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  1. I started doing all the missions, about halfway through I just thought fuck this and focused on the story, which was pretty decent tbh. The dlc is crap. I think it was this game where you had to pay real money to open chests initially and to be able to get strong enough to even finish it. It had a few total rework patches
  2. The prize is you can neg people for one day only
  3. Sony are so confident in their impenetrable online security system that they don't employ a customer support team
  4. Microsoft were so confident in the series x that they didn't make any games for it
  5. FIFA gives all the best players a 0.0001 percent drop rate in their random packs you have to pay for to make sure one person can't collect them all and become overpowered
  6. Final fantasy 15 is an excellent game for helping you decide what you want for your tea
  7. Yeh the beginning is much harder than the later bits
  8. 1tb is loads. My series x has literally 35 games on it
  9. Yeah if your an LOTR fan it's ace, if not it's not that great. I loved it!
  10. I reckon if you just go a to b. I remember my play time was around that
  11. You can finish it in about twenty hours
  12. I wish all the jackbox were on this
  13. On cod and destiny you endlessly get wrecked by elite pad users. On destiny it allows you to slide and fire shotgun at the same time, which is just op as fuck and makes them unbeatable. Worst gaming invention ever.
  14. carlospie

    The Medium

    Deffo. It has all the hall marks of a stinker. Barely promoted, non in-game footage on trailer, delayed three months, non clear game genre.
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