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  1. Happy with the black/white flag tho. Would be a shame if there was anything more.
  2. Fucking state of that from Vettel
  3. Got there in the end. Mon Lewis!
  4. 3.10 & 3.11 were pretty solid I have to say. 11 especially. At least something is happening finally!!! 12 in total in the season?
  5. Yeah there’s no way I can see him even thinking about changing teams with so many records so close to being broken. He’s there until the end unless Mercedes drastically drop the ball which feels unlikely.
  6. Yeah this all feels incredibly harsh & something about it doesn’t smell totally right.
  7. But essentially nothing happens. That’s the worst thing it’s just dull now.
  8. This 3rd season is fucking dogshit. I don’t give a shit about any character anymore. It’s just relentlessly depressing & totally unbelievable.
  9. Amazing tour so far. I’m totally hooked. I just couldn’t get going with the Giro this year. It feels like it could be anyone’s.
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