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  1. I agree. Chemical Plant zone is a total Buzz killer. There’s too much back and forth followed by loads of insta death falls whilst trying to race through under water before you drown.
  2. Mine was an aftermarket one too. however I was using it with a super famicom with no issues. Might be worth trying sticking a fat capacitor on the voltage regulator output. my suspicion however is one of the caps on the video output line.
  3. I’m torn. I kinda want a series S but I’m not really in a rush for one. So do I try to preorder or do I just wait a couple of months and pick one up in the new year?
  4. Bizarrely I’m also playing one from Allstars but this time it’s the sublime Super Mario Galaxy. I’ve recently resurrected the Mother in law’s Wii and set up usb loader gx so after breaking out the Galaxy disc that’s my next couple of months sorted. Currently up to the kitchen galaxies. Not enjoying those comet challenges though.
  5. Confidential mission is pretty much identical in redream.
  6. A series s for me in the new year. No rush for now, just got a PS4 this year.
  7. I really wish someone would do this for the original HotD
  8. A bit of a bump but I’m probably going to have a go at mine this Friday. It’s horrifically yellow.
  9. I was looking at these last night. Are they worth it?
  10. I’ve just unlocked second licence boards. My characters are becoming much more useful now.
  11. You’re on. I didn’t get chance to test tonight but I’ll do it tomorrow and drop you a pm.
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