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  1. Poor United will lose their trophy for being the only team we were unable to beat if we don’t sort ourselves out!
  2. Nooo... he’s not allowed to.
  3. It’s now mathematically impossible for Man United to win the league.
  4. I accidentally put Liverpool to win with under 2.5 goals on my 3 match bet when I meant over, so that first half was the team helping me out.
  5. Aye, been reading that each time he posts, it's great.
  6. Two season later, we're off to League Two
  7. Just downloaded it
  8. Remember when we disrespected the cup by winning! Easy that.
  9. It’s out of sync good effort though
  10. It’s on BeIn Sport 1, but not with English commentary
  11. Mike

    Xbox Game Pass

    What are some of the better couch co-op games on GamePass?
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