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  1. A ton of people play Fortnite because it's free and the only BR game on consoles that works well, but hate the building. I hate the building in Fortnite but play it in spite of it, because my friends do. If I could get a game similar to Fortnite without any of the building bullshit, and with vehicles, I'd switch in a heartbeat.
  2. Hollywood vs. Streaming

    There are still plenty of great, independent cinemas around the country that sell cheap tickets and show niche films, they're well worth seeking out. My local is the Peckhamplex, which is £4.99 a ticket all day, every day, but outside of London there's still places like the Hebden Bridge Picture House, at £7 a ticket, or Cinema City in Norwich. Also if you go with a friend on Tuesday or Wednesday pretty much any cinema is £5-6 each with Meerkat Movies. It's actually one of the cheapest activities on the high street. If you must have confectionery, bring in your own. Nothing beats the cinema though! The communal aspect really adds to things. London is full of beautiful cinemas with great audiences, but they're not all expensive. As I previously mentioned, the Peckhamplex is a fiver all day every day, and the Prince Charles Cinema does a ton of £5 screenings in Leicester Square (with the best audiences around) with a membership (which is only a tenner for a year).
  3. Nah, Vice City pretty much single-handedly made the 80s cool again.
  4. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Rubbish - it was aired in full (all 400 episodes or so) weekly (and on constant repeats) on Toonami on Cartoon Network in the late nineties/early 00s, when Sky only had four children's channels. If you were a kid that watched Cartoon Network around that time you would have definitely seen it. A bunch of kids in my school were into it.
  5. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    To be fair to the site, the east coast definitely get it. Their podcast today has Vinny and Abby saying that they enjoy the emergent gameplay stuff, but are disappointed that there's no character creator (a fair criticism) and that there aren't enough emergent possibilities within the game (which is also a fair criticism). I think Vinny, Abby and Alex totally get that you don't need some loot-driven feedback loop to motivate you to play a game.
  6. Steam

    Amazing deal on the latest Jackbox Party Pack over at Fanatical: https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/the-jackbox-party-pack-4 It's 80% off for the next 36 hours. These are the best games to play with family/friends who don't really play games, there are lots of mini-games and everyone plays together on their mobile device. Essential if you have a Steam hooked up to your big TV and ever have friends over.
  7. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Also, I love Vinny: https://www.giantbomb.com/videos/vinnys-fmv-snow-day/2300-12923/
  8. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Easy Allies is too relentlessly optimistic and American. Giant Bomb is American, but I can handle American misanthropy and negativity much more than I can the type of coked-up, relentless, budget-CBBC presenter enthusiasm of Easy Allies. I do like Waypoint though - mainly because they're the only outlet out there that actually bother to dig into the wider social, cultural and political messages within the games that get released, and whilst Austin Walker can be a bit up himself sometimes, he seems to have done a great job of bringing guests onto his podcast that counterbalance that somewhat. The Waypoint vs. Giantbomb coverage of Drake breaking the Twitch record on Fortnite is a great example of how Waypoint actually try to take a wider look at gaming, rather than focusing on mechanics etc. It's only the West coast that hate everything - the Beastcast is still pretty positive. Nah, the East coast premium content is still some of the best content out there. Thirteen Deadly Sims, This is the Run, and Exquisite Corps are all brilliant.
  9. I can thoroughly recommend Dirty Money, a documentary series on corporate corruption in America. The episode on Scott Tucker's $400m payday loans business is electrifying. They get full access to him, and his family, and watching him completely unable to process remorse is compelling. There's an amazing shot where the interviewer asks his daughter whether she thinks he's a bad man and she professes his innocence whilst he's stood in the background that's just brilliantly done. Each episode is done by a different director, and they're each given plenty of space to breathe, but if you only watch one, you have to see episode 2 of Dirty Money.
  10. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    A few hours. Long enough to get tired of the repetition, outraged at the microtransaction model, and flabbergasted that I paid £25 for something that felt like it should have been free to play. It is an exercise in tedium.
  11. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Rubbish - he placed it in the wider context of what happened to Kojima and Konami (which was interesting), and it's not just a survival game, it was an objectively terrible survival game. Jeff was harsh, but fair with his criticisms. It's a rushed, overpriced, shit product, and coming from a (previously) mainstream publisher, I think it's fair to call it out as such.
  12. No @VN1X, what's immature is bagging on a series in the opening post of a thread for a new release. It's not really the way things are done here. It's hardly "fanboys" (grow up) who can't take criticism, it's the way you went about it. Even in the post I've quoted, you've called people out for being immature, and then in the same paragraph called people fanboys who's opinion "holds no value", demonstrating a stunning lack of self awareness. Why don't you go back to posting screenshots of multiplayer scoreboards in the steam thread mate? For what it's worth, I thought BF1 wasn't bad but was lacking in content when it was released, and if they have lootboxes that affect gameplay in this new Battlefield I won't be going anywhere near it.
  13. That's a great video.
  14. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    How on earth can you dislike Jeff Backalar? He's brilliant! Also all this Abby hate is a bit strange. 13 Deadly Sims is brilliant, and she pretty much carries the whole thing.

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