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  1. And that argument has been going on for 50 years in the USA rather than just popping into existence in the last 4 years.
  2. You don't have to win every game. In fact you definitely won't and that's fine. Just enjoy it the game will balance things for you.
  3. I think it would be fine with 2 but may make it rather easy in some instances as it's easier for you to gather cards into sets to make the cures. Conversely it could make it harder at times as you won't be able to spread out across the map as easily. We played it at 3 but used 4 characters. We treated the extra character as one we all shared and left the hand face up on the table so we could plan more easily. That was the one we would swap out for a different role at times as we all became attached to our own characters as the game went on and we wanted to keep playing our "own" person. You could consider adding in an extra character to your game. I think it gives you more flexibility without the added pressure of running 2 sets of cards each.
  4. Jones' book is currently 99p on Kindle. I would assume that's just for one day as these 99p deals normally are.
  5. I'm sorry to butt in on this thread as I've never posted here before but couldn't this racist incident have been a challenge to the team to work around? Who gives in to the racism or supports it? Who disagrees with it but tolerates it and who fights against it? How do the group get around this issue? Can they get the party member into the town another way? I've never really played an rpg, I just enjoy reading the rule books, so don't have practical experience of this and could be completely wrong.
  6. I've played a few games with TaR and he's not only quite quick but scarily good. He ran rings around me at Teotihuacan.
  7. Ark Nova appears to be an extreme example of hype and scarcity pushing a game into a must have. I've only seen one negative review so far, which was on No pun included, with the vast majority of reviewers raving over it. I managed to resist as the theme didn't grab me.
  8. @p1nseeker What about Honshu? I'm feeling confident it's this one. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/207336/honshu
  9. I've put a post in the Newcastle upon Tyne Meet Up thread about a possible game day this year. If you'd like to come to Newcastle and play a load of boardgames for a day then let me know. To begin with just looking to see how much interest there is and try and find some suitable dates.
  10. I'm going to have to brave it. I've got 5 bags of stuff totalling almost £400.
  11. It seems to behave fine on my Philips TV.
  12. I might wear my old Delorean forum t-shirt one of the days. It's never been out in a place where someone might actually recognise it.
  13. I found a farmyard one and a pirate one from the same series but it does seem as though the fairy tale one is hard to get in the UK. Might she go for one of the other varieties while you keep looking?
  14. https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/ The official website has lots of info on it.
  15. Would they be able to enforce masks or covid passports at the minute? I must admit I thought this was going to be the case anyway.
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