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  1. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    Which bosses are harder out of interest? Soul of Cinder? Sulyvahn? I imagine Aldritch could be quite tricky too.
  2. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    I can get him to phase 2 pretty much every time now. But in phase 2 I am lucky to get more than a hit or two in. Im almost out of embers as well
  3. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    I think im done. I must have tried at least 100 times and I have had enough now. It doesnt help that im playing on the GPDWIN2, and the frame rate can really slow down which makes it even harder because its harder to see which attack is coming.
  4. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    I think I have the best loot I can have. Ive got both Lloyds rings, Chloranthy ring and Flynns. Ive got a +6 weapon, only one chunk, and I dont have the DLC on PC, so cant get any more yet.
  5. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

  6. kempstar

    Dark Souls 3

    Has anyone done an SL1 run of this? Its a lot more fun than a Dark Souls 1 SL1 run. Mainly because your stats are 10 in everything, so you can actually use quite a bit of different gear, including spells and pyromancies. But Its a lot harder than DS1. In that one, the only bosses that gave me much difficulty were the four dickheads and spider woman. O&S were actually really easy - I had spent so much time on them in a normal run, plus the pyromancy in SL1 is so powerful that they go down pretty easily. I have got to the dancer.... And I have tried at least 50 times but cant beat her. The problem is that almost all of her attacks are one hit KOs, and its very difficult to dodge all of them consistently. I can normally beat her first phase, but the second just destroys me. Anyone got any tips? Im using a deep broadsword +6. Im tempted to go to Irithyll dungeon to get the dark clutch ring, to see if that will help at all
  7. kempstar

    Dark Souls Remastered

    No, no punishment. What on earth is Yaketty Sax?
  8. kempstar

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Im going to the away leg so I was in two minds about what I wanted the score to be. Obviously I wanted the tie to be done and dusted already, but also it would be good for the tie to still be a bit open so there is still something to play for. 2-0 is about the perfect result I think
  9. kempstar

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Didnt he write Killing Zoe? Or produce it? That wasnt very good either. Edit: No - he was executive producer. I pretty much agree with all of those mini reviews and scores. Reservoir dogs is a beautiful movie. Its like watching a play at times. The characters are so distinctive and perfectly defined.
  10. kempstar

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March

    Is that just your experience or is it supposes to be like that? As I have been approaching it the same way.
  11. kempstar

    Playstation Vita

    I can top that I have 7 in total. A black OLED for emulation, a blue one for JP account, a white one for UK account, a Persona 4 one (beautiful) for US account. Then I have two limited editions ones that I dont use, a gundam one and a dragon quest slime one. Finally, I have a launch black OLED Japan model. I was in Tokyo the week the Vita launched. My wife threw it against the floor once, when we had an argument. It no longer works, but I keep it for sentimental reasons
  12. kempstar

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    What did you say to PayPal to get a refund? I bought a code, just assumed it was a cheap key.
  13. kempstar

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    It does make a difference. Get it upgraded. Are you using bellowing dragoncrest ring and dusk crown? You should be. That extra +1 makes even more of a difference then. I used great combustion and great fireballs, you can do almost all of the damage you need to do just with those. Once you run out, then finish them off with your (hopefully) +15 weapon. The problem with the Four Kings is, no matter how good you are, the rest of it is down to luck. Its effectively a race against time - a new king will join the battle after a certain amount of time, so you need to have killed the first one before that happens. It gets even worse if three are on the scene. You know the explosion attack? If they do that more than once, you are pretty much finished. It takes so long to run away and run back in, that you wont be able to kill the king in time, and you will probably get overrun. I also wore heavier armour, I think I might even have gone up to 70% equip load, and that seemed to help.
  14. kempstar

    Dark Souls - Prepare To Die... You Died.

    Have you ascended the pyromancy flame, then got it to +5?
  15. kempstar

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I think there is practically zero chance of it being shit. There is a very slim chance of it not being brilliant. It will be brilliant, I think.

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