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  1. Ah... but still no Burning Rangers.
  2. Well for some reason that brought back a sensation of being in a grimy teenage bedroom. Inexplicably linked with first memories of seeing porn mags etc. Lovely!
  3. so in terms of the fighting engine.. is it like the other Shenmue games where they've fundamentally built a more-than-competent fighting game inside a wider adventure game? Sure looks it! That still amazes me.
  4. Ah but not when you account for DC loading times
  5. I sounds wonderful, enjoying these impression even though I'm not playing yet. Interesting how much they've changed the combat, I half expected it to remain roughly the same. I think that might be jarring right after playing through 1 + 2 and feeling like a master.. look forward to finding out. However I love VF too, and if there's a guy who knows how to build a solid fighting system it must be Yu Suzuki! BTW the fastest way to make money in Shenmue 2 is still the pachinko game right in the corner near the hotel you stay in at first.. none of this "roll it on top" business..! haha
  6. while i agree that's probably true, I think @Benny's point about it being much more than the story is perfectly reasonable – the way you feel about the other characters (Ren ) cannot be expressed in a summary, but has to be experienced by playing the games. And that's only one part of the whole.
  7. you know, the scenes that play if you leave the title screen. I call it attract mode because YS is an arcade guy. Also, because that’s what it’s called.
  8. The attract mode is beautiful, and so very Shenmue. Seeing this running on the hardware is so much better than any YT video. I contacted Fangamer about my backer case, they are going out separately in my region - fair enough. my name is in the credits - can’t complain. Dying to play it but think I’m going to do the right thing and finish the other two again before I do.
  9. Where the F is my backer slipcase then, eh? I received just the everyday PS4 case on its own (yes, with a disc in it..). Bah! I can't decide if I can handle the wait to finish the first two again before starting this... oh for the time I'd have had when this should've come out as a Dreamcast 2 launch game in 2004!
  10. Well it's real all right! - - - I'm assuming this is not the backer case that should be part of my pledge level – makes sense if they have done one run to ship and those other rewards come separately, right?
  11. Yes!! However I’m only up to forklift driving in Shenmue and have the entirety of 2 to revisit.. not sure I’ll do that by Monday!
  12. If he likes design he should try Figma https://www.figma.com/ It's my main tool now for web / app work and has basically kicked Sketch, Illustrator, Adobe XD and Photoshop squarely in the nuts. FWIW if he's on Mac I have to say the basic tools you get in Photos for editing are now reasonably robust. It's no Lightroom, but you can get a lot more from your images using it.
  13. I’m visiting my folks where some of my magazines still live, including the first mag I ever bought, Sega Power #23, October 1991.
  14. Great win from England, we absolutely dominated and did not given them an inch. Total control - not often anyone achieves that against the Kiwi’s! The team looked like they were well and truly up for winning, nothing seemed to knock their spirits. Fantastic energy. I’m watching from NZ where I know they will be absolutely devastated. Rugby is everything to them! (On that note... it may surprise you to know that the Aussies don’t actually give a shit about Union - League is their game)
  15. Jet Set Radio – Sneakman How I loved this game, I'd play standing up so that I could get into the music. I remember my elder sister remarking how cool the game was – which meant a lot because I always thought of her as someone with taste in good stuff – she introduced me to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Orbital, Chemical Brothers and many many more in the 90s.
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