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  1. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    There's a way to get some seriously cheap Xbox Credit and live at the moment:
  2. @CrashedAlex, this looks fantastic. Can't wait for release. I remember back in the day I played a demo for Burnout 3 from the OPM magazine. I would have been 14/15. When it came out I got the 90 minute bis to my local town and went to GAME. It was the first time in my life that I bought a full price game on launch day. £39.99 of my hard earned £3.10 an hour wage. I fucking loved it. Did you have anything to do with Burnout Legends on the PSP? That always felt like Burnout 3 Mobile. It's one of my favourite games on the system.
  3. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    It was that broken I complained to Microsoft and they refunded me the £50 for the game and £40 for the season pass, but left the licences on my account as an apology. Still my most played game over the past 5 years though.
  4. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    I'm on my phone so quoting and editing is a pain. But I agree with you @kerraig UK with the pop in. It's really fucking bad on the 1X too. I think it's just a FrostBite issue, as Battlefront 2 had the same issues. Boxes appearing in corridors 30 feet in front of you, geometry and shadows clearly changing and getting better right up until they are almost in front of you. It's really jarring, I wish they would drop the graphics a wee bit so they can push the LOD out to minimise the issue.
  5. Mr Tony

    Fallout 76 - Prepare Your GaaS Masks

    To be fair to your buddy, it can be a lot of fun with mates. Me, a coue friends and my other half have a great time playing it. It is buggy though. Really buggy. Although one thing I've noticed, I'm the only one out of the 4 of us who plays on the One S. Others are on the X. I have the majority of problems. Wonder if the S just isn't up to running it properly.
  6. Holy shit. Why did nobody say this is out on the Switch and XB1 now? I'm so happy. It's so colourful, the music is so awesome, it's just brill. £15 well spent.
  7. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    I hated bf1. Got very bored within a few days, didn't enjoy it at all. BFV plays so much better, it feels like a totally different game. The new squad mechanics, the fortification building, the weapon leveling, spotting/map changes, vehicle changes (including trailers), and lots of other QOL makes this play significantly different.
  8. Mr Tony

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Wonder if it was a case of lots of people pre-ordering since it's free on Amazon, then cancelling when they realise how guff it was.
  9. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    Which is a shame since it's fucking fantastic.
  10. Mr Tony

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Sure - https://www.facebook.com/gamedealsunitedkingdom/ It's mostly games and lego, with a couple of other bits of tech here and there.
  11. Mr Tony

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I've got a gaming deals page with about 1500 people on it,but I'm also an admin on another gaming page with about 10k. Plus a couple of Lego pages let me post to them but that's not ready gaming stuff.
  12. Mr Tony

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I looked at my analytics a few days ago. I had just shy of 190 people pre-order these on Amazon through my Facebook pages. Only 3 have shipped. That's a lot of cancellations!
  13. That laptop is a thing of beauty.
  14. Mr Tony

    Battlefield V

    Good. If they increase the TTK I'm out. I think they've got it perfect right away. Not as long as normal mode in BF4, but not 2 bullets dead with any gun like hardcore in BF4. It's sorta somewhere in the middle.

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