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  1. This looks really really good. Just watching a streamer play it. They are playing it on the hardest difficulty and saying it’s no where near as hard as dark souls.
  2. Ff8 I didn’t really appreciate until I was older and read a proper translation, the story is actually very deep with lots of cool ideas. Lunatic pandora, edea, adel, ultimecia, all really good concepts. FF7 is great, a mall infested soldier who has adapted the personality of another who transpired to be an ultimate puppet for sephiroth, I love it! ffX is really quite interesting, highlighting how blindly people follow religion without ever questioning its origins or why we do so.
  3. A streamer I watch plays this, but with the LOTR soundtrack on, it fits the walking bits amazingly well
  4. I’d argue that point, FF is my favourite series and the story’s of 6,7,8,9,10 are all very interesting and far outweigh any gameplay
  5. This is the only main FF game I never finished, felt exactly the same as you about it
  6. This is going to look absolutely incredible if it’s going to get a ps5 release and/or pc.
  7. If we all just stopped and looked around at one another, in real life not shitty Facebook life, we would realise that just a simple hello, wave or kind deed can be what they need to help them get through the day. This is the way of the Kojima. I almost see the game as hugely ironic, youl go three miles out of the way on the delivery mission to help someone in a game, but you won’t sit and read a book with your kid or give an hours time to take your elderly neighbour shopping. We are addicted to the social media loop of ‘likes’ and a lot of our whole intention these days is to do things to gain the attention and likes of others. Look at when you go to a concert, about 90 percent of people now film it on their phone rather than even watch it. I may be hugely wrong but that’s how I perceive the meaning of the game, the world has become completely selfish and isolated with everyone living most of their lives online or getting that satisfaction from a digital number. Norman is the person to break that link, to do things that physically help others towards a common goal, rather than doing things simply for gratification online.
  8. It’s a lot of words to write it’s a shiny walking simulator :)? I tell you what makes a huge difference, real actors. I sat and watched the ending last night and it was just like watching a blockbuster movie, it was epic. The mo cap is something else. Didn’t know wtf was going on though looking forward to some plot summaries of this beautiful mess
  9. suffer like G did? That voice actor makes me laugh every time, the lack of any pause in the delivery is so funny, as is the pitch of the voice
  10. Do you know think the monster is Kojima irony though? That even In those hard times people still have access to mass produced energy drinks that one slurp completely rejuvenates them?
  11. they look comedy, like the bit in Austin powers when he wedges the car
  12. Imagine being sat at home chilling on fortnite and you look out and see some government officials peeking through your blinds to see what your playing. Terrifying!
  13. Definitely. The plot/story is very interesting though and I don’t have a PS4. Plus I love Kojima. plus watching a stream is funny. Everytime Sam loses a package people spam in chat ‘ ugh my 50lbs is Hentai! ‘
  14. Threedog and chums are streaming this now, they are the ones who play mgs non stop. Can’t wait to see what they think. Iv read some reviews describing this as metal gear survive! From what Iv watched it looks pretty fun, the graphics are a tier above anything else.
  15. Some of the Wii games are really good fun. I didn’t enjoy 9/10ths of what it had to offer and am playing them via the Wii U. Currently playing Pandora’s tower and paper Mario. The graphics are so fuzzy though that’s the only bad thing.
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