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  1. Cool I just assumed it was, no worries.
  2. I saw the Hot Wheels cars in game last night and they look fun but despite me owning the super duper deluxe edition it says they are £7.19, I was under the impression that all the car packs were included in the super duper deluxe edition?
  3. I wish I'd seen this post before I sold my PSVR.
  4. Mario Golfing should be like Mario Cars with really distinct areas not a semi realistic Everybodys Golf rip off. You need a Mushroom Kingdom, Dry Dry Desert, Thwomp Ruins etc. Make it dripping with Mario touches, just dropping the characters in is a bit of a cop out.
  5. It's always the hope that gets you, I was definitely expecting some cool Zelda 35 announcements, maybe Zelda 40 will be the one.
  6. I can see that if you like Smash it is an amazing thing having all those character’s in one place but I’ve never liked it.
  7. Last time I got a Smash invite it involved instant mash.
  8. People say Spirit Tracks, I quite enjoyed it though.
  9. I'm not buying Wind Waker for the 3rd time. (Yes I am)
  10. I think I have about 830 lives after using the shell exploit on 1-2 just kinda wanted to see how many I could get before the timer went off.
  11. Cheers for this, have a copy ready to pick up after work.
  12. Got back into this last night after leaving it for some reason and had a blast. I had a crash during the maintenance plant section which was probably for the best as I would have stayed up all night otherwise.
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