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  1. Mike

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Bombcast was genuinely good this week. Jan is gold even just winking at the camera.
  2. Mike

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    This has made me question my own mortality in a way no game has ever managed and led me to realise my youth hasn’t lasted forever. I’m old and rubbish at Mario. Like awful, my evening has been my swearing and shouting ‘noooo’ at the TV and the cat.
  3. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    No Lovren so we’ll win
  4. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Just got home. Did I miss much?
  5. Mike

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    Loved the Mario Kart DS stuff
  6. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Having the FA Cup next is good news, no pressure but can get back to winning hopefully. Put this out our minds and away we go.
  7. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    There must be a defender sitting on a bench somewhere we can bring in to replace Lovren until Gomez and Matip are back in a few weeks. He’s awful.
  8. Mike

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Lovren again:(
  9. Anyone seen this? Just seen it on resetera http://meditations.games/ Seems cool
  10. Mike

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    It’s still getting worked on but yes. You still need a USB stick plugged in, but can use a USB Hub in port one to get multiplayer. You can start it like the original setup but with your own games using Bleemsync or you can use RetroArch which lets you run other systems roms too. The people behind bleemsync have said a big update from them is out on New Years Day.

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