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  1. Yup I'm definitely in the same boat - MiSTer Saturn core is making great strides, PS1 probably won't be long.. one thing this has going is great looks – both the device aesthetics and the menu system are bloody lovely – and ease of use / zero config. That said, if you want a sleek box under the tele and zero config you can get much the same on your Apple TV using Provenance, which is pretty much OpenEmu for tvOS. OpenEmu has been fantastic on my Mac while I wait for one of these devices to do it right. I suppose it must be said that the Polymega's lightgun support might be the biggest differentiator. And also.. that we've probably been over all this before But looking forward to reviews from everyday consumers, and for the hacking to begin...
  2. If the thing played ROMs out of the box it would seem less of a cop-out that it became an emulation device. I'm sure it won't be long before it's cracked, but it's definitely an odd stance. The pack-in 4-button controller means it's not much use for Saturn. As far as I can see the Mega Drive pads don't have shoulder buttons, and they certainly don't have an analog stick. It really is a beautiful bit of tech, but it just misses the mark in a few too many ways to be a must-have.
  3. Cypher just needed a steak restaurant program to jack into, and a Trinity program to jack off to.
  4. I reckon we might've had this before, but it's been stuck in my head the last few days so I'm giving myself a pass. Virtua Tennis - Player select – Dreamcast / Arcade
  5. Sounds to me like half the fun is building your own!
  6. Hah yep, me too! I had a big argument with one of my uni housemates about it, but I finally accepted I was wrong.
  7. Shit I made this thread then forgot to follow it or check back. Top suggestions, some of them already in my list. Bit disappointed nobody went for Anvil of Crom (Conan OST), it's a belter and was the 2nd track on my list..! I'll get around to updating the playlist with choice tracks you guys posted, then share it here.
  8. With COVID and boring health issues (anaemia) this past year or so I've been out of the gym, but I really need to get back there – so I'm setting up a playlist of tracks to get pumped. I'm leaning towards classic 80s (-ish) machoism rather than pop – so hopefully you guys don't suggest too much Laura Brannigan. Example:
  9. Good list of Saturn greats, nothing unexpected. my only gripe is you didn’t include the most searched retro game, Pandemonium. Think of the SEO benefits and all the new Saturn gamers you could’ve created!
  10. I'm in on this when the Saturn core is ready – the progress is very promising, so it might not be as far off as I've been expecting. I've a question – do you guys run these through something like an OSSC or Retrotink, or is the video output already suitable for modern TV's? I'm expecting the cost to be more or less the same as a Saturn + ODE + upscaler, with the benefit of running all the other consoles. The need for an upscaler might tip it over though.
  11. Did you guys see the amazing celebration of swim coach Dean Boxall? absolutely wet myself watching it live earlier today, gets better with every replay
  12. That’s great. It seemed pretty clear there was a longer game in there somewhere, all cut short to get the game out and move the team on to Dreamcast and Sonic Adventure. I think they did a great job to wrap it all up fairly satisfyingly in the scant number of levels they had time to finish, and by adding at least some replay value with the variety of characters to rescue, and the resulting emails. I absolutely love it to this day. More games should have the heart of Burning Rangers.
  13. In Australia all we really get is endless swimming, and in between some talking heads telling us about the swimming successes of the past, and what they are showing later.. after all the ads, and repeats of Australia winning some swimming events, then some more ads.. at which point you might be tempted to give up. I have enjoyed some of today's swimming though, I must admit. Maybe it's Stockholm syndrome.
  14. Gave the New Game Plus guys a go on my dog walk today. Had a quick go at their recent Streets of Rage 2 episode, in which they seemed clueless about scrolling beat em ups in general, then had a listen to their Shenmue ep and they didn’t know SEGA AM2 or Yu Suzuki, and one of them said nobody had even heard of Shenmue.. and at that point I gave up. I guess like a lot of stuff out there it’s by people who didn’t live through it. I feel pretty old shouting “what are you talking about?!” at the trees! I suppose I should give people playing something retro for the first time a chance and see if they have a fresh opinion. Bah
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