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  1. Oh my sweet summer child. Is this your first day on the Internet?
  2. I have Prime Disney + Now TV Netflix I keep meaning to cancel Now TV but now we've just started Succession I guess we'll keep it for a while. Prime is useful because of the delivery and kids fire stuff. Netflix I'm not hugely bothered about but my wife likes it. Disney+ I got at the special introduction rate which renewed at that price so I guess if I cancel I'll lose that price.
  3. It was great to have a quick play on Hitman 3 again today, I bought it on release and no matter what I did I couldn't get it to recognise I'd bought all the relevant editions to give me access to all the previous levels in H3. They are all there now and I spent an hour or so having a great time in the Paris level.
  4. Got myself a subtle new pad.
  5. I don't really have much retro stuff. A Dreamcast and a Yoda chipped Xbox in the loft. Although I'm not sure I could even connect that to a modern TV. A 3DS and a Gameboy Advance and that's about it. Had a few ps2 games which were semi rare, Rez and Ico with the art cards but I've not seen them for years, probably lost in a move. Had a Neo Geo Pocket Color which I sold here. So long story short, not much.
  6. Cheers will give that a go. If it works I'll have 2 pads which is always good.
  7. My pad has gone weird, the right stick drifts upwards and I think something is up with the right trigger as the map in Forza Horizon constantly zooms in. I've done a software update on the pad and had no joy. It's out of warranty so I guess it'll cost me to fix so I've bought a new one from Microsoft, but is there anything I can try on the old one to fix. I have access to lots of compresed air cans at work so maybe that's worth a try?
  8. Trying to explain Space Channel 5 to a non gamer is pretty embarrassing.
  9. My wife liked it and she cried about 4 times during the last episode. She is pretty hormonal at the moment though. I can see the appeal of the show but Gervais was an horrible cunt through the majority of it, with his be nice epiphany at the end like he's seen the light. I found the scene in the cafe completely unnecessary as well as the scene with his brother in law in the hospital. Well pretty much any scene where he's bullying his brain law. Anyway I imagine I'll half watch season 4 whilst browsing here on my phone too.
  10. A million units of something that would have a lower cost to make than developing a brand new IP isn't chump change though and gives the devs more cash flow for these new IPs.
  11. Nostalgia is big business though, there's a market for making easy money allowing people to legally buy and play old games as well as making new games and IP. Apologies for boring you though man.
  12. Great news on Hitman as I have bought all three but could never get the previous levels to appear in Hitman 3s engine, so once this is out I'll delete everything and download the GP version.
  13. It's baffling that Namco could make at least £100 profit by releasing a Ridge Racer compilation for the current gen consoles but they just sit on it like a selfish kid not sharing their toys even though they're not playing with them. Same deal with OutRun 2, I know the Ferraris are iconic but honestly even if I'm flying along those courses in a Dacia Sandero, as long as the blue skies and Splash Wave are there then I couldn't care less. I think there's a lot of old games that would be great money spinners if the IP holders just treated them with respect.
  14. A lot of us have kids and therefore have to endure a lot of children's TV programmes that are absolutely awful. So I thought a thread with recommendations for shows that are actually good might be useful. I'll start. Hilda (Netflix). A very charming cartoon set in the town of Trollsberg about a girl called Hilda and her pals going on adventures. It's clever not patronising, has very weird storyline, and has some ace synth music. Horrible Histories (iPlayer). I'm sure we all know about this one, history told through the medium of a sketch show, awesome songs and is also very enjoyable for grown ups. There are loads more but it'll be great to get some more recommendations.
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