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  1. I think so. Different SD card sizes at the very least!
  2. Ha, there are also replacement colour cart shells on Everdrive.Me https://everdrive.me/accessories/ I love how the Famicom N8 Pro looks in blue, might get a new shell for my other carts. I wish I could get a nicer shell for my SD2SNES, it's the release just before the FXPak Pro, and while I'm not losing any sleep over the newer features, the shell looks CRAP compared to newer carts.
  3. Playing old console ROMs is certainly the main event. They tend to offer different things like save state support, cheat code support, special chips in the case of the Super Nintendo.
  4. For the past 3 years, I've bought something from Krikkz, either via his original shop, or Everdrive.me So now I have an SD2SNES, Everdrive64 v3.0 and Everdrive N8 Pro. I'm thinking next something Gameboy related, as I'm not much of a Sega collector. Is anyone else thinking of making a purchase? 20% off is great, right?
  5. This is just about retro now, right?
  6. Yeah that little bag is easy to miss! Cool to hear about the virtual memory card thing. Hoping they eventually get write support for GC Loader running, the only spare card I had to put into the SD2SP2 adapter was from one of my Everdrives.
  7. GC loader and mount installed. Nothing challenging, the loader is plug and play so it’s just a matter of removing the drive, unscrewing it from the metal shielding and putting the replacement parts onto the shielding.
  8. Zelda life began for me with LTTP so I've been meaning to play through Zelda (attempted once or twice) and Zelda 2 so this is a good time methinks!
  9. Your website's got some really helpful articles on it! Used it to fix a dodgy NTSC GC RGB cable.
  10. Its a cute little device. Not mad about the D Pad though, doesn't feel quite right.
  11. The GC loader is well supported and easy to update from a firmware POV and compatibility seems good. Ive been loading games from an SD card via SD2SP2 and that works great.
  12. I got it on launch but haven't played it much yet. It's lovely, but if I'm honest, work's been tough and it's a little stressful for evening gaming. Seeing poor Pikmin die just fucking kills me!
  13. Didn't know that about the SFC version! I didn't play it much back in the day but played it a little while (via my SD2SNES) waiting for my PCB to arrive. I've only played the first two stages of the arcade version to make sure it was working alright then packed it away again!
  14. I got the Parodius Da this week so have that plugged into my Aero City. Gonna get some beers and head out to the shed after dinner to play it and some Famicom tonight.
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