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  1. They Live

    See you, you're OK but this one? Real fucking ugly! That's like pouring perfume on a pig PUT EM' ON!!! Absolute classic. Rip Roddy P.
  2. Well you will nearly always get the best price by splitting and selling individually but that's a lot of time spent down the post office, making listing, taking photos etc. Failing that splitting into format and selling as job lot. I would sort out by format check the closed listing on ebay, anything worth less than a tenner bundle together in a job lot, and sell any single high price items accordingly fully insured.
  3. I'm so impressed how you read jumps so fast and counter accordingly, that air stampede at 1:30 was just insanely quick. I also loved the superbly OTT EX Powerbomb at the end of the first fight to really rub it in. Nice work.
  4. @JLMFantastic, thanks. I have another tab with the video playing and I pause it to read your commentary, It's really useful, and I'm learning an awful lot about spacing. Watching it back, at the critical point in round one after I parry into backdrop, I jumped right into his air fireball but if I'd have down backed like you say, then i'm 99% certain C.HP would've taken him out , or the follow up chop would have done the job. This guy had nearly 2000LP on me and I tend to find that pressure makes me make mistakes,like the wishful thinking heavy knee in round one. Once I took the round and the pressure was off I went into R2 feeling a lot more comfortable. Sometimes I wish you could turn all the data off during the loading screen other than the character and v trigger, but I guess I'm a tiny minority on that one. I'm up to 4540 at the moment, bagging the 10 ranked wins yesterday morning and I played one fight this afternoon against another Akuma and won. I then spent the rest of the time farming FM through easy survival and watching demonstrations to the tune of 60,000 odd FM. I've just watched some of Gunfight's Alex and I never realized how effective v-trigger cancelling is. Would I be right in saying that ,if I was halfway through standing HK, and the opponent jumped, would activating V trigger restore me to neutral so I could anti air? Or would the v-trigger only activate on completion of the current move? (can't access PS4 at the minute so can't test myself) Thanks again for a great post, I will keep any good / troublesome matches coming
  5. I thought this FANG had the better of me but with a cheeky neutral jump into ex powerbomb I managed to turn the tide in my favour. I love Alex's VT2 sure but in most matchups it's not worth sacrificing parry, but against opponents who often stand tall and footsie me (guile, abigail, especially gief) it comes out so fast I've caught a fair few with it. Also @JLM I've tried to take as many of your tips on board such as stop blooding jumping so much. It's a tough habit to break but I think I did well here. Please feel free to chuck some more science my way ps you were totally right in backing off at the start, I saw the guy neutral jump and he did it next round so I caught him straight away with a heavy knee
  6. Falke's full theme has leaked. It's a bit tasty. That's odd, because I did it with Urien and Ed a couple of nights ago and got 8000 each. Maybe there were some level ups in there as well. Try not to be too concerned with rebuying health after every round. I often buy the 145% damage mod and you can wipe out an opponent in a couple of combos without taking damage. If you're worried, buy the extra defense mod instead and you'll lose much less health. Secondly, stop playing when you're mad or on tilt. I was exactly the same and I know it's really easy to get wound up when on a losing streak. I got over it by playing in 45 minute intervals, then win or lose, coming out of ranked. The best tip I can give anyone for this game is go into training and set the computer to do dragon punches over and over again. Learn the block timing and work out your best punishes. Then do the same but try and get the computer to keep crossing you up. Learn how to counter or get out of this and with those two fundamentals down I promise you will be in silver league before you even know it.
  7. Easy survival gives 8000 FM per character as a one off on completion. Takes less than 5 mins per character.
  8. SNES Mini

    I barely used mine due to the pathetic controller cords but since buying a wireless 6 button MD style controller and sticking on a load of mega drive, master system , gba, turbografx, nes and additional snes games I use it all the time Currently playing through Aria of Sorrow on the GBA and it's just as addictive as I remember. I will never get rid of mine , where else are you going to get a proper licensed HDMI enabled retro box with such an easy to use interface for less than 70 quid? Adding games and creating custom matching box art is almost as fun as the games themselves
  9. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    The art direction in this continues to impress (from System Rift DLC)
  10. PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Couple of new pads out 7th March Midnight Blue Steel Black
  11. Fortnite - 60FPS on console later this month!

    savage. nice work
  12. PlayStation 4 Platinum Headset

    I have the original gold headset and it's served me very well for the last 2.5 years - it hasn't broke for a start like everyone elses but I fancy an upgrade. Are these worth the extra cash or should I wait for the new version of the gold heaset that has better mics n stuff? Other brands are not even in contention as I cannot give up the sound profiles, ease of use and all in one mic solution that the sony headsets provide (doubly so as my arcade stick has no jack) Gold 2.0 Platinums:
  13. Is "Game" finished?

    Good luck. I had to raise a dispute with my bank to get my money back, and that took two months. With Games own currency... Yikes
  14. Best New Music of 2018

    Love Mr Fallon's work with Gaslight Anthem and his solo material.
  15. Johann Johansson Dead

    Prisoners is my pick for his scores, I mean, listen to the emotion in this piece....incredible work

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