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  1. That’s a bold choice given how much S1 (and the left over threads due to lockdown) is about Kate and her family
  2. I really like Horrific Visions a single player that doesn’t raid But I can’t do them as/when because of Blizzards desperate padding/time gatin/locking behind tedious content God they really shit the bed with 8.3....
  3. Repetitive as hell but quite enjoyable I need to get better at 1 on 1 combat though
  4. Just Kickstarted Nemesis. I'm so weak willed
  5. You need to play each cycle in order really eg Dunwich Big Box snd then Dunwich Mythos 1-6 Technically each can be played as a stand-alone but theyre meant as a campaign The cycles aren’t really connected though - you can play any of them in any order - look which ones you like
  6. They're usually plentiful at release. But get sold out quick - they are periodically reprinted but not always at the right time. If you wanted to go specifically for all of them off the bat - no chance. If you want a specific one, you'd have to search around, get bits from different places and maybe wait a while. If you wanted to leap to current cycle - no problem. If you can get over "got to them have all".
  7. Isn’t that Nioh price cheaper than its deal of the week last week?
  8. Clank Legacy - Game 1 Quite like this - it's a nice twist on base Clank so far, and the additions to the map in just the first game are interesting. I'm not sure how the co-op but competative thing is going to work out. We did this on TTS due to current conditions. The mod was good - but you definately lose a lot from the experience not actually destroying cards/adding stickers etc
  9. IS the (original...not the season pass new DLC) worth it? I'm ok with it on the switch but wonder if the DLC would make it shine?
  10. If you use a pattern and later overwrite it updates things on the island right? Was going to make a new area in bed but not if I have to move everything to redo floor
  11. Celeste here - open to friends
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