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  1. I had that, it was from the same publisher as Faery Tale Adventure on the Amiga and I think I bought them both together from one of the independent games shops in the Bullring. It was a much slower tactical affair compared with Geometry Wars etc and using the gravity of the hole to bend shots around and get an opponent was great fun. I played this quite a lot with friends when we weren't shouting at each other playing Speedball 2 or Kick Off.
  2. I only had a few carts and used to have a lot of love for Xybots and in my head it was a great conversion. I remember enjoying Toki, Todd in Slime World but can't remember much as it's been many years since I owned one, there's a Lynx thread here that is pretty active so might be worth looking in there.
  3. Glory to Rome is a chaotic, card based game that has a certain degree of notoriety for it's clever multi-use cards and the convoluted KS shenanigans that drove a company out of business and it's owner into financial woes. The ex-company owner appears to still have co-ownership of the rights and has vowed to never allow a reprint. I own a copy of the Black Box version of the game from that kickstarter and have played it several times with my stepson who loves the game and covets a copy for himself. Sadly the Black Box version goes for ever increasing silly amounts of money.
  4. Me too. I've dabbled a few times with a sloop but never crewed with anybody else. Do I have to look on SoT to request an invite?
  5. I ordered my DE10 from mouser and then all the other bits from misterfpga.co.uk.
  6. @therearerules I got it on one of the FB groups. Someone was selling Keyflower base game, the Farmers expansion and the promo tile. I messaged to ask if he'd let me have just the expansion and the promo. He said yes. Is it really the only one you need for a complete collection? I'll keep it for you and you can have it when we are next able to play some games in Newcastle.
  7. February 2021 I rebacked Carnegie after cancelling it. FOMO in full effect. £67.59 Also sold lots more games so technically still ahead, that's my excuse. Edit: Whoops, bought a copy of Mechanica KS edition £30
  8. Postage now offers only 2 options, one to the EU which is reasonable at 3 euros, but I imagine isn't us, and Worldwide at over 6 euros. Bloody Brexit. I have Caverna, Cave vs Cave, Nusfjord and Gingerbread House so I'm still tempted.
  9. A Lookout magazine? What is that? Worth looking at? I currently have a sub to Tabletop Gaming and I have bought the Senet magazines which I enjoy but not heard of a Lookout title.
  10. We're here to make you feel better.
  11. I bought Toki a while ago, my nostalgia for the game stems from playing it on my Atari Lynx as, along with Xybots, it was an excellent conversion.
  12. I'm going to do this properly now. I feel like I'm still ahead. I have money in my paypal fund from boardgame sales and am selling more games at the minute. I also dropped out of the Carnegie KS. I was worried the game wouldn't be good with 2 but it appears to run very long with 3+ so I cancelled my pledge. This mean my total expenditure so far this year is: January 2021 Those Dark Places RPG book £10.21 Thousand Year Old Vampire £43 Darwin's Journey (KS) £62.58 (70 euro) Hadrian's Wall pre-order £43.98 Cloud CIty £21.78 Ginkgopolis £36
  13. More games for sale. This lot will be going to the Facebook groups on Sunday morning. Postage would be £3 for 1st item, £2 for 2nd item and £1 per item after that. All games in good/great condition. I can post pictures if anyone wants to see. Twilight Struggle - £25 SOLD Unbroken - £20 SOLD Medieval Academy - £15 includes expansion Gallantry and Magic SOLD Metro - £15 Caylus Magna Carta - £10 SOLD Maquis - £10 SOLD Order of the Gilded Compass - £10 SOLD SuperHot: The Card Game - £10 Wiraqocha - £10 SOLD
  14. All fair points, it's easy for some of us to be over-enthusiastic, nerdy, gate-keepery over the whole thing. Something I will try and watch out for in my comments in future. I've recently been watching a youtube channel called Thinker/Themer, a gaming couple who have very different takes on the games they play. One of them loves a good theme, story or narrative which integrates the actual mechanics of a game so they make sense inside the world they simulate.The other is all about the mechanics of the game whether that is worker placement, card drafting etc while paying little atten
  15. @Doctor Shark Exploding Kittens is where you went wrong. It's never been highly regarded, its popular certainly but that's because of name recognition, and kittens, not quality of game. It's also gained traction as a party/drinking game along with Cards against Humanity. Neither of these are well regarded or great games. Its an exceedingly random game so don't get put off card/board games by this experience. I'm sorry if I'm coming off as a boardgame snob but I'm sure you can think of similar popular, well known videogame titles that are ultimately not very good.
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