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  1. Mr Tony

    Xbox One X

  2. Mr Tony

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    Fucking love the campaign on this. I really do, but wrecking zone, it's not fun in the slightest. I'm glad it's installed seperately so I can wipe it off my hard drive.
  3. I'm so shit at this it's not even funny. My record is about 65th. Barely into the game and about half my screen is full of junk bricks from other players, next thing I know another 10 greys out of nowhere and I'm dead.
  4. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I've been having loads of issues with it for a couple of weeks. On PC anything more than a couple of GB takes multiple attempts to install, regularly failing. On Xbox the dash is generally very slow and at least once a day when I RB over to the store tab, it freezes. I can still launch stuff from quick menu. Just the main dash store page is crap.
  5. Bit fucked isn't it. Activisions financial results in 2018 were the best in its history. Records across the board. Turns out it wasn't "the best ever year" enough, and they're now laying off nearly 10% of the company. Thankfully staff are being offered severance packages rather than being told to just fuck off, but it shows some of the massive issues that companies have. There's still growth, it was record growth, but it wasn't enough growth. https://kotaku.com/activision-blizzard-begins-massive-layoffs-1832571288
  6. I bought a new TV on the weekend. It has Ambilight built in. Apex Legends looks the fucking dogs bollocks on it.
  7. Between 7-10pm usually. Often very long waits and it's not NAT related. I do have about 5 modes setup in my Mixtape though. I didn't realise that can slow the search down. I'll put it all to attrition.
  8. Unfortunately I'm finding that you'd only have about a minute of that as shooting in TF2 now as the waits to find servers are hitting upto 10 mins depending on time of day.
  9. Because the characters are not pilots. It's set in the Titanfall universe. The story in the first games explained the double jumping and wall running was mostly aided and enabled by the booster packs on pilots backs.
  10. Mr Tony

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Yes. The campaigns are actually really enjoyable. Unless you have EA Access then it's included there. Also buy Titanfall 2. That is one of the best FPS ever made.
  11. That's fine. I was gonna do a proper one this evening once I've settled in for the day.
  12. Whoops. Should be fixed now?
  13. I've made a sheet for friending up. Add your tags. It's in the OP Gamertag List

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