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  1. Genuinely think Cyberpunk might be the game of 2021 for more people once they actually fix the major issies and push the next gen patches out this year.
  2. You've managed to misrepresent literally every point made there (besides the hardware being underpowered).
  3. People suggesting that they make a play for the mobile market does not mean that they are annoyed at them doing well at what they are doing. It's a really odd projection you've got there.
  4. Bit of weird projection there. Who's pissed off in this thread?
  5. They are totally different markets, you're right - it's why Nintendo puts out free to play gatcha games riddled with microtransations targeted at children on mobile, rather than ports of their Switch titles. Interestingly, Nintendo could revolutionise the mobile market if they wanted to. I'm sure if they released Animal Crossing New Horizons on iOS for £49.99 it would do absolute gangbusters. However, not for much longer. Cloud gaming is basically 'there' now, and once 5G is more widespread it'll kill native mobile gaming for all but the simplest of titles.
  6. "but it's not native!!!" You think your average person cares whether it runs natively or not?
  7. Yep, if all they care about as a company is profit a pivot to mobile-only gatcha games would make them more money than a Switch 2 ever would.
  8. Probably best to ask Nintendo that one I think. On topic, their attitude to mobile ports/releases in general is pretty horrific. Pretty much EA Sports levels of gambling mechanics aimed at children.
  9. Not looking to get into a debate about mobile games vs. Switch games as that's dull and ultimately totally subjective so a complete waste of time. However the Switch in 2021 could absolutely be described as 'underpowered', which is the point I was originally making in my reply to the poster who said it wasn't. Even more so given that more and more games released on it now (and even first party games like Hyrule Warriors) suffer from framerate issues and performance hitches.
  10. 73 million people play Fortnite exclusively on mobile phones.
  11. The post I was replying to was about computational power, not availability of games and quality. I loved BotW.
  12. I was replying to a post saying that the machine wasn't underpowered and was groundbreaking, in a graphical sense, when it wasn't really. Even at the time of release you could get more powerful phones.
  13. "An antidote to brown and browner games" is a comment that wasn't really relevant since the 360 era. It sounds particularly stupid given the variety and availability of indie games now, most of which are a million miles from 'brown'. Even AAA games aren't really 'brown' any more, that brown was a stylistic choice taken in the 360/ps3 era to hide graphical limitations of the machines. £200 will get you a phone significantly more powerful than a Swtich. Flagship phones are now 3-4 times more powerful than a Switch.
  14. At this rate, I'm fully expecting them to announce a 3080 Ti with more VRAM, but also for existing 3080 owners who manage to get stock to be able to sell their current 3080s at a gain to pay for the new card.
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