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  1. Yeah, they also say all versions look great. If you're on OG Xbox I'm sure it will be enjoyable.
  2. Stanley

    Mortal Kombat 11 | April 23rd 2019

    Rumours it's been delayed until 10th May, no official announcement yet though AFAIK, or any gameplay, details of who's doing port etc.
  3. Stanley

    PC Classic

    Modern PC's can't even run Crysis.
  4. Stanley

    PC Classic

    Depends on price and games neither of which have been announced, but in theory yeah if they get the classics on there.
  5. Stanley

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    It needs a remake.
  6. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    That's a good deal especially for those choosing all digital. My rule of thumb is if it's physical get it and save the space for stuff that isn't, still nowhere near filled my 128gb card.
  7. I think the underlying issue I'm trying to discuss is whether these old game play mechanics still feel, well, old. I'm not hand waving away any issues with God of War you think it has, but I feel that those bell puzzles, many you can ignore anyway, are integrated into the core game play of using your axe and I feel that it's consistent in that sense. In Resi I do think it's a bit convoluted and showing its age. It's not a massive deal and how much it interupts the game as a whole we'll find out. At the moment after playing the demo I just thought it felt incongruous and made me think just how ridiculous the whole premise is, so it is immersion breaking in that sense. I didn't ever feel that really playing God of War.
  8. I haven't played Spider-man but the difference with God of War is that the chests are being protected by ancient magical forces, which is its whole premise. In Resi 2 we're talking about the key to the basement in a police station. And again it's not so much criticism as observation. I am a fan of the series too and played them all first time around, but I can't honestly say I've missed some of those aspects, the medallions for example, it just feels very dated. It doesn't so much break immersion, more just a bit of a pain in the arse. Not helped of course by a demo which is only 30 mins long - in the full game you'll be able to take your time and relax more.
  9. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Only because of this data mining business, it's raised expectations, so probably won't happen!
  10. I didn't comment on not being able to shoot through windows, and yeah you're right, all games do this, I'm just reminded how convoluted the puzzles in Resi were/are. It's not like they exist in some abstract space, they're integrated into the world, which leaves them feeling a bit odd at times. I mean its ok to discuss this isn't it, I'm not hurting your feelings or anything?
  11. Yeah it's half way there, just a description or a hint of some sort would alleviate the issues I have with it - for example, going back to the open window, I thought the game was signposting it because it wanted me to climb through, or that it is of some importance, but it just brings up my inventory so I'm left with no idea.
  12. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Arr right, that's cool. I think I'll get one too then as I'm playing lots of 2D platformers and the like at the moment. Zelda for me.
  13. Stanley

    Nintendo Switch

    Do they need their own battery?
  14. I'm not expecting them or missing them merely making an honest observation, I'll quite happily play the game by its own rules accepting its idiosyncrasies. I think most people commenting are aware they're playing a remake of a 20 year old game but there's no harm discussing it, it's also not beyond criticism just because of its inherently old design - it's a modern product being aimed at modern audiences. The inventory coming up every time you try and interact with anything is poor design imo.

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