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  1. Do you like Groundhog Day? MM is the closest we've ever gotten to a Groundhog Day game.
  2. Majora's Mask is the most interesting and ambitious game made for the N64, by quite a long way.
  3. Where Mario Kart Went Wrong

    Nah, Mario Kart isn't supposed to be a racer, there's plenty of games out there that can do that. Mario Kart is a game you can play with people who never play games and still have a great time, with everyone being in with a chance of winning. Mario Kart is great.
  4. No, you couldn't. Mario 64 didn't change the camera mid-jump every time you used a certain ability (like Sunshine does). Mario 64 had a tight camera with smaller, tighter levels, which prevented it getting stuck on scenery or not showing you the whole picture. Sunshine's camera frequently gets fucked and is fucked every single time you use the hover ability and you don't already have the camera behind Mario. I think the main issue is giving Mario the ability to hover circumvents the whole point of a Mario game, and the developers realised this halfway through the project and didn't have time to fix it.
  5. I mean, fair enough if you like it nostalgically, but it is objectively Nintendo's buggiest Mario game. It's terribly paced, full of padding, and over a third of the game's challenges are collect-a-thons. It's also got an objectively shit camera - it commits the cardinal sin of auto-rotating the camera mid-jump. Every time you use the hover ability the camera moves behind Mario, regardless of where it's positioned previously. This means that time and time again you need to totally change the direction of movement of the left stick between jumps because the camera moves automatically. It's really, really shit design.
  6. The expansive levels of Sunshine are shit. I get why they had to do them (because of the FLUDD's hovering ability) but they slow down and ruin the whole pace of the game. As someone else said, with FLUDD and hovering, it doesn't feel like a Mario game at all - it feels like a 3D adventure game with some platforming thrown in. The levels are bigger, which means jumps are fewer, more spread out, and it essentially feels like a totally different game - it feels more like a sequel to a Banjo game than a Mario game. Also, Sunshine is far worse at collect/fetch quests than any other Mario game - it has almost DK64 levels of items to collect. It's rubbish.
  7. What the fuck? 3D World and 64 worse than Sunshine?! This thread is an embarrassment
  8. What?!!! It's not just the camera, off the top of my head: Collecting blue coins is shit, with no easy way of seeing which you need and which you already have, it's unnecessary padding The cutscenes and dialogue are horrific. Embarrassingly bad, they'd be better off not in there Repetition, repetition, repetition - apparently they only had 18 months to make Sunshine, and it shows. There's just nowhere near as much variety and imagination as in other games Controls are glitchy The physics is glitchy I could go on. It's a travesty.
  9. What? Sunshine isn't just the worst Mario game, I think it's genuinely the most disappointing game ever made. No idea how you could enjoy it. I would love to know the story behind its production because it's just so much worse than everything before or since.
  10. So, what is the best Video Game movie

    Not enough love for the Super Mario Bros movie in here. I mean, as a reflection of the game, it wasn't great, but as a 90s dystopian film with a shit load of imagination, it's brilliant. I mean Bob Hoskins as mario?! That is a genius piece of casting. They turned Bowser into a President of a fascist state. It's the most interesting, brave video game movie ever made.
  11. Civilization VI

    Is this good yet? I heard very negative things upon release but got it free in the latest humble monthly, but my gaming time is fairly limited and I don't want to waste energy on it if it's still like Civ V was on release. Civ V was terrible at launch, really, disappointing. However, post-Brave New World Civ V is probably my favourite Civ. I heard that this was properly shit at launch, is it much better now?
  12. What Remains of Edith Finch

    Completed this last week and absolutely loved it - the Salmon factory story, in particular, was a highlight. I wish it was longer, and I felt that some of the stories could have been expanded a bit. I also agree with other posters that the ending felt a little rushed. Having said that, it was brilliant.
  13. Yeah, there's really no excuse for a lack of colourblind mode in games. The good thing is there are quite a few 'famous' reviewers (Jeff Gerstmann being one) that are colourblind, and are good at covering whether games cater for them, but they never take it a step further and mark games down for a lack of accessibility options, which is a shame.
  14. Giant Bomb Fan Club

    7 deadly Sims is the best feature they've done in a while. Abby is really good at hosting.

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