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  1. Mixed a bad combination of ingredients and made some
  2. Janski

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Add me to the Switch clan please, in game name is Janski
  3. Janski

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    Keep doing the pulsing missions on the Earth map. Also the junctions to other planets (Mars/Venus) have requirements to access them and you can review these if you hover over them
  4. Janski

    Warframe - Hybrids Play Free

    This is out on Switch this Tuesday 20th. Runs at 720p 30 FPS both docked and undocked so won't hold a candle to PC/PS4 but previews seem positive and Panic button are doing the port. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/arstechnica.com/gaming/2018/11/weve-run-wild-on-the-switch-version-of-warframe-and-its-solid/%3famp=1 You can also transfer your PC file over and it doesn't require Nintendo online sub to play
  5. Janski

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    I've a feeling that at launch there won't be much more than doing the building bit in fallout 4 whilst getting a load of Bethesda radiant quests and trying not to get griefed by other players.
  6. Are the daily challenges still a bit screwy for anyone else? Logged on after the 6pm reset but I don't have anything new to do on the director
  7. Players have already glitched into the Raid map and accessed a couple of areas including a hidden chest. The chest drops raid gear so there's spoilers aplenty around.
  8. Weekly Milestones are totally borked for me. Edit: not just me
  9. Crucible is sooooo much better now it's like a new game. Jumped in for the daily milestone and it just kept playing.
  10. My brother has just finished the base campaign and asked me the same question. It doesn't seem like there is but given the new infusion system is so dependent on cores, I can't believe Bungie think that is a good idea??
  11. These just dropped for my Hunter from the weekly Mars flashpoint. Feels good to have all those perks back, faster primary reload and more heavy ammo dropping please
  12. Yup, my YouTube recommended vids is full of all the new Exotics too
  13. I got rid of all my mods last week
  14. The Armour Masterwork triumph is dead easy as you only need to Masterwork one item, and an objective is to kill 10 bosses which include PE and Strike bosses. RE: Mercury weapons, as others have said check your map. There's a couple of times during the quest line where there's a mission on your map

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