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  1. Roller Coaster Tycoon. RCT Classic is a mix of all RCT 1 & RCT 2 & DLC levels, put together into the RCT 2 engine with tweaks to work well on touch screens.
  2. RCT 2 on Big Box PC RCT 2 on Compilation DVD RCT 2 on GOG RCT Classic on Steam RCT Classic on Android RCT Classic on IOS Pretty much 6 times I've bought the same game in its various different versions over the years.
  3. I'm stuck on a scrap and i really don't want to drop the difficulty down, but I'm playing on the default one and this fight is so frustratingly difficult. It's dropping me into an arena around a lava pit, I'm starting with no ammo, so I chainsaw the first grunt, get a bit more ammo. Instantly there's two Arachnotrons & two Mancubus attacking me. Then it adds a couple of Dread Knights, a couple of Revenants, a couple of Cacodemons, some Hell Knights, a Whiplash and a couple of Carcasses that chuck shields around the gaff. Add on to that the usual fodder and shielded soldiers.
  4. I'm sure BF4 got a patch on the PS4 Pro to unlock the resolution / framerate? On One X it runs a solid 60 on multi but it's still stuck at 900p as that was a hard lock IIRC
  5. You were looking at 3,000 guests upwards. I used to run it on a 4th Gen i5 with a 1060. A lot of these people who would put in the complaints would have massive parks, rammed with loads of people, using buildings & scenary from the steam store with thousands of components to build the most intricately detailed buildings ever. I've also read that the console version is on a much newer build of the engine which is more efficient.
  6. Yep will run on both systems. I've gone for the digital deluxe at £50. One of the few companies I don't mind throwing money at. I remember supporting the dev on the PC release, unfortunately I didn't have enough at the time to get one of the entrance bricks in game.
  7. Planet Coaster. It's the only game I've pre-ordered all year. Cannot wait for launch day on November 10.
  8. Sorry, misread your post!
  9. Although, would anyone buying the RB teams be considered as a new team? Williams has just been bought and isn't a "new" team. I'm sure racing point were allowed to continue as well, rather than registering as a new one.
  10. We tried multi a number of times on launch week. It's a huge nope from me. From getting almost one shotted regularly, to rattling enemies with rounds but them never seeming to die, to being spawn killed, to being matched to people in USA and dealing with lag issues it was just frustrating as fuck. It doesn't help that the controls are really tricky to get used to. I can kind of do it using southpaw, but they're not easy. I wish we could get a control setup like the planes in BF3 / BF4. They were perfect and easy to fly. Flight controls from Battlefield 1 / 5 / Battlefront and this
  11. It was through Facebook, but technically I jumped the queue cause it was a friend selling. He listed for £50 and then told me, so I ripped his arm off.
  12. And the first thing I've installed on it: Looks fucking sexy in 4k.
  13. Picked up this PC today. Could do with either a new case or a drive to put in that 5.25 bay. Ryzen 1400 3.20Ghz CPU 16GB DDR4 2400 MHz RAM 3TB WD 7200RPM HDD 4GB Radeon R580 GPU £50
  14. I still play this game regularly. Console edition got a release date today. November 10th on all platforms. Free upgrade to next gen systems. £40 for standard. £50 for limited. I've pre-ordered already!
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