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  1. The slipcase is beautiful . Small gripe but I wished they used the original Shenmue II art, where Ryo is hover-handing over Joy's arse
  2. Take it apart, mask off the printed logos, and just give it a good once over. Don't be afraid to use a bit of elbow grease and don't be alarmed when the surface goes all cloudy - it'll polish off. If you're a bit nervous, try it on something low value like a CD case first. The results are easy to see:
  3. You can turn that Dreamcast white again with some peroxide and sunshine, so in about 8 months
  4. I brasso'd a Saturn Pad last month and honestly the glossy plastic part looked like it had came straight from the factory when I was done with it. Look how clear the reflection of my phone is in it (yeah i definitely should have run a microfiber over it to catch those bits of dust mind) Just in case anyone fancies a go DON'T BRASSO THE PRINTED LOGOS as they will come right off
  5. I refuse to play Animal Crossing because having a video game mortgage is more deplorable than anything Ellie does. Lol. My wife loves it though. She had a Switch Lite and the game in September and has racked up some 400 hours since then. Never seen her addicted to a game so much since Yakuza Zero's Hostess mini game. Animal Crossing will never be my cup of tea but it's easy to see why it's number one. Streets of Rage 4 and Last of Us 2 were my picks. Great gameplay in both. Hillcrest from the latter is possibly the most exciting action scenario in years, c
  6. Rllmuk : Last of Us 2 is depressing misery porn Fromsoft : Here's another 50 hours of absolute fucking misery with a decade old shit camera Rllmuk: Wow what a work of genius!
  7. I've played SoR4 for 82 hours which is the equivalent of about 40 playthroughs! An absolute gameplay behemoth - crunchy and satisfying action with a great combo system, beautiful visuals and a soundtrack that slaps harder than a baseball stadium full of big bens - it's a total triumph, the best beat em up since part II . The only bad thing I can say about it is a constant reminder of how criminally underused Sega's legacy IP is. Best game of last year and will be enjoyed for years to come
  8. Don Mattrick smiling today knowing he's not the only fucking moron to steer the xbox ship
  9. On the plus side Village looks interesting, though i was hoping they were going with more horror, like the reveal trailer suggested, rather than the Peter Jackson silliness of Resident Evil 7. I see Ethan got scythed in the leg then dragged off - i hope he's got a stapler in his inventory
  10. That RE:Verse looks absolutely dire "It's free!" I'd rather pay for something good than free rubbish
  11. Ethan so boring he doesn't get a statue for his own game lmao
  12. The setting does a ton of heavy lifting for Ghost. The gameplay is completely generic and unremarkable but damn is it pretty, technically impressive and something different which elevates the whole thing above the typical open world quest em up.
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