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  1. telles is 28, i think hes past learning defensive positioning really
  2. villareal then...they a bunch of diving cheats like the rest of the spanish teams?
  3. hasnt Dalot been doing well at milan?
  4. shaws upswing was down to williams! the only thing telles has done is get in the way of williams!
  5. no, you wouldn't, Elanga is far to raw and inexperienced for this game
  6. van de beek is an absolute waste of space on the left. he needs to be in the middle
  7. well that was clearly your fault!
  8. ...they dont do that...they take money OUT of the club,. You know why Utd is in Debt, the glazers. Short answer, they borrowed money at a ridiculous rates to "buy" the club, then put the entire debt of what they had borrowed ON TO THE CLUB! They have consistently taken money OUT of the club. They have NOT invested anything into the club. Old trafford is dilapidated becasue they haven't fixed things. Utds spending power, comes directly from the club bringing money in, not the owners at all. If they wernt there, the club would be £50+ million a season better o
  9. Kick off delayed then...
  10. team - no confirmation if game being played though... United: Henderson; Wan-Bissaka, Lindelof, Maguire, Shaw; Fred, McTominay; Greenwood, Fernandes, Pogba; Rashford.
  11. they should get Roy and Micah down for a kickabout, theyre in the corner lol
  12. Glazer was one of the main people behind the "super" league wasnt he! and we are fucking sick of em dragging the club down, dragging the name though the mud, not investing in the ground, and this is just the latest thing they have done! I dont agree with breaking into the ground and getting on the pitch tho! thats just stupid! ...
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