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  1. The 3080 is such a fantastic card that I really can't see any point upgrading to the 40xx series. I also think it is irresponsible of Nvidia to release more power hungry, more powerful cards in the context of an environment where the majority are just going to be used to mine cryptocurrency. Release cards as powerful as the 30xx series but that use significantly less power, that would be perhaps a nice way of making crypto less environmentally destructive.
  2. Looks perfectly playable. I would presume split-screen is out of the question though.
  3. Is there a mod for the PC version to put the right music back in yet?
  4. Yeah his Glade set was probably my set of the entire festival. So much fun. When I went to see KuruptFM at the spider they opened the set saying Paul McCartney had died and every few songs said RIP Paul and would dedicate them to his ghost
  5. Roisin Murphy did a set in NYC downlow on Monday morning at 2am that was better - I haven't seen a better marriage between artist and venue ever before in my life. For context, NYC Downlow is a gay club styled like a New York tenement: Excuse my frankly awful video but it gives you an idea of the atmosphere: WhatsApp Video 2022-06-27 at 3.56.04 PM.mp4
  6. The cheapest / best value place for craft beers in the whole UK I have found is House of Trembling Madness in York (but they ship nationally). https://www.tremblingmadness.co.uk/ They are easily 50p-£1 cheaper than basically anywhere else for most beers. In many cases they are cheaper than the actual breweries themselves. No idea how.
  7. There isn't just a dance tent - there are more than 30 dance stages. None of them are televised because there would be a national conversation about open drug use on the bbc. The electronic music lineup was genuinely the best it has ever been, struggle to think of someone relevant that wasnt there. Little Simz was the best headliner by a country mile. She should have been on the pyramid on the Friday.
  8. At the festival - best performance I have seen in person was Little Simz, who we were about three rows back for. Just incredible, and getting to see Cleo Sol actually perform live was a massive treat. Burna Boy was also great, and Tems. We started to fall asleep during McCartney and so went and saw Kurupt FM on a giant metal spider that shoots out fire. Will catch up with it on iPlayer I guess.
  9. If you're going on Thursday all the campsites closest to the stages will be full (they will be full by mid day on Wednesday). You're probably looking at Pylon, or South Park, or some of the other fields in the quieter zones, a bit further out. When you get in a steward will be there to direct you to where there is space, probably not worth picking somewhere as it just depends what is already full on the day.
  10. Fair cop, but I mean in terms of line-up really. The artists they get now are so much more interesting than they were, and it feels far less targeted at middle aged bearded white men than it ever has been. They are mostly confined to a single small part of the festival now.
  11. Take that game's name out of your goddamned mouth.
  12. Before Jay Z they had booked the Beastie Boys, Cypress Hill, and others. As Eavis said in an interview: It was racism dressed up as 'musical taste'. The fuss around Metallica was tiny in comparison, and was mainly focused around the fact that James Hetfield likes to do a spot of bear-hunting in his spare time. It was hardly across the tabloids for multiple weeks like the Jay Z thing was. Glastonbury has evolved now musically anyway. It now has probably the best electronic music lineup of any major festival, for example. Thank fuck it's no longer the festival equivalent of Q magazine.
  13. I appreciate that you are discussing a trailer, but this probably should have been in a spoiler tag.
  14. A bunch of rich white men and pundits telling a rich black man that he isn't welcome at an event predominantly attended by white people. Like, the kindest possible way you could describe that is 'problematic'.
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