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  1. see also obi-wan, southgate doesnt want fullbacks who can defend! i mean its not like its their main job or anything! TAA is a terrible defender, see every player that just ran past him today...and every other game! OH but he can cross! ...then he should play right fucking wing.
  2. we would have to string 3 passes together for that!
  3. im so utterly fucking fed up with this stupid new offside thing! play goes on, and somebody could get injured, when otherwise they would have just stopped
  4. i think we would beenfit from matic in this, as when we have the ball he drops in to a back 3, that gives more of a solid base! whereas this, its just wide open at the back!
  5. they really arnt, i dont think the players being were they are is helping either, martial is poor on the left, and pogba has done nothing on the right. We need to get the ball down and run at fabinio and henderson, they aint CB's, make em commit!
  6. lets hope its not an omen, the womens team just lost to chelsea, surrendering top spot to chelsea...on goal difference :/
  7. even dafter when you consider how fast salah and mane are!?
  8. eurgh, lindelof not bailey.
  9. you may wanna take the RT Lighting down to Med! Psycho turns it into RT Global Ilumentaion, and its an insane performance cost, with very little benefit...i mean, yeah the bounce GI is nice, but, the cost, is too much!
  10. i watched this this morning, i just found it a bit ...meh...like a 5/6 out of 10 i then started watching Doom Patrol...now that is some good DC!
  11. jesus fucking christ, that was clear head on head contact, and friend should've stopped that immediately! And bailey is fucking undroppable right now lol
  12. we need to carry on playing the same way to keep burnley pegged back!
  13. greenwood on for martial, and rashford back on the left!
  14. jesus fucking wept!?! thats is absolutely the wrong fucking decision, thats beyond ridicullous! the ref has been utter fucking garbage the whole game!
  15. thats exactly what it looks like!
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