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  1. It’s getting a bit embarrassing now
  2. carlospie

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    spoilers. He was 28 and still lives at home.
  3. carlospie

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    When I was about 8 my dad told me and my younger brother that if we tidied our rooms we would get a reward. We went up and I moved some shit around creating the impression I had done it, leaving my brother alone. Moments later yer my brother shouts me in the room (we shared) and under his pillow was Pokemon blue (then brand new). I looked under mine and there was Pokémon red. We played that shit on our brick gameboys for years. Pokemon red was my fave game of all time. 15 years later my brother confessed that when he looked under the pillows he actually had been left Pokemon red but didn’t like the look of Charizard on the front so switched them moments before I went in. This single swap influenced my love of Pokemon. Red. Bell end.
  4. Bought thanks!
  5. carlospie

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    Pro evo 2. 2 years undefeated vs my mates.
  6. carlospie

    Nvidia Shield GeForce Now

    It’s good if the games are compatible. Shadow of war which I’m playing at the moment is amazing on it. FPSs not so.
  7. Pairs you up based on same win streaks
  8. carlospie

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    They were doing the bird box smash bros challenge
  9. carlospie

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Ugh played this til 4 am then up at 7 with the kids! Sooo good. Probably the best LOTR game I’ve played
  10. carlospie

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Just opened up three maps, talk about difficulty spike
  11. carlospie

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    He’s really good as a streamer. 215k viewers
  12. carlospie

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    Blood borne is on
  13. carlospie

    Middle Earth: Shadow of War

    Bought this on pc for 8 quid, really enjoying it. Was great to bump into the witch king! Looks gorgeous at times.
  14. carlospie

    Food Prepping

    Where are those trays from please?
  15. carlospie

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    If I’m honest I think they just make them up if they are short Zeus is cool as fuck

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