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  1. There's probably going to be a common set of games in most people's top 25 Saturn games. Mass Destruction was never on my radar before so I'll have to check it out. Good to see Galactic Attack/Layer Section - One of my favourites!
  2. Easy to be subjective putting composite into a PVM But seriously... Of course it's subjective. I'm giving my thoughts on it like you did! (As an aside, the S-Video support out of an NTSC GC is excellent!)
  3. Slightly disturbed by this "composite is good" talk tbh. On a consumer TV, composite really depends on the quality of the comb filter, which isn't that great even on good Trinitrons. Composite into a PVM, sure, it's gonna look pretty good.
  4. FX Pak Pro is the current version, anything referring to SD2SNES is the older model (which I have) and they're different FPGA hardware hence two versions.
  5. Yes and no https://sd2snes.de/blog/archives/1157
  6. I have the US SNES I bought in 1993 which yellowed 20 years ago and there's no way I'd retrobrite it because it's the SNES I've got all the good memories of playing.
  7. Funny this thread got bumped, I just got some USB powered UV LEDs last week! Where's the best place to get liquid peroxide? EDIT: Oh wow, this thread is over a year old now. All I did was take the consoles apart and clean their guts. The yellowest of them is just a shell in a clear tub waiting to be bleached.
  8. I’ve certainly had HDMI and VGA in use at the same time. Perhaps try an alt INI file? Or is there a master volume level in o W of the menus?
  9. HDMI is the default output type so no need for a scaler. Analogue video requires an add on board or adapter.
  10. Are you discharging the anode in the tube before doing anything with guts of that TV?
  11. As in there is nothing more to experience after doing that first cup?
  12. Retrieved some Saturn games from my parent's house and couldn't resist putting on Nights!
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