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  1. Formula One - 2018 Season

    I know we have a Rllmuk league here, but the official F1 fanatasy league has launched. It includes real world prizes too. I've created a Rllmuk one. https://fantasy.formula1.com/ Join Code: 0957b8
  2. Nintendo Switch

    I enjoy it. For £15 it's not bad, it's a fast twitch racer that isn't amazing, but isn't terrible. Nice wee bit of fun on the system.
  3. Formula One - 2018 Season

    https://streamable.com/uev7e Check the slowmo. Broken leg definitely. Looks like his knee folded the wrong way too.
  4. It's a widespread enough issue that the Devs have made a post about the steps they will take to curb it's use. Apparently they can see which users are using the device.
  5. Had a game last night with @AlanT and another friend. I'm pretty sure we came up against XIM users on the Xbox One. It took them 4 bullets to kill the 3 of us, perfect headshots on each of us the second we popped round a corner, with the last guy taking two hits because of a better helmet. Annoying wasn't the half of it.
  6. Xbox One Console Thread

    Wee tip for anyone who prefers the 360 pad to the XB1 pad. If you get the PC wireless adapter for a 360 pad, it's compatible with the One, letting you use your 360 controllers on the system.
  7. Went on Wednesday. Lots of fun, really enjoyed it and left the cinema with a big smile on my face.
  8. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Yeah. One of the American broadcasters refused to start a few mins before the hour, so they changed the start time of the races world wide to accommodate that one American broadcaster.
  9. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Jesus fucking Christ.
  10. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Oh, also, if you have to watch with subtitles turned on like we do because my other half is deaf, this is how it looks (the black bars are where the subtitles sit)
  11. Formula One - 2018 Season

    Hahahahaha. So they've brought in the big ugly Halo, but they haven't moved the onboard camera. It looks fucking shit. Also apparently commentators have been asked to not speak for approx 3 mins during a hotlap that will have music playing over the top.
  12. Formula One - 2018 Season

    I think that's about to be upgraded. There's going to be two parts to the F1 TV. The version that includes live races that we can't get in the UK, and another version that is more like F1 Access of now, but includes historic F1 races you can watch on demand. I think that has a much higher rollout.
  13. Fortnite

    Yeah you're the 3rd. I'll send them all next time im in the game
  14. Fortnite

    First 3 people to quote this post, I'll PM you an invite for Fortnite mobile.
  15. Fortnite

    I got into the iOS beta last night. Runs really well on th 7+. Controls are awkward, as you'd expect for a mobile shooter, but I've played with worse. Got an entire squad kill this morning with a couple of well placed grenades. I'll probably get a pad to play this with though. Also love the new radar. Because you'll often be playing with low sound, they've added a radar around the player that highlights footsteps and weapon fire.

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