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  1. Stanley

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Of course, thanks dude.
  2. Stanley

    Best New Music of 2018

    Great time of the year for music lovers when this thread appears. I make a point of listening to everything I haven't heard from peoples lists. It's been a good year so far with still plenty to come.
  3. Stanley

    Dark Souls Remastered

    What's the item for the painting, I've forgotten?
  4. Stanley

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Which they should, game of the year without a doubt.
  5. From what I've seen it has the typical polish you'd expect, very nice looking game.
  6. Stanley

    Xbox One Console Thread

    That's daft isn't it.
  7. Stanley

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Can't you use it on the web store? OMG at that Black Friday sale, too much to choose from.
  8. Stanley

    Abzû - Journey Successor

    Keep forgetting about this and it's on Game Pass.
  9. Stanley

    Sleaziest film ever made

    When did he say that?
  10. Stanley

    Sleaziest film ever made

    Excuse me?
  11. Stanley

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Yeah I've done it before, it's no easier this time!
  12. Stanley

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I'm really struggling in Anor Londo, that first run up the big steps then to the right with the archers is a right bastard.
  13. Stanley

    Sleaziest film ever made

    One of my favourites soundtracks though and some great photography, Larry Clark is pretty awesome.
  14. I don't cry at much but this just affected me so much.

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