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  1. Gregory Wolfe

    Playmaji's Polymega

  2. Gregory Wolfe

    The Arcade Ten.

    In no particular order. Green Beret Choplifter I Robot Super Punch Out Space Harrier Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom Pole Position Donkey Kong Dig Dug Pac Man Honourable mentions for Defender, Joust and Robotron 2084, I'm not sure I ever really got the hang of any of them. EDIT: Star Wars should've featured somewhere too.
  3. Gregory Wolfe

    Mr Tonys Amiga 1200 Restoring Adventure!

    You're suggesting wet wipes instead of diluted nail varnish remover? Or are the wet wipes in place of the make up remover pads? I'm assuming nail varnish remover still has the active ingredient of acetone, which won't be present in wet wipes alone.
  4. Gregory Wolfe

    Mary Poppins Returns - Christmas Day 2018

    He's credited as playing Mr. Dawes Jr. in this. Apparently he also played Mr. Dawes Sr. in the original. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Poppins_(film) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Poppins_Returns
  5. This, from the previous update, no. 35. 'Keyboard update With the final keyboard matrix done and tested on the Next hardware back in London, we’re happy to announce it works a charm, super light touch. It’s operation is within the original parameters to allow for a good keyboard feeling, and the matrix is now being stress-tested for the material resilience back at the manufacture plant’s lab. We’ll now push on with the injection of the keys and assembly of the keyboard, before shipping it to the case manufacturer for attachment and shipping to the UK.' Separately manufactured and the most problematic aspect of the whole project.
  6. Gregory Wolfe

    Forgotten bangers

  7. Gregory Wolfe

    Yoñlu Movie

    If someone made a trailer for Thom Yorke's fever dreams.
  8. Schrodinger's cash, it's both in the bank and not in the bank.
  9. I'd say this year is definite.
  10. ZX Spectrum Next Update #35: Quick update: The 2B board is in the oven! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1835143999/zx-spectrum-next/posts/2264862
  11. Gregory Wolfe

    Doctor Who

    I was hoping to like this but the Doctor has a sonic screwdriver which looks like a vibrator Ladyshave(TM) and a voice that sounds like Bubble from Ab Fab and/or Victoria Wood. I'm sure it'll be fine.
  12. I didn't have a Spectrum, I had a C64, but having backed the Crash annual (partially in the hope there'd be a Zzap annual, which I have also backed), I did also back the Next to the tune of an accelerated, wi-fi capable, fully cased machine. I had no interest in the Vega. I'm actually a bit depressed that no one wants to talk much about the Next but it seems everyone is engaging in the scandal created by these dirty little chancers. It actually feels more like an OT subject than a retro one to me.

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