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  1. So on board for this even though I have a Wii U with 3D world and the Galaxies but I've never really played 64 properly and Sunshine was brilliant.
  2. I really need to work on getting my Nook miles up as that's the thing I'm really struggling with, never enough to get the things I want from the Terminal.
  3. A week in and still haven't ventured to a different players island, I have had some success on the ticket islands and now have Cherries, Pears, Apples and Coconuts on Adventure Island. The most disappointing thing to me is the way player two is borked and they can't do as much and the multiplayer should have been split screen rather than the second player being really limited. Lovely lovely game though and much like red life I'm being totally unambitious and generally waiting for things to come along.
  4. Fletch

    Nintendo Switch

    Burnout Paradise Remastered is about a fiver everywhere so hopefully the Switch tax won't be too high. Mr Driller is always welcome and 51 tabletop games will be a lot of fun.
  5. Watched a couple of documentaries on National Geographic with my 7 year old today, he loved the one about draining the oceans even though it recommended it being a 9+ I guess due to the world war 2 content and then we watched the one about the mission to the sun, both really cool and had him transfixed. I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes of The Mandolorian it was Star Wars-y enough without it being too much. Looking forward to finding out where it goes, as I think I'm the only forumite who doesn't know how to sail the high seas to watch it.
  6. Netflix definitely has a better interface than this, hopefully it'll improve over time and is just a small issue on an otherwise brilliant service.
  7. Sensations Oriental Cracker things are like actual crack.
  8. The UI on the xbox app isn't great, like there doesn't seem to be an option to easily find the episode list or skip back to the start without rewinding if you stopped in the credits.
  9. I think the bandwidth of all streaming services has been reduced to help the networks cope with the increased usage at the moment.
  10. So is anyone going to be using Tom Nook as an Economics teacher during this bout of home schooling? I would but I have to go to my non essential actual job.
  11. I wish it had the gyroid things from the Gamecube version. I loved those little guys.
  12. From that image I can only deduce that it's an OutRun 2 and Coast to Coast double pack coming to the Switch with the Ferrari licences fully intact.
  13. Let's call it a joint effort with the Wii U.
  14. Cheers, is there a way of seeing sigs on mobile or is there a list somewhere?
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