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  1. I've just requested my first ever digital purchase refund, for Jalopy. I didn't really know what to expect but I didn't like it at all. I used the purchased in error option so I hope it works.
  2. Oh cool, I enjoyed the bollards bit but not the SIARPC segment.
  3. I presume they don't make a 3 door version, so use an existing shape. Seems a bit mean on a 72 grand car though. What was the posh test?
  4. They always get you in the end, are PS4s easy enough to hide?
  5. Started watching Locke and Key and seems a pretty fun take on the kids in a haunted house genre.
  6. This was recommended to me by Spotify and I bloody love it.
  7. Beautiful ending to one of my favourites, I loved The Good Place it was proper feel good television. I'm terrible at articulating my thoughts but it was brimming with heart and positivity which is unfortunately rare in TV these days. Really sad it's the end.
  8. Damn this 3DS is working out expensive In the last week I've bought Mario 3D Land Wario Ware Gold Ridge Racer 3D Elite Beat Agents And now Bowsers Inside Story Cheap gaming soon adds up.
  9. That's accurate enough.
  10. The biggest mystery was why no one in Gloucester had a Gloucestershire accent and the coffee shop man was a Bristolian so he doesn't count. Fantastic episode though.
  11. I nearly bought Captain Toad again but realising that would be 3 times put me off, but it is an absolute steal at that Argos price.
  12. Cool thanks @ryodi it's a lovely little machine and that's the beauty of the marketplace if you are patient you can find a bargain every now and then. The 3D effect is blowing my mind, it's so cool.
  13. Just got my first 3DS as I managed to find a new 3ds (no xl sadly) on Facebook market place for forty quid which seemed a pretty good price. I got myself Wario Ware and Mario 3D thanks to the bargains thread. Does it play DS games as I really want to play Elite Beat Agents again.
  14. The Touryst was a great game, it's pretty short but really charming and a lot of fun despite 1 or 2 sections that are a little frustrating.
  15. And here we are arguing over the goose game, never change RLLHONK
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