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  1. No. All of their 1st party stuff will, but 3rd party doesn't have to.
  2. I totally forgot we have a fantasy league running! Here's the results so far! #1 MoaningTurdsOnWheels 444 #2 Alan F1 377 #3 Flow Viz 361 #4 You are 0.8 secs ahead of *********** 358 #5 Team FIA "Settlement" 356 #6 Ferrariroquai 351 #7 SneakyF1 345 #8 Bushtopher Pointless Racing 342 #9 Box Box Box 324 #10 Haasterical 295 #10 Mr Tony Motorsport 295 #12 Lawrence Stroll's Debit Card 294 #13 BakerSport F1 293 #14 BARING IS FASTER THAN YOU, SORRY MATE 292 #15 Papaya Dance 291 #16 Scuderia Corranga 289 #17 Footle Point 284 #18 IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN IN 283 #19 LowCostMonkey Racing 266 #20 Team Shark 254 #21 beenabadbunny 247 #22 Team Blue 233 #23 THE WHEEL! GIVE ME THE WHEEL!! 221 #24 Red Danster Racing 148
  3. As I'd expect. It was done by a team lead by the original developer.
  4. This 100 times over. If you buy the DlC that lets you create custom parks etc, you can actually import parks created on the PC versions.
  5. Anyone got the minimum specs for this? If my wee ultrabook could run it (even on low settings) I'm in. Love me some Trackmania Stadium.
  6. So like iPad, or iPad Pro, or Mac, or Macbook, or Precision, or most other bits of tech out there. They all have their names and get updated each year / few years. Games and apps will be compatible across multiple versions, but will drop off eventually. Most people are not that stupid. It will be fine.
  7. Or iPad. Is that iPad or iPad pro this years or last years model? I have no idea! What about the Mac? Oh man they have 5 different configurations, and those configurations are changed every year, but they all have the same name! How will I ever know which one I am buying!
  8. How? It really is simple. People who are tying themselves in knots over things must have massive problems when buying most tech or cars. Oh shit, I don't know if this £22,000 Ford Focus is the new one or the one from 2004! So confusing!!!!
  9. No. I think this could be a good thing for Xcloud. Think of the billions of people on Facebook. Any of them want to play a game on their Phone / PC / Tablet. Chances are now they're gonna be able to easily play Xbox titles anywhere streaming through Xcloud. Also I saw a post somewhere today, but it's confirmed that it's not being integrated into the dash. If you want to stream you can still do it with Twitch.
  10. Which is cool, but I'm gutted that it's been delayed from the summer.
  11. Any one got the old Xbox One Kinect camera sitting about? They're currently selling for silly money on ebay. Couple of us on here and a few friends I know all listed our cameras at £50-£55 buy it now, all of them sold within an hour or so. Ebay currently has a £1 listing offer too.
  12. It was the first one I saw with 720, 1080, 1440, 4k & 8k from a quick google search. It isn't perfect by far, but it better explains than 3 or 4 lines of text.
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