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  1. jonnyalpha

    What are you playing?

    Well that's calmed me slightly, I was having palpitations.
  2. jonnyalpha

    What are you playing?

    The only horror story I see there is glasses on the game board! On the Board!! I need a lie down.
  3. jonnyalpha

    Games Exchange

    Sorry, come to my senses. Got several kickstarters arriving and really shouldn't buy any more games at the minute.
  4. jonnyalpha

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    A couple of bargains in Travelling Man, Newcastle. They've got Crown of Emara in stock for £36.99 which is a great price for a lovely game. They also had some of the original printing of Camel Up for £24.99, you can still get the matching expansion on Amazon for £6.99 which makes a total bargain for the complete Camel Up experience.
  5. jonnyalpha

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    Travelling man has an extra 25% off their current sale prices. I just got Terra Mystica, Citrus and Kashgar: Merchants of the spice road for a total of £72. Very happy with that little lot. Kashgar is a present. I've already got it and it's a lovely clever card game.
  6. jonnyalpha

    Best airplane table games

    I can't imagine playing Pit on a plane. It gets very rowdy and you'll probably get arrested.
  7. I think the op is right. A good story that needs the time to develop plots and characters is great but there appear to be many films that could do with some pretty severe editing to stop them spiralling into an overlong bore. I saw Widows on release and while the performances were good the whole thing just dragged on and on. When the director started to fill us in on the back story of an incident that needed no explanation, where the audience were already aware of it's existence and the strains it had put on relationships, I lost the will to watch any more and decided to call it a night. It's the first film I've walked out of in a long time. Filmmakers need to remember that not everything has to be explained and much can be left to the imagination of the audience. This would go a long way to trimming the fat off some of these bloated scripts.
  8. jonnyalpha

    What are you playing?

    We've had a nice gaming time recently with some great games getting their first plays. We've really enjoyed Raiders of the North Sea and Architects of the West Kingdom which are both worker placement games although the worker mechanic is quite different in each. I'd say for the base games Architects just edges it but I have two expansions for Raiders which we're aiming to get played soon. We've also played Everdell a few times and really had a good time with that game. This is a lovely mixture of worker placement, hand management and tableau building that just works. The rulebook is surprisingly small while your available choices are surprisingly large. The huge deck of cards allows for various strategies and the variable setup will provide a nice variety to how the economic engine of the games works. On our second game I was really pleased to see that two of us headed off in different directions, I was concentrating on the Production cards to generate lots of resources and one of the other players went into buildings to generate lots of end game points, and we ended up with only 1 point separating us. Of course I was the player who was one point off and lost 51 points to 52. The third player was left in the dust but it was his first game and thankfully he still enjoyed it. We've been so enamoured with this one that we've late pledged for the Everdell expansion which has just finished on Kickstarter. I'd recommend any of these if people are looking for a new game in January.
  9. jonnyalpha

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    Abracadawhat is a pretty fun deduction game. One of those where you can see everyone else's hand but not your own and have to make deductions about what you are holding. You try to play your pieces out without making a mistake and trying to play a piece that you don't own. It's got nice pieces and is worth the £10 that it's going for in The Works. I picked up base game Carcassonne today for £8 in Tesco. Looks like they were stocking some board games over Xmas and are now clearing them out.
  10. jonnyalpha

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    You do. The switch physical game cart in a proper case is tucked away in the back of the packaging.
  11. jonnyalpha

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    For anyone who has the Camel Cup/Camel Up base game the expansion can currently be picked up for £5.99 on Amazon. I presume this is because it doesn't match the art style of the new edition that just came out. A great expansion to a fun game. Camel Cup Supercup
  12. jonnyalpha

    Pandora Box

    How would you pick which one to get? When I look up the 5s they're seen to be loads to choose from. Also there's now a model 6. Would that be the one to get?
  13. jonnyalpha

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    I already have Concordia but followed the link out of curiosity and ended up buying one of the map packs! Curses.
  14. jonnyalpha

    General chatter - discuss anything here

    Guru's write up of Rise of Queensdale has had me lusting after that game ever since. English versions have now been released on Amazon.co.uk. I've got one on the way and I'm very excited.
  15. jonnyalpha

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    Fair enough, the player count is going to make it tricky for me to make use of as well.

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