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  1. Absolutely this, for introducing 10-year-old me to house music.
  2. Wow, just finished Top Boy. It's really really good, isn't it? End of season spoiler:
  3. Caught this last night. I thought this was brilliant. Easily the best musical I've seen in quite some time, the staging was great. I wasn't that familiar with the story at all either.
  4. I think ultimately the right one left this week. At 19, having never performed, it was always going to be over as soon as they were in the bottom two. I think Blue Hydrangea is out next week, mind.
  5. Yeah I'm trying and failing to find what he said via Google. I don't listen to the bombcast any more.
  6. It's Mario with the A in Alsatian vs. Mario with the A in Aardvark.
  7. Isaac

    The Division 2

    I've been playing this on PC - I applied to join the rllmuk 'clan' weeks ago. Is it active? Not sure how much longer I'll be playing mind, just got to 485 gear score, done pretty much everything once bar the raid, and now it's just min/maxing. I got over 100 hours of fun out of it though, so it was £12.99 for a month well-spent. I really wish the AC games would use this engine too, the difference in performance between this and AC on the PC is night and day. This feels really well optimized, whereas assassin's creed is a mess.
  8. You're right, that is great value. So much better than this month's. I wish I'd paused my sub this month, there is actually nothing I'm interested in (I already own Sonic Mania)
  9. Rosie sounds like one of those girls you meet in a nice bar in West London then go back to their apartment and they have three pictures of them with their favourite horse on their mantelpiece.
  10. Isaac

    Nintendo Switch

    I was also never able to order one of the SNES pads, annoyingly. Kept breaking on my machine.
  11. I mean, we need regulation. And he's right, it's all shit. But we need regulation.
  12. The original Destiny was a deeply flawed game. It shouldn't be anywhere near this list.
  13. @Jarik thanks for the unmarked Control spoiler in an Alan Wake thread.
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