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  1. The utter twit, Kitt, who is a bore and insists on calling me ‘Child’ is out and cool badass Apple is in!
  2. Ron Funches is on the Beastcast again and it’s fantastic.
  3. 17th June https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52833725
  4. Ah sorry! Left it on while I nipped our and it got disconnect. Sorry
  5. https://turnip.exchange/island/0d323ec1
  6. 565 for anyone still needing to sell. Setting up a code thing now
  7. I’ve been visiting random islands to try find a cool new animal to move in. Is there a reason each one (5 in a person tonight not same other nights) all game my native fruit of peaches?
  8. Left some bells behind your resident services
  9. Ah just as I got in the queue
  10. Leipzig, cos Werner is after a move to Liverpool. It was looking a bad choice last weekend but an amazing one today.
  11. @disperse and recoagulate had the '98 one. It was only allowed to touch grass, no road play for it. It recently (last week) caused an argument between our parents
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