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  1. To be fair the programmer of Fire Track, Nick Pelling (AKA Orlando), was considered to be one of the best programmers on the BBC micro. http://www.beebgames.com/npinterv.php
  2. This guy makes a lot of good observations about the merits of various versions, particularly with regard to controls. I was disappointed to note there was no Amiga version featured but I imagine it's interchangeable with the PC version and he's portraying a more US centric view and the Amiga didn't really make it in a big way over there. The Amiga version certainly looks the same as the PC version and the controls were excellent.
  3. Now released. https://csdb.dk/release/?id=188753
  4. No, HDMI does not 100% support the Spectrum's native video timing. A buffer in the FPGA hardware would be nice but it's a hardware fix for a shortcoming of the HDMI standard. Use a different connection FFS.
  5. Saying the Next doesn't support HDMI because of non standard programming modes is like saying the Amiga didn't support RGB because tvs would flicker in interlaced modes. Yes, flicker fixers were added later but no one suggested it was a fault of the Amiga or the tvs.
  6. If HDMI, as a standard, doesn't support the exact timing of the programming tricks used then it's not the fault of the next designers.
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