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  1. The Metroid Prime Trilogy's reworked controls were alright for MP1, but I still prefer the weird MP controls on the GameCube.
  2. @Yasawas I'm playing the vanilla NTSC-U cart on the SNES, the DS version's translation seems better, and there are different item names. And it's got the FMV from the PSOne version. I did have a mess with the DS version's options though, having the menu and health stuff on the bottom screen is really good if you've got a DS or DS Lite.
  3. Slowly continuing with Chrono Trigger here. Realised that I'm now as far on the SNES one as I last got to on the DS version years ago.
  4. It’s great fun, and you get souls from it. You get summoned automatically if someone picks you, the sign disappears if you leave the area.
  5. You could put down your sign and be summoned to the Smough and Ornstein battle. Chances are you’ll get a mix players at different skill levels.
  6. Well, bought it again because I traded the PS3 version back in the day.
  7. Demon's Souls - Trying out PS3 emulation, ended up playing for a couple of hours, it's pretty rough around the edges, but the atmosphere is the BEST. 9
  8. Yeah, it was great!
  9. Whatever happened with the JPN version not dealing with PSUs very well? Tempted to get one and cancel my Core Grafx order.
  10. Decided to see what this is like in emulation and quick go turned into much much more. It's obviously the most rough around the edges, but I think it's my favourite.
  11. I'd be interested in a few of your NTSC-U SNES games for sure! Mystical Ninja, Super Mario RPG and LTTP.
  12. Trick with a Sorcerer is to have enough Dex and Str for the Balder Side Sword and to enchant it with Magic. Obviously the class comes into it's own when you get the Crystal spells and on through NGs, but it's not TOO bad early on if you hit things and learn to parry.
  13. I struggled with some bosses on the Switch in portable mode as a veteran of the game on the PC and PS3. I think it's because I wasn't doing the claw hold technique in portable mode. I found if I docked the console then I could nail the bosses first time. So weird!
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