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  1. That’s good. At first when searching on the series x it only showed the XB1 version as standard and series version for gold pack.
  2. It's what Bill is doing to pay alimony to Melinda. Also the bonus with them is if something goes wrong and you claim under warranty, they don't repair or send a refurb. They just send a new one with its own 12 month warranty. I had one of the previous gen ones with the rubber grips. They kept starting to peel after about 10 months. I had a customer controller that was replaced and under warranty every year for almost 4 years!
  3. I was under the impression that they were making a profit on each XB1 unit that they sold. For the comment above however it wouldn't surprise me if they have "never made a profit" due to offsetting it against R&D and other costs for tax reporting reasons.
  4. Oh yeah it's more than playable for most games. I jump onto it on my PC every now and again.
  5. There's a small amount of input lag which is noticeable in faster games. Can't really avoid that. Also streaming quality is going to be affected hugely by both your broadband speed, and physical setup. I was playing Wreckfest on my phone in the garden with streaming the other week and it was plenty playable, but every now and again the quality would drop. That was just the connection I was using though.
  6. Called it in July last year: It makes sense if you think about it. Microsoft wants you playing their games on as many platforms as possible. So if you don't have dedicated hardware to do it, then there will be the Streaming app or website that you can run the games from on other/old consoles, PC, TV, Phones, Tablets, Smart Fridges.
  7. T Pot

    Battlefield 4

    We've all gone back to this recently. With the current interest in 2042 picking up it's super easy to find a server in the evenings. Within 10 mins of playing our first round, I had an only in battlefield moment.
  8. In the case of V they scaled back what you got and many people didn't even get that. It was a mess. In this one it looks like a handfull of skins and 4 x season passes. Considering that's how they are monetising the game I figure you're going to get it as they will be releasing the season passes anyway.
  9. Although, I think if you want the series S / X Version, you have to buy the Gold Edition at £80 odd quid. The standard version doesn't list Series X / S in its description.
  10. You got 4 & the DLCs? We've all reinstalled it.
  11. Loads of 360 stuff at ours today and not much else. I did get a box with a wii and games in it and an “untested” (probably fucked) PS4, but will be fun to see if I can revive it. Also someone was selling their car boot, plus the rest of it.
  12. Is Eneba safe to use with these super cheap games? I've always worried that they were acquired with stolen card details. It's been seen on Switch that after a number of weeks or month that users have copped bans after it became clear that the original key was bought with nicked details.
  13. At up to £20 per skin, I'd expect it to.
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