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  1. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Mate, you need that machine recalibrating since you posted in this thread about how much of a fuck you don't give. You're on at least 1 on that machine even if the gauge goes right up to the biggest number you can Google.
  2. Paul Woakes - Mercenary/Novagen - RIP

    I did a thing last year where I tried to trace him as I'd heard he didn't do interviews. I'm not sure now whether the urge to find him happened after the date of his death, 15th July 2017. It was quite easy to find what he'd been doing. http://www.lightingreality.com/Home/tabid/1805/Default.aspx Rest in peace Paul Woakes. I never really got into Mercenary but I did spend some time with Encounter on the C64 and Backlash on the Amiga. I didn't realise that Encounter had an eventual Amiga release.
  3. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Don’t go then.
  4. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Look, I could've said Connery to Lazenby or Moore but I didn't want to spoil my own argument. I still think the point stands, go into it like you go into a James Bond film.
  5. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Y'know when you watched Casino Royale and it never crossed your mind, once, how Pierce Brosnan would've played James Bond in each situation. Do that, you'll enjoy the film a lot more for it.
  6. I agree, why would anyone unconnected host that discussion?
  7. It's just an exercise in avoiding the law now.
  8. They may try to drip some out...
  9. I'm not talking about the money they spent. What would it cost them to bring in some cheap Chinese handheld systems and lob a Spectrum emu on them in an attempt to avoid going to jail? Yes they stole the money and yes they spent it but presumably they have some of their own money to try to avoid going to jail.
  10. How many pieces of garbage have they got to ship? I'm not talking about something they actually made, just a crappy, generic, handheld with a Speccy emu on it.
  11. I think they'll shovel out a piece of shit and call it fulfilled. Financially, that is less of a risk for them now than failing to deliver anything. Sticking out any device capable of running an emu may satisfy the contract. Bankruptcy and examination of the accounts could equal jail time.
  12. SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Yeah, I don’t now give a fuck that someone has got to try and carry off a Ford/Han impersonation for the duration of the film. I’m in. Edit: Like what you said above but I hadn’t read it when I responded to your earlier post.
  13. The C64 Mini

    Same here.
  14. It's a shame because he's clearly been a skilful gamer but I think his desire to be unbeaten overtook all that. I'm calling cheat on him whilst acknowledging that he was obviously a very good player in his time. His knowledge of playing Dragster even shines through in the following videos. However, these Ben Heck videos were quite sad to watch.
  15. I assume a well meaning citizen has raised the issue with HMRC?

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