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  1. Yeah it got a good showing at games last week - not sure I’d want to do it with more than 4/5 as I worry there would be too much down time
  2. Hexx


  3. Hexx


    This is getting absolutely slaughtered in reviews
  4. Is there any point (or method) to the Steamworks beyond button mash for free stuff?
  5. There's still some nice moments, and the warmth I have for a lot of the characters helps a lot. I just thought plotting and production values went down the toilet - basically all the bad elements of parts 1-3 get turned up - but there's still some nice moments, and they've kept a surprise or two back.
  6. The cameo you're talking about was writer of original crisis comic. That was pretty crap - almost enough to burn away good will form the first few episodes
  7. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2020/1/14/the-saga-concludes/ Star Wars Destiny is finishing with next xpacs
  8. IIRC they appeared last time just before S2 (or with it) so I’d expect this batch with S3
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