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  1. You're right about the development of the sport, but that's why the Cain record is impressive. Things of course look different now. If you look at when he beat those people, they were the best around. For instance, the JDS he beat was the one who battered Carwin, Gonzaga, Hunt etc. Bigfoot silva had just smashed Fedor, Travis Browne and Overeem and had just lost to DC and Brock was the defending champ. It's about beating the best at the time. In hindsight you can question his record, but I don't think you can at the time. It's a fair point about injury though in that he could have had a few more losses in there had he been healthy, so that's always up for debate.
  2. This is like the ultimate dream fight. The one that got away. For me anyway.
  3. I actually tweeted a guy saying something similar yesterday about his fights with Cain. Those fights were brutal. I feel similar about Whittaker. I reckon those two Romero fights might have done enough damage to affect his performance long term. I don't mean because of his performance against Izzy, though, I just think in general we'll see him lose more often off the back fo those losses. I think you're right. Sometimes you're better getting put out wuickly than taking 3-5 rounds of a serious battering. It's so sad that's Cain's career was marred by injury. He is one of the best to ever do it when we had him healthy. You're bang on about JDS moving forward. At HW he can still be competitive and Japan or Bellator would easily take him, where he could compete for belts again potentially. BUT, he's had an amazing career one way or another. He seems to be the nicest guy in MMA, or one of anyway. I hope whatever happens, it's not BJ Penn-esque.
  4. Yeah, that's true. It's very much a better pacing. Chiesa looked massive. Was a solid performance. RDA looked good but seemed to fight as if he had two rounds left to go. Stuck in 5-round fight mode or something. Was odd. Chiesa fought a perfect fight, though. Respect to him. JDS is now officially the guy you beat to prove contendership. It's a shame. Love JDS but USADA seems to have affected him to be honest. Perhaps I am wrong on that. I never like eharing people be like, "that guys needs to retire", but it's one of those ones where you'd like to see him retire more like GSP than BJ Penn. JDS v Arlovski would be a nice one to go out on, perhaps.
  5. Yeah, that's what I have it it, really. To be fair, Chiesa looked big at the weigh ins, but RDA was never a big welterweight. It more makes me wonder how the heck Chiesa ever made LW. I'm loving the pace of UFC Ralieigh Prelims so far. Walkout, fight, official decision, straight in to walkout. That's they way it should be, always. Allen looked good. I think Emmet would starch him though.
  6. All weighed in successfully for UFC Raleigh. Yay! The RDA v Chiesa fight is the one i'm most looking forward to tomorrow to be honest. I don't see Chiesa finding a way to win, though. Anyone give Chiesa a decent chance at beating RDA?
  7. I'd favour TJ over Yan, so not sure how competitive it would be. That said, Faber will have sparred and grappled a ton with him in the Gym, so I am sure he knows the areas he has him in. Will watch due to the rivalry, but no real desire to see Uriah back.
  8. No, not at all man. I appreciate the feedback. I'll keep that in mind. More structure in the content is required it would seem. Better laid out and add some fight clips in or something. But I will definitely keep all this in mind. I appreciate it. We wont get better if we dont listen to criticism, provided it's based on solid basis which yours is. Thanks. Next weeks' vids should hopefully be better! Personally I feel DC's defensive style opens him up to a greater chance of getting hit than Stipe did. You're bang on about the wrestling, it's just whether or not he gets clubbed before implementing it. It could look a lot like the rumble fight.
  9. See TJ and Faber being rumoured? I get the storyline side of that fight but does anyone actually think it would be competitive?
  10. All fair points. Will take all this on board. Learning curve. We've only started doing this sort of video this year so will try to be more structured and add some production value moving forward. Thanks guys.
  11. Thanks for the honest feedback. Yep, fair points. Will look at adding some more 'production value' in that regard. I don't think DC's cardio is as good as Stipe's. And that's why it was relevant. I don't know if DC can put the pace on Ngannou in quite the way Stipe did. I would slightly favour DC in a match against Ngannou and of course his cardio is better than Ngannou, but I think there's a definite chance that Ngannou could clip DC before he even starts to implement his gameplan. Obviously in a 'distance fight' i'd favour DC, but I don't know if a distance fight looks the same as the Stipe fight. I think DC would sub him early, but I wouldn't favour that fight going to distance, regardless of who won it. I also don't think that DC has the head movement that Stipe has, so I think the chances of him getting clubbed definitely go up.
  12. Obviously he's beatable. I said as much in the video. The title is somewhat Clickbait. Sadly a game that's necessary on youtube. It's a conversation point more than literal, but that's a fair point. Has he become unbeatable was meant to be the discussion point and the video is my response. I perhaps didn't make that very clear. The Deontay wilder point is that it's the same gameplan, he only needs to catch you once. You're right though that the 12th round point wasn't really relevant. My bad. And the DC cardio thing is not just based on that, I've definitely seen him slow in a few fights, but I didn't exactly highlight that. This, but I think Ngannou has learnt a lot from his loss against Stipe and we've seen Blaydes more recently fail to be able to implement his gameplan. Sadly it does mean we haven't seen him have to be on his back since the stipe fight essentially. I'm sure there's been improvements and shifting some weight will have helped a bit with his cardio, but how much, we can't know yet. Thanks for the feedback though, people. We're pretty new to the youtube side of things and really trying to push it, so will take all of this on board and try my best moving forward to be a little clearer on some things. Kebab
  13. Here's our latest video if anyone's interested.
  14. Yeah, that was really odd. Never seen that before. It also wasn't partial. It was a complete tear. Could have happened after that to be fair. This. Conor will always sell, but Cowboy is just big enough of a name and just good enough a fighter for this fight to actually make Conor look good. I noticed that. It wasn't really even a slur, it was like a weird hesitancy. It was odd.
  15. Adesanya v Romero is official. I don't like it at all. Romero is 3-1 in his last four with two weight misses. Here's a clip from our podcast if anyone cares to check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6qnxTK0Vxg
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