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  1. Decided to hook up my Wii U for the first time since the Switch came out. Need to get Super Mario Galaxy 2 for it!
  2. The SD2SNES needs DSP bin files to run those games. Perhaps it's the same for the SuperNT when jailbroken?
  3. I think we both know you’re free to enjoy the game as you see fit. I’m just expressing my thoughts on the matter.
  4. Rewind and save state abuse are just the worst! These games aren’t hard if you just play then normally!!
  5. Sorry, right you are! Well, it's not that, then.
  6. What are you pressing to turn it on? You need to hold start and X for a second to put it into Switch mode (and from then on turning it on can be done the normal way).
  7. Yeah, I'd expect Chrono Trigger will show up as a Secret of Mana style standalone.
  8. I'm sure all the usual suspects will show up eventually.
  9. I've been using one of those Hori joy cons for games that need a good D-Pad on the go, but I absolutely hate how it looks and it's a tighter fit than standard ones, so I'm worried it'll make the original joy con wobbly or something.
  10. Super Ghouls N Ghosts is stone cold classic, you mad man.
  11. I've played through SMW, Yoshi's Island, Super Metroid and LTTP recently and regularly put on Super Ghouls N Ghosts. They're all still fucking awesome games and pretty damn short, too.
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