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  1. Mike

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

    Never to old for a good time And it's not all web slinging and saving lives you know
  2. Ouxh!! Utterly loving this. I proper suck at those construction site missions though.
  3. Mike

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

    My first attempts with the photo mode
  4. Mike

    Official Spider-Man photo thread

    Might be obvious but how are people doing portrait pictures. Am I missing it in game or are you just cropping on your pc afterwards?
  5. Picked this up after work, it’s currebtly installing.
  6. Mike

    PES 2019

    So after the success of last years Video, I give you the three player Master League PES2018 edition. For some reason we found it really hard this year, and got sacked... a lot. We also gave up and played some FIFA towards the end. We are yet to get this years game, but there has been talk of getting it soon. Enjoy
  7. Mike

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    He made me laugh slowly edging out of shot on one of the Pax Vlogs.
  8. I watch GiantBomb play stuff, much of it I’ve played but some I haven’t. They’ve just played through all the old Metal Gear games (the ones before solid) and the GameBoy Colour one, none of which I’ve played nor would I. Was cool to see them.
  9. Mike

    Do/did your parents game?

    Also remembered my Dad once invited his friend over and the two of them along with myself and my brother @disperse and recoagulate played through Monkey Island.
  10. Mike

    Do/did your parents game?

    My Dad always had an interest in games when I was younger, as games have gotten more advance he’s lost interest. My first gaming memory is playing a text based adventure on the Vic20, a memory I think of anytime I write the word ‘attack’ We used to take weekend trips to the library to borrow ZX Spectrum tapes too. He got us an Amiga with a silly amount of games from a man at work too, was a cool day. One morning he came in my room all excited and said “Your Mum said we can’t tell you yet but.... just come downstairs” He’d got us our first proper PC, he would play Doom on it and when he got stuck shout me in to help. Jumping forward his more recent gaming thing was him and my Mum loving the Jackbox games, Drawful (I think?) being the family favourite. My Mum was never into games but since getting an iPhone and iPad loves all kinds of phone games, which is cool. ooh and they both liked Wii Sports and the Kinect bowling.
  11. Mike

    Two Point Hospital

    Loved the few hours I played before. I haven’t looked up what Theme Hospital looks like but in my head it’s exactly how Two Point Hospital is. It’s bloody brill!
  12. Mike

    Two Point Hospital

    About to get started on this
  13. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Another win.....phew.
  14. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Don’t worry, Mane has taken over the scoring this year.

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