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  1. Nah Jackfrost71 I thought was Fogarty
  2. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    It’s almost as though they are trying to make a replica of the scph-1000 model.
  3. Ninja Doctor

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Is it on a different tv? I have a samsung that hates the mega drive
  4. Ninja Doctor

    The future of emulation

  5. Ninja Doctor

    The future of emulation

    I see emulation as a kind of codec but for game code. This is shown in the retro arch approach. These asset set enhancements I think are the future but still utilising the underlaying game code. Just imagine a set of HD assets for super Metroid for example running on the standard engine (Nintendo lawsuit notwithstanding)
  6. Ninja Doctor

    ReDream - the amazing Dreamcast Emulator

    Bangaio is going to be an odd one as it uses a reduced resolution. I don’t think it works yet.
  7. Ninja Doctor

    The Sega Dreamcast appreciation thread

    VGA if it’s ntsc as I don’t believe they supported RGB. If they do then RGb scart if your tv doesn’t have vga.
  8. VC games can be found as wad files. Check your pm.
  9. Ninja Doctor

    Neo Geo Mini

    And cancelled. After sticking neo.emu on my kindle fire and checking the games I wanted I decided I only wanted the mini incase it could be hacked to add these games rather than the bangers on it. Its a a shame but the funds can go towards the ps1 classic instead.
  10. Ninja Doctor

    Neo Geo Mini

    You see, I was straight in there. Got the preorder the moment the international version was listed but now I’m starting to think I should just cancel it. After ive spent ten minutes on metal slug and five minutes being confused by king of fighters I’m just going to be wondering why puzzle bobble wasn’t put on. Anyone else now feeing the same? Maybe be if it was a baby sized AES with a proper stick.
  11. Ninja Doctor

    Mr Tonys Amiga 1200 Restoring Adventure!

    Acetone is a pretty nasty solvent to use on plastics. I would suggest getting some isopropanol alcohol if you want to go chemical.
  12. Ninja Doctor

    Mr Tonys Amiga 1200 Restoring Adventure!

    Second shout here for Aldi antibacterial wipes. They work wonders for joypads and keyboards.
  13. Ninja Doctor

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I will be herculeanly surprised if this isn’t a reboxed vita tv running eboot files.
  14. Ninja Doctor

    Mr Tonys Amiga 1200 Restoring Adventure!

    Generally bulging on the cylinder types ones. Check for any signs of leakage also. Do do not use a multimeter to test them when still attached to the board. Ever.
  15. Ninja Doctor

    Mr Tonys Amiga 1200 Restoring Adventure!


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