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  1. me and @disperse and recoagulate
  2. Not bad since I came in half way through a disappointing season Drew Wigan in the play offs. Not happy with that away goal, came late on and mostly as my left back had gone off injured so the right back was filling in for him. Flippin eck. Turns out only having one left back and one good right back isn't going to lead to glory.
  3. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    I laughed pretty hard at that SOS Quicklook.
  4. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Jeffs kitchen mishap on 13 Deadly Sims was great.
  5. Took a step up! Turned down Sunderland in the Championship as they offered next to no transfer budget
  6. Two and a half seasons ago I took over a club last in the league and just about kept them up Mostly down to this mans goals First time at the club I've spent more than I sold I also got the Chile job
  7. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Getting scary this
  8. I’d have signed him because of his name! My brazillan regen, Bentino, is amazing so good luck with yours @CovisGod
  9. PES 2018

    Our first season on the annual three player Master League (me, @disperse and recoagulate and our mate) hasn’t gone well ended up at Hull
  10. I don't think I'll be up for the draft game. Maybe future ones.. Ten games in and things are going well
  11. Stadium sellout for a cup Semi and my little tinpot club sell 200 tickets. That's all our season ticket holders I think. Malmo actually bought the rights off me for the home draw, as they could get more fans in. I needed the money so accepted
  12. I think for the first time on this save I've spent more than I've made in the transfer window. After I made them £1mil last season I think I've earned it. They have a rule that you have to have 9 players classed as home grown in Sweden, so I've mostly signed those.
  13. With Europe (the qualifying rounds) on the cards next season I've signed 9 free transfers and paid for this absolute diamond my scout found in Brazil £96k well spent.
  14. The season is over. Not bad for a team I took over last year that was playing genuinely the worst football I've played on any FM game. Had a bad start to the season but once my tactics kicked in and my signings got to know each other it was smooth sailing. Plan was to leave at the end of the season but I'm going to stay for another year for a crack at Europe.
  15. Could still get second place too...and if Malmo self combust, I could mathematically get 1st.

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