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  1. Hardly a thriller of a half but 45 minutes like that should get us the 3 points and that’s what matters, especially with so many out.
  2. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks, will give a few ago
  3. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks! Shall have a look.
  4. Mike

    Nintendo Switch

    My girlfriend and I recently played some Switch together, we hit Mario Kart hard and played some Ultimate Chicken Horse and the real winner was Heave Ho. Looking for some suggestions for this weekends action!
  5. Cheers. Sometimes we would just capture the audio using the Playstation Camera. Will the Series X allow you to just plug a decent microphone in and record? (sorry if this is the kinda thing known once it's out)
  6. I see they're not doing connect this time. With my PS4, my brother, our friend and I used to play Pro Evolution Soccer all sat on my sofa, often streaming or recording with the Playstation Camera. Is there going to be a camera of any kind for the Series X?
  7. Ozan Kabak In at CB and we’re set!
  8. Didn’t we also build the new training ground without using loans, taking up a load of the prize money we’ve gotten?
  9. I've an FM group chat with my mates that play the game. I don't normally post this stuff here, but they get this every season.
  10. I found when down in the lower leagues, the day premier league teams released they’re unwanted youth players was always a goldmine. Just offer them all a weeks trial and then give the good ones contracts. Then make sure you arrange a pre season friendly league and invite the highest rep teams you can to get it on tv for some much needed extra money.
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