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  1. I thought that about Resi 7, once you got over the gross out horror what you’re left with is quite a tame game compared with more chillers such as Outlast, and it certainly can’t hold a candle to the original games, but an enjoyable romp nonetheless.
  2. Another cut from her forthcoming album.
  3. I remember playing through Silent Hill 2 with you and I’m sure you got up and turned the console off at one point, or I did I have a fascination with horror games, like the scab I can’t help picking at.
  4. Perhaps that’s what they’re saving it for, when they have hardware capable of giving us F-Zero at 120fps
  5. Yeah I quite enjoyed it although I still think the second game is the best.
  6. It’s certainly more likely it will receive more positive reviews than negative ones going off that data, and for Sonic Adventure any bad reviews it had don’t appear to have adversely affected sales.
  7. It has a 93 score on Metacritic based on 81 critic reviews and an 8.1 user score, so I don’t think it holds a bad reputation. This new version also addresses the main complaint I saw most, which was waggle. To put in comparison, the most a mainline Zelda had sold before Skyward Sword was around 8 million which was achieved by Twilight Princess the game released directly before it, so maybe people were put off by that too, who knows. Skyward Sword didn’t manage to break 4 million despite the large user base and marketing surrounding the 25th Anniversary, so whatever bad reput
  8. Since then Zelda’s currency has gone through the roof, and Skyward’s figures were staggeringly low despite generally excellent reviews, so whether that’s down to it coming out towards the end of the generation, no HD version, requiring the motion plus Wii remote add-on, waggle fatigue or whatever, I just don’t know, but most Switch owners won’t have played it before and with little else on the horizon I can see it doing pretty good numbers.
  9. Oh dear have ms fried Xbox
  10. Yeah same with Game Builder Garage and I suppose Mario Maker; they’re not expecting huge sales from those titles but they’re on brand and offer wide appeal.
  11. They are the company that must make all others look on with envy - under specced hardware with last gen graphics outselling the competition and making a profit on each one sold, re-releasing last gen games that ‘only’ sold 5 million and selling that amount many times over. I mean the whole concept for Animal Crossing screams ftp apps worth ten a penny, yet Nintendo turns it into a billion dollar franchise. Mario games from the 90s with barely a lick of paint - solid gold hits. It will be interesting to see what Skyward Sword sells being the black sheep of the family, but I
  12. Actually yes & no, yes it’s great to while away the time in handheld but it’s much easier to see what you’re doing on the big screen, there’s quite a few fiddly little things. I’ll give it a go on Xcloud - iPad should be an ideal size actually.
  13. No it’s quite some feat isn’t it and tbh it fills my heart with joy, I could never have imagined it doing this well.
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