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  1. Ninja Doctor

    Rambo: Last Blood

    I’m in.
  2. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic

    That I can. Retropie uses the retro arch system of emulation. The retropie emu is a little more polished and does have better sound plus you can switch to different cores. The classic emulation is definitely a little more janky if you know what you’re looking for. I would score the classic emulation as a 8/10 with retropie emulation a 9. Noticeably better but not leagues ahead. Overall though, despite the slating the system got at launch, for £30 I’m more than satisfied.
  3. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic

    FYI I just tried Autobleem, v0.6 beta 2 on an old 1gb stick and I have to say it works very well. I heartily recommend it for a simple no mod solution. Literally just copy files to a memory stick and away you go. Added bonus in that you can press select+triangle and play with the hidden PCSX settings menu. I prefer to turn the smoothing filter off. Now to procure a larger memory stick (Sandisk cruzer fit 2.0).
  4. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic

    picked mine up earlier. Had a quick blast on mr driller. The hardware is lovely but the jankiness on the emulation is definitely noticeable on the sound. I’m hoping that replacing the stock emu with the one from Bleemsync might improve matters a bit. I want to keep it as stock as possible just with a few of the foibles ironed out.
  5. Ninja Doctor

    SEGA AGES: OutRun

    Sex with twins whilst listening to MSS?
  6. Can’t help you there I’m afraid. I’ve never got to the bottom of getting neogeo and anything more recent than 1942 to boot via mame. More to the point, can anyone explain why there seems to be so many different versions of arcade ROMs? I often see things like “make sure you’re using fba rinsed” why aren’t arcade ROMs standardised?
  7. Ninja Doctor

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Not showing on mobile skin sorry
  8. Have you tried a SNES or genesis rom?
  9. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic

    Just start the info with: step 1. Take your PlayStation disc and dump the info to bin+cue.
  10. Batocera seems to be maintained a bit more than lakka. Not sure if lakka is still current.
  11. They are both stripped down linuxes that boot straight into retro arch. Think Retropie but on a big pc with a better/more advanced set of cores. Dreamcast you say? Reicast. Wii/GameCube? Dolphin. Theres even PSP and PlayStation 2.
  12. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic

    For £30 I’m in if only to mess about with and switch the ISO’s on.

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