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  1. She tweeted that she was now a nerd when she had to buy glasses. It's clearly tongue-in-cheek. The bit is that she's a nerd calling other people nerds. Some people are really sensitive about the word nerd.
  2. This is an old man thing. For older people nerd is an insult. For millennials (and even more so for Gen Z) the word nerd has been completely reclaimed. It's a statement of fact, not a pejorative. In many cases it's a term of endearment. This by no means a new development - it's been a term of endearment since at least the mid 00's, and has only been getting more so over time.
  3. Short answer is yes, it's brilliant.
  4. Here's a newsflash - streaming is never going to be appropriate for kids, but they will watch it anyway. Live chat will be full of swearing, sexual references and adult humour, and as we have seen, the streamers themselves often swear, peddle alt right ideas, and make racist 'jokes'. They also stream games that are aimed at adults, full of violence and gore. Making sure someone doesn't show a bit of cleavage or ankle doesn't change any of that.
  5. The Richer Sounds guy is ten times the person you'll ever be. A straight up decent dude. I make a point of buying from them to support the (now employee-owned) partnership.
  6. Wait - this is not standard? I've been playing the same thing and it's the first Picross game I've ever gotten into. I can't imagine the busywork of Picross if it doesn't do that.
  7. Parts of the SoR 3 soundtrack were great. This is a banger: and so was this:
  8. This is the best ost lineup ever. When do we get to hear it?
  9. Oof, I just checked out the song too: Donald Glover is without a doubt talented, but he is not a musical singer. It sounds like Beyonce has dropped in on an impromptu karaoke session. He's flat for basically the entire thing.
  10. Isaac

    Glastonbury 2019

    Are we supposed to be laughing at that tweeter? Because having prop speakers on stage is something pretty much every rock or metal band has done at some stage or another. It's called theatre.
  11. Is it ok to call sexual tension between two characters of the same gender "queer-baiting"?
  12. This is the best and worst video they've done in quite some time.
  13. Completely agree with this. Perhaps it was the age I played it (being about seven at the time) but no game has creeped me out quite as much as Ecstatica did:
  14. For all the flaws with the combat and its politics, Bioshock Infinite still has some of the best environmental storytelling out there. This was also great:
  15. "Heigh ho, Heigh ho, it's home from work we go!"
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