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  1. I'm in the queue. Will be quick, which is the quickest way to the shop on landing?
  2. @Broker We sent you two streetlamps in the post. We can't send any more till tomorrow or if you're open later we may be able to pop over with the others and the guitar.
  3. I didn't realise you were Nookington.
  4. @StumpyJohnWe'd love to. What is the name of your island?
  5. @Broker we have the sunburst rock guitar in our catalogue. Ordering one for you now. We can bring it tomorrow with the other street lamps.
  6. @BrokerWe'll pop over. We've got a couple of green streetlamps to bring over now and have ordered some more for tomorrow.
  7. We don't have the recipe for the Iron Garden Bench. Our island is Fidra. Thank you so much.
  8. @Loz BozOff the top of her head she'd like a green wheelbarrow, white iron garden bench, cacti that you have on top of a barrel near the pansies and cosmos, different coloured gnomes (we only have the sprightly gnome), a garden wagon...... that seems quite a lot. I don't suppose we'll have anything that you will need, as you seemed to have everything, but we can come and do more watering when needed or you are welcome to come and look at our early work in progress.
  9. Shipping is now a big problem and UK customs have become a massive pain. I'm no longer backing anything that isn't a UK project as I'm not risking the high postage and tax.
  10. @BrokerWe have two green ones in storage we can bring now. Or you could come and collect? Which would you prefer? We've also ordered another 3 so we can give you 5. Did you need any more? Sent you a friend request. @Loz BozFay thought your island was bloody amazing, all the stuff you've done with islands and layers was very, very clever. A brilliant place to explore and look around.
  11. We've got green ones at the moment and no other types.
  12. We've arrived. Fay is terrible at the keyboard, she's swearing already. She is very much in love with your island already, the flyover is spectacular. She's very jealous. She wants white lampposts, green wheelbarrows.......... cacti......everything. She's taking pictures of the telly with her mobile.
  13. No rush!! but when you're done could you add us as a friend and we'll try and visit. Thank you.
  14. Can my partner pop over to admire your work? She's been doing lots of landscaping on her island and is always looking for inspiration.
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