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  1. Wallace

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I would be but you can't party up with friends for the MP mode. Its not like they didn't have enough time to have that feature ready for launch or anything... I'm still looking forward to blasting through the campaign though!
  2. Wallace

    Anthem - February 22nd

    So is the gameplay loop going to be as per Destiny as in run the same missions weekly in hope of RNG giving mega rare items?
  3. Wallace

    Anthem - February 22nd

    If the game runs like this at launch then I won't be bothering with it. If it was smooth then i'd be enjoying it so much more. I like the Freeroam matchmaking loading screen thing
  4. Wallace

    Sea of Thieves

    Haven't played this in ages until last night and holy crap its so good! Those Skeleton Ships caused an absolute riot for us in our little sloop with 10 captains chests, they're a great addition to the game. I need to play more often. 4 hours of sailing absolutely flew in last night.
  5. Fishing with dynamite is more fun anyway.
  6. Wallace

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    The didn't bother with any Story DLC for GTAV so I'm not very optimistic.
  7. Wallace

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Just the white version.
  8. Wallace

    Xbox One Console Thread

    Does the reset by holding down the power button not work?
  9. Wallace

    Atlas (MMO from the creators of ARK)

    I watched a stream of a guy who's character died due to not doing a shit in time. He couldn't find the right key for it. It turns out you can't do a shit unless you have a poop deck or something. Sold.
  10. Wallace

    RDR2 - Massive Spoilers Thread

    I would really love a RDR game that takes place during the height of the gangs activities instead of post-shit-hitting-fan. Here's to 8 years from now I guess
  11. It's all a bit Truman Show. I still think it's fantastic, but I just can't say I've ever felt the immersion.
  12. I'm terrible at fighting games, so I'd never buy Mortal Kombat. I'm downloading it now though
  13. Wallace

    Has anyone seen Gavin?

  14. Wallace

    Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Thread

    I really hope microtransactions don't ruin this. I wonder if we'll see a BF2 style backlash if Rockstar really take the piss with it...

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