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  1. HDR - what's it all about?

    Right so my non HDR monitor or tv can display HDR images but can't display HDR content?
  2. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Oh bugger I've not added anyone to my Switch list does this mean that balloon hunt wont be much fun?
  3. Gaming Magazines

    Courtesy of @Lorfarius from the Retro Section
  4. Maybe for the next special they could be delivering essential medicines to dying children in a vehicle they have fashioned together from a leaky bathtub and an old moped engine, there would be many mishaps along the way and the same jokes would be driven into the ground and at the end they'd nearly make it but the vehicle would fall down a cliff and catch fire and the medicine would be ruined. The boys would look wistfully at the camera before May shouts "oh cock! scarper"
  5. Fortnite

    I'm absolutely terrible at this game I think it's brilliant but I am so so bad.
  6. They really seemed to dislike each other in this episode too it didn't feel like banter just three guys pissed off with each others company.
  7. Nope it didn't pick up it was shit.
  8. Watching this now and it's terrible it's like the worst of old top gear multiplied. Maybe it picks up at the end but at the moment it's a really crap end to what has been a brilliant season.
  9. About three and a half hours then, seems about right.
  10. I need this on Switch so badly, a compilations of Hotline Miami 1 (bestest) and Hotline Miami 2 (not quite as bestest) would be amazing.
  11. So how long until third parties make more durable plastic versions of the toy-cons? The motorbike and fishing rod in particular look like they will take a right old battering.
  12. Gaming Magazines

    I used to love Arcade mag back in the day, this was when lads mags ruled the roost and it was all a bit lads lads lads. Not sure how well it would hold up these days though.
  13. SNES Mini

    Sold mine to fund the switch when CEX were offering £90 for them, don't miss it much really it was more of a curio for me I guess.
  14. Gaming Magazines

    I've got a sub to Retro Gamer that I always enjoy seeing pop through my letterbox but I always do the exact same thing, a quick flick through to see what's in there and a mental note to come back to the features that interest me which my mind never remembers and they just pile up beside my bed.
  15. It was a heads and tails toss off between The Wind Waker and Breath Of The Wild, in the end BOTW pipped it but they are both brilliant but I put so many hours into BOTW (which I know on it's own isn't a good indicator of whether a game is good or not) but it was an incredible shot in the arm for the Zelda series. This has reminded me to track down a copy of The Wind Waker for my Wii U though so a double win really.

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