and direct with regards to finding solutions to problems. Exactly how media usually portrays your typical frontier vigilante. If anything it might have been more interesting to see that without the added revenge motive, but whatever, I can see a throughline between the old character and the new based on that. Although of course now I just want to know what Janeway is up to....
  3. Honestly I forgot he was even in it until she mentioned it and prompted me to google it. I guess that arc disappeared into the depths of my memory. Still, glad to hear I wasn't the only one who kept hearing 'vajazzle'. Or thought she looked like Troi. Otherwise I didnt really have much issue with the episode. The tone was a bit wierd, sure, but when everyone has spent so much time hamming it up in holodecks I guess it shouldnt stand out that much in person.
  4. Why is decapitation so untrekky? Hundreds of extras have had far more horrific fates - some of those disruptors do nasty things, and we've seen more than a couple of unfortunate transporter accidents over the years.
  5. I enjoyed that about the same as the rest - agreed the story beats are a bit basic, but I'm not really bothered about that.
  6. Same. Still, despite finding S1 a mixed bag overall I had fun enough for a second. I'm sure Mackie can fill the role well. Any idea if theyre doing a full season-dump?
  7. Just saw Castle in the Sky, and very much enjoyed it. Also:
  8. I took it as her clearly being very skilled in what she does, and no doubt invested years of her life building a career in it, but not being allowed to do it anymore. For certain types of people that would be a pretty big blow regardless of whether you need the money or not. That being the case I assume she's demotivated enough that she doesnt much care about living like trash, nor the fact that she has a nice view. People value different things, y'know? Also that and the 'spoiled reputation' suggested above would explain why she has been sat on some shit-hot intel for years that goes right to the top. Literally cant do a thing with it.
  9. Usually numerous rewrites seems to equal shit film. Interesting that they managed to stay on top of it.
  10. I've never seen ghibli stuff properly (always 15 minute chunks on film4 at 1am years ago), and started just now with totoro....mainly as its the name i recognise from those currently on netflix. Loved it. Did find totoro himself was much less present and much weirder than expected considering the love that character has, not that it diminished my enjoyment any.
  11. I did wonder about that even during the tng days, but as I've mentioned in the politics thread re fully-automated socialist utopias, I assume a lot of people having all that free time would develop a sort of artisanal mass market, where everything can be mass produced but stuff with the personal touch has a special appeal.
  12. Wait, is america getting all episodes ahead of us then? I assumed it was just the first one.
  13. Bit disappointed Picard doesnt have the 'all good things' beard now. Suits him.
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