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  1. Boss 4 down but starting to lose interest. Went into Biome 5 and first room (3 new big enemies and 6 turrets) wrecked me. I barely tickled them The reset in Biome 4 just brings back and amplifies all the earlier problems. Punishingly difficult, not challengingly so. risk/reward near impossible to judge - but also mandatory to hope for power, RNG dependency becoming more and more obvious (5 runs in a row straight into a combat room with 10 enemies with 3 varieties - thanks! ). When the game works, it's brilliant - my run through B1/2/3 that got me here was great, and I'd managed to craft
  2. It counted down and unlocked at 1pm but is relocked and counting to midnight while I finisher work
  3. Seems to be a global unlock based on Aus or NZ midnight
  4. This unlocked on PSN just now!
  5. Did another full run of Biome 1 and 2 for my second attempt at 3. Then wrecked the place and the boss on my first go
  6. That’s a low rank item btw Im after a medulla for my last Weakness Exploit gem and he just never drops it
  7. Best run there. Stupid build that gets max integrity (and heals) and getting/losing malfunctions, and good chance not to consume item on use. Get a clense sphere and watch health rocket. Manged to get loads of protection too. Got up the mountain for first time, killed second boss on first go and got a good way through biome 3 before a room overwhelmed me. Never having that luck again.
  8. Cube headed massive squids in Biome 2 canfucinh do one. That’s insane damage.
  9. Where dat? Do cubes have to go in the machine after Prike? And can you only have one inserted at a time, or does each unlock an artifact?
  10. If you use the resurector, and go back to Phrike, is he back to full health?
  11. Phrike down with what felt like a good build. Into biome 2 - doesn’t seem too bad. Malfunction so can’t get new weapon for 30 kills. Great. Lose astronaut to puddle I didn’t see. First boss (insude base of mountain?) utterly wrecked me. The crimson portal is open now right? But going there without the gear/power from biome 1 seems suicidal
  12. Odd one this. The setting, atmosphere and and story elements are doing some incredibly heavy lifting for what feels like a rather pedestrian cycle (at least in the first biome). Gameplay is serviceable, but not incredibly interesting. It’s punishing as one hit is so debilitating, but that’s not the same as being an interesting challenge. Maybe it’s coming from Hades which was near perfect in terms of progression/unlock - but also variety of combat to keep runs interesting . RNG seems to play a *very* big part in this and there’s nothing (so far) you
  13. Mainly poked around the Valaki and related sections. Yours went a bit different than ours.
  14. Yep rather liking this. Got to first boss and thought I was pretty hot shit
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