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  1. newmiyamoto


    Makes sense, though their restaurant does have excellent Veg dishes so don't be a stranger. It just takes me back to the first Meatopia where they bought over Aaron Franklin of Franklin's BBQ to do his brisket and there was absolutely no queue while everyone stood in line for a burger. Oh well, more for me!
  2. newmiyamoto


    I don't want to sound negative but what is the point of buying the brisket bun from Smokestak or a chop from Blacklock at an event like this? Their restaurant serves the same thing all year round and they sell it quite a few street food events and festivals. It just seems like a waste of a golden opportunity to try things that are actually one offs. Tried everything slashed and circled below, best plates in order were 11, 24, 7, 18, 17 (top tier). The middle of the pack was still full great and inventive food which included 1, 6, 15, 13, 10 and 12. This year had more duds than any previous year and they were in order of bad to worst: 28, 19, 20, 21 and 23 (which was the prettiest instagram ready plate of the event). Final dish count was 16 which is fairly respectable. Wanted to stay for the Olia Hercules stage but it was on too late so I went to Kentish Town to get a Ice Cream filled Bilog (Filipino Milk bun). Full in-depth analysis some time soon... I hope.
  3. newmiyamoto


    It's a money making exercise for Smokestak just like all the music festivals and events they do. They aren't interested in innovations and with consistent queues I don't blame them as it's simply a means to advertise to those who have never had their food and as the brisket is a crowd pleaser served at every event it builds their reputation for repeat custom. Anyway, glad I booked Saturday as it has by far the most interesting and diverse lineup. I'll probably be loitering behind a stall or two on Friday if I have time. Can't wait!
  4. newmiyamoto

    Pitt cue

  5. newmiyamoto


    A truly awful sight that I had almost erased from memory. I actually had a part 2 post with the rest of the dishes I ate but browser crash has led to it being lost to the ether. I'll try and post it some time before the next Meatopia. The lack of buns on Sunday was kind of a godsend, as all the buns are supplied by Millers and are brioche buns. They're nice but often a heavy sweet claggy load of untoasted carbs (not worth the effort of toasting them when they are trying to cram as much meat onto their grills) that often masks the tastes of the other elements. But they are great for burgers.
  6. newmiyamoto


    Sorry for the late reply Davros, I ended up going on Sunday as I was working elsewhere on Saturday. It was my first time doing a Sunday and the vibe was very different, a lot of hungover chefs. I got there early and made my way through 15 of the 21 dishes below along with some choice pickings from the cutting room sessions, namely some reindeer heart sashimi (fruity, silky and refreshing) and the amazing lamb belly with grilled cucumber that Tomos Parry did (a classic from his time at Climpsons that is a mainstay at Kitty Fisher's). Didn't do the 3 pork (don't eat pork), the smokestak brisket (had it many times before), the jerk chicken (got a taste of the sauces and they weren't worth the effort) and I didn't bother with the Almost Famous burger (they did it two years ago and it was mediocre then). So I started the day as I meant to go on, with a delicious plate of Duck Hearts with Apple & Kohlrabi (I took a terrible picture of this so i'll to link to one from twitter: Then I headed to grab the most intriguing dish on paper, Duck Wings. The flavours were good but you realise why people dont bother with duck wings, there isn't much meat, it's a chore to eat and the texture of the meat isn't the best. To round out the poultry trio I went and got the Kai Yang, Thai style grilled poussin (usually chicken) with nam chim sate. It was great. Moist, flavourful and really well balanced. After that it was time to hit the red meat, first up was the venison with smoked potatoes. The shoulder was delicious, possibly the best venison I've ever had. Conversely the liver was overcooked and tough. The potatoes were a great accompaniment. Next up was Lamb Chop with Lamb Fat Hollandaise, baby gem and tomatoes. The chop was well cooked, good quality and paired well with the Lamb Fat Hollandaise but the real star was the really well balanced salad that finished the dish nicely. I ate the beef three ways while catching up with a few people. It consisted of a pre-chopped tartare was mush, a good bit of air dried beef and a reasonable piece of short rib nearly redressed the balance but overall it was disappointing for such a hyped chef from Spain. The chatter led to me being thrust in the direction of Uri Navon (who runs The Palomar) who was doing Shikshukit (a deconstructed Israeli kebab of minced beef and lamb paired with multiple highly flavoured sauces) which was just the ticket to reawaken the taste buds and break up the full on protein. The mango pickle was a highlight. Seeing Mutton on the menu, I had to jump on it. Sadly I wasn't rewarded, the dish consisted of fairly dry poorly seasoned mutton which was overpowered by the super sweet coleslaw and a pointless brioche bun (which I promptly fixed by tossing the crown in the bin).
  7. newmiyamoto


    *Sigh* Not sure if I'll be able to go as a punter this year as I might be roped into manning one of the grills. But I'll definitely be trying to do both days in some capacity this year as there isn't going to be as much overlap as previous years. I can't wait.
  8. newmiyamoto

    Meat grinding

    60% lean meat 40% white fat, no silver skin. On pigs, belly fat is preferred afaik. cut into even cubes, 3cm is a good size for lean, fat can be smaller depending on what part of the animal you get it from. Feed it evenly into the machine. 5mm die will give you coarse mince, you can run it twice to get a normal style mince or use a 3mm die for finer mince. If the grinder has plastic covering a metal cast, make sure you do it in batches with time to allow the parts to cool as home grinders have a tendency to overheat leading to mince breaking down and sometimes parts warping.
  9. newmiyamoto

    Meatopia 2014

    Weird, I could have sworn I posted a big post of all the stuff I ate last year, 11 or 12 dishes (not a drinker so all my tokens went on food). Last year was definitely worth the money but this year seems like a large ramping up of the price and without freebies it doesn't feel as tempting as last year though Saturdays menu looks immense. I'll probably end up going again rather begrudgingly. I would say to anyone going, get there early and eat as many of your most wanted as soon as possible as the lines build up very quickly and things sell out by early afternoon. Biggest let down last year was definitely Almost Famous btw, so you didn't miss out on much Davros. So much hype for such a mediocre slider (with the Smoked Chicken with crimson grits and stone fruit a close second). Best thing was probably Aaron Franklin's Texas Beef Brisket or the beef rib with squid ink kimchi ( the Quail with labneh by Moro was also a surprising highlight. Yours looked rushed Davros). A link to my images and a short video below (excuse the quality, was using a 5yr old smartphone): https://onedrive.live.com/redir?resid=317A9631BE3C2B57!436&authkey=!APNVzWMqNZZVJZg&ithint=folder%2c
  10. newmiyamoto


    Obviously fresh eggs make a huge difference. After that I find i'm trying to make a baveuse omelette (which is the norm for omurice) it's better to use chopsticks, fork or a flatter whisk so that I can break up the yolks first and so that I get as little air into the eggs as possible. While cooking the key is hot pan, good film of fat (the Japanese do use butter for omelettes, if you don't see fat go in it's usually because it's a well seasoned pan) and then as soon as the eggs hit you want to agitate them as much as possible (see first video) but not with a whisk. Fork, chopsticks, rubber tipped whisk (something like this http://www.johnlewis.com/normann-copenhagen-whisk/p561880?colour=Black) work well. I find the old school way of rice inside (e.g. what you see on Lunch Queen) isn't as good as the newer way of omelette on top of rice split open (see second video)
  11. newmiyamoto


    Yeah, quite a few new things in there. The whole cow that Neil Rankin is doing sounds like it'll be some spectacle. The battle of the ox heart will be good (Fergus Henderson & Martin Morales) I just hope I can trade in those drinks tickets for more meat
  12. newmiyamoto


    Just been gifted a £85 ticket too Davros (late bday present), cannot wait. Already have my hitlist planned out. -Fergus Henderson -Dario Cecchini -Aaron Franklin -Martin Morales -Richard Turner (in some form) -Junya Yamasaki -Moro -Grillstock -Neil Rankin Pity the pricing structure has alienated everyone I know who would want to go. Hopefully that means it'll be full of people really enjoying their meat not just a bunch of people boozing as some events end up being.
  13. newmiyamoto

    The Ultimate Burger

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2pxeXpCgEg He's now at Meatliquor which is at 72 Welbeck Street, Paddington, Greater London W1G. Soft opening is this week 5pm - ? official opening is Friday night, lunch service is supposedly from next week.
  14. newmiyamoto

    Dance Central by Harmonix

    Release a Kpop version and I'm there. I'm sure Jpop/Kpop versions would sell a fuckton in Asia.
  15. newmiyamoto

    Child of Eden

    ign, gamespot and g4tv are all still encoding... guess i'll have to wait till morning to rewatch.

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