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  1. I used the word 'serious' to indicate, even in the worst case, that I believe they won't go to jail for long especially if they serve with 'good behaviour'. Fraud is one of those white collar crimes where seemingly the guilty don't usually do much jail time. In that context suicide as an alternative is an absolute extreme.
  2. This is ridiculous. I don't think they'll even get any serious jail time.
  3. Gregory Wolfe

    ZZap! 64 Annual

    I really am.
  4. Exciting times, the Next team stick to their promise of fortnightly updates and progress continues.
  5. Two forum bullshitters are crossing pork swords in an intellectual battle to the dearth.
  6. Gregory Wolfe

    ZZap! 64 Annual

    I'm in!
  7. I’m happy to get fortnightly updates, the time elapsed between this latest update and the previous one was starting to concern me. I can now empathise with the fact that the case manufacturer has pulled out.
  8. Gregory Wolfe

    So, what is the best Video Game movie

  9. Gregory Wolfe

    The C64 Mini

    I understand why this may be easier to deliver than the full size version but with this done and the funds it provides I don't see why a full size version won't follow, it's surely only about a bigger case with a working keyboard. If and when that is delivered I imagine anything may be possible.
  10. Gregory Wolfe

    Dreamworks or Pixar?

    Both studios are great and I do love Pixar but have either ever done a scene this good?
  11. Gregory Wolfe

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    Mate, you need that machine recalibrating since you posted in this thread about how much of a fuck you don't give. You're on at least 1 on that machine even if the gauge goes right up to the biggest number you can Google.
  12. Gregory Wolfe

    Paul Woakes - Mercenary/Novagen - RIP

    I did a thing last year where I tried to trace him as I'd heard he didn't do interviews. I'm not sure now whether the urge to find him happened after the date of his death, 15th July 2017. It was quite easy to find what he'd been doing. http://www.lightingreality.com/Home/tabid/1805/Default.aspx Rest in peace Paul Woakes. I never really got into Mercenary but I did spend some time with Encounter on the C64 and Backlash on the Amiga. I didn't realise that Encounter had an eventual Amiga release.

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