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  1. I think you and me might secretly by the same person. (not played Grandia yet but do have it on my ps classic).
  2. Wrong. It’s better than BoTW.
  3. Oi @CrashedAlex where’s the dangerous golf port for switch?
  4. Thundertwat Ganon down and just Goron city/ death mountain lizard thingy to go. On 82 shrines complete. Still no Hylian shield.
  5. I only play occasionally just before bed. I’ve clocked in 60 hours so far and done two divine beasts. It’s mainly pottering around in mountains finding shrines and random things. Then killing wildlife. Lots of that.
  6. I still dabble. I had Autobleem 0.8.5 for a bit but it wasn’t very reliable on iso scamming so I went back to 0.7.1. the latest one however doe have more apps such as doom.
  7. 900 seeds!?!? jesus, I’ll never find them all.
  8. I’m passing on nominating this month as I double dipped last month. (bomb jack!)
  9. I did the golf shrine last night. Behind the mummy thing there’s an extra hole to get a chest. @sharak you need to climb the nearby tower and unlock the map for that area. Then it’ll help you find stuff
  10. Ossc I think or a retrotink? Don’t know much about those though.
  11. I really really hate thunderblight ganon. Such a dick.
  12. Holy fuck truck (it’s new name in my mind) can be picked up for less than a pint. It’s legendary. Also you can play mp3s off the sd card whilst you tear up the tracks.
  13. Charge business rates on properties that have been empty for over 12 months? I’m assuming that empty units aren’t attracting business rates? edit: apparently you only get three months grace so I’m assuming the landlord is liable for business rates on empty units.
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