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  1. Hexx

    Anthem - February 22nd

    https://www.amazon.co.uk/Electronic-Arts-1034393-Anthem-PS4/dp/B072K2KBBR The PS4 one is £49.99 to pre-order But it's part of a promotion where you get £10 off when you Purchase 1 copy of Anthem
  2. Bless your little cotton socks. I didn't get it to be good. I did it because I'm an OCD completionist (and I want the pursuit section back) Blast Furnace - I've got one with Feeding Frenzy and HIR (that's a good roll right?). I just like my Kill Clip/Outlaw Bygones more.
  3. I actually liked her relationship with Odo (Especially when stuck in the lift) on DS9
  4. Impressive or sad? 5 got to see Morgath last night (we're like...95% sure we know how to start the encounter). That's a good fight. Think we'll need a night with our 6th as it seemed pretty unforgiving with less people although we think we had all/most mechanics down. (After some FOR SCIENCE runs went really wrong) Also Grunt Birthday Party wish is the best thing ever. (Failsafe Raid voice over really really annoys one of our team and is therefore 2nd best thing ever)
  5. Claire B is pretty hard from the off! The timing is chuffin odd though in terms of what happens in each story before they meet at the courtyard
  6. Hexx

    Star Trek Discovery

    Does anyone else this odd? Like it's playing at x1.25 speed or something at somepoint? People's motions look really odd sometimes. (Other than that fight scene that could have been shot in treacle)
  7. So that's 5 Valor resets done due to double Valor and Rumble. Why is one of the last step of this quests (where you got 1000s of kills, at least 75 matches, 5 resets) to do 20 bounties. GIVE ME THE BROADSWORD
  8. The enemies are great in animation stuff (and coming back) But they feel like RE2 in terms of threat/approach (and health pools/resilience), and you've got RE4 onwards in terms of tool set (albeit a light version). I just don't think it meshed very well. It's too easy (on Normal) to stand at range and pew like the early Resident Evils (where combat was more about ammo, conservation and avoidance). Giving you a better shooting tool set to do that while results "in game" feel the same just feels an odd choice. I can see why people might like it ("it feels the same...but it's updated!") but to me it felt odd. (It disappears in latter half of the game where you can just Shotgun/Magnum/Flamethrower everything. This is one of the only Resi games where I really used the Magnum (normally keeping back for special occasions again) - but sod using the pistol to slowly shoot and advancing zombie 6-10 times. .
  9. Finished Leon A last night (Normal, 6.5 hours, B Rank. About 40 saves) Enjoyed it lots, but it never grabbed me. I never played the original, but this felt like one of the weaker entries. The story is light, and the collectibles don't paint as interesting background picture as others (Claire might fix this obviously). The puzzles were lightweight (until the latter sections) and normally just "where do I put this thing I just found...oh the only 2 places I could....which as shown on the map"). Mr X I found annoying rather than terrifying - and I think the combat is a bad mix of RE0-3 and RE4 that misses the strengths of both. Did I miss a control - or was there no quick 180 in this?
  10. Hexx

    Star Trek Discovery

    Well that was a load of poop on a poop stick. Jesus what are they doing with Section 31.... Did anyone else find it out that Jett Reno just disappeared?
  11. Can’t do Monday or Wed this week Hope all is ok Clipper
  12. It's not perfect (E.g. we left the barrels with the caneo) and some of the magic items might be wrong (e.g. Erick has the boots, Roscoe/Fenneth (I think) have the stones)
  13. Hexx

    Anthem - February 22nd

    Smaller number of EA Access but still seems to be causing issues https://www.vg247.com/2019/02/15/anthem-launch-service-unavailable-error/

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