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  1. You need the gamepad to access some of the options and mods on the second screen
  2. I'm on the last boss of the base game, absolutely loved this game. So simple yet we'll done and the music is exceptional. Can't wait to get straight into the dlc.
  3. Nah il be buying a console to play this bad boy, ff7 is GOAT
  4. Just watched a demo play through, graphically it looks amazing but the actual fighting? Looks really meh. Like hold Square and watch levels of meh
  5. Is balloon door owen a special edition?
  6. I'm going to go xbox this generation, it all sounds great to me
  7. Only cost him £4000 Ronaldinho is GOAT though
  8. Isn't he cheap because his stats aren't actually that much better than base
  9. carlospie

    Nintendo Wii U

    Is shovel knight standalone? I have all the others. I just started wind waker, looks gorgeous. I'm sure it has some weird HDR in it is was nearly blinded at the beginning beach
  10. Aeris death and wnen sephirith takes off the jenova case cutscenes will be so epic in this
  11. 900k fifa points later and Castro packed a TOTY de jong
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