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  1. I like that, it reminds me of Lyon's ridiculous kit from a few years back
  2. Cov lost away at Bristol City which was probably to be expected, and I managed to get the stream logged in just in time to see their opener after 20(!) seconds so was looking for the refund policy pretty quickly. After that though we were probably the better team but months without competitive games told the tale in the second half and they scored a late winner. Bit of a sucker punch but based on our performance I'm quietly confident that we'll do ok in the division, at least once we're up to speed.
  3. Unfortunately they confirmed they'll be playing in plain white shorts and socks rather than going with the full safari. Wusses
  4. France is my favourite of the Euro 2020 kits so far, followed by the Dutch kit which should always have black trim for me. Are they still calling it Euro 2020?
  5. I like that, while also being quite glad it's someone else's kit.
  6. The club shop photos make it look a less mad shade of sky blue but I'm not overly convinced either. It's still a million times better than Nike giving us a choice from their catalogue though
  7. There's a suggestion of a pattern fading in at the bottom of the teaser image, the rumour is that we're paying homage to this saucy little number
  8. I hope we just use this design too, I'm in love
  9. We had him briefly on loan which was made permanent for the rest of the season. At times he looked unplayable, but that tended to be more during the loan period than after signing properly. If you can get him motivated there's a cult hero there
  10. Like this render a lot
  11. Exactly that, they offer adult shirts w/ sponsor and then under 18 without, both in sizes S-XXXL https://www.officialwesthamstore.com/kits/home-kit-202021/adults/
  12. I love how West Ham are again offering the U18s kit in all sizes, the home without sponsors looks absolute magic.
  13. That's true, particularly for away fans (there can't be too many away grounds with easier directions than 'M6, J3') although with it piggybacking on the existing road and light rail plans hopefully that would make a big difference
  14. It's almost perfect for me, I never really got on with the Ricoh having been spoiled by how close I lived to Highfield Road. I'm still some miles away from the uni but it's a much more convenient trip if it comes to fruition. Big if of course
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