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  1. Ketchup

    Xbox One X

    I feel this is more a YMMV situation. For me seeing an X on a friends 4K TV the difference was subtle. Shimmering in trees and powerlines disappeared and things looked a bit sharper but it wasn't like going from VHS to DVD or even DVD to Blu Ray. However HDR stuck out massively as something you will notice no matter what.
  2. Ketchup

    ToeJam and Earl 4

    This is looking great, the wait will hopefully have been worth it. Glad they messed with the colours and have gone more for the originals colourful look than TJandE3. Really can't wait for this but can't even remember what platform I backed it on.
  3. Ketchup

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I guess I meant both are a bit snobby over things and sometimes suck the fun out of games a bit.
  4. Ketchup

    Is "Game" finished?

    Had that at my local. They didn't even have any idea of the offers they were offering at the front of the shop in the display. So I ordered online instead for free.
  5. Ketchup

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Digital Foundary whilst excellent are a bit too much like Edge, taking every tiny nit pick and making it into the biggest drama ever. Saying that however there's two things immediately that are wrong with this mini console (i tried to cancel my order too late). 1. No Filters. The Psone was never a machine that produced beautiful games even in 1995, but the lack of any CRT blurring, plus upscaling it means everything looks worse. Most games have a dithering effect on them, which you wouldn't be able to see on a CRT but on this you can see every little cross hair in fine detail. This really needed proper CRT, scanline and other filters to make it look more like what it used to be. 2. The reverb on RRT4 basically ruins the game. Your engine just reverbs constantly like you're always in a tunnel. How this made it out like this i'll never know as it's not a tiny glitch on level 17, it's within seconds of playing for the whole race. Someone hack it quick!
  6. Ketchup

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    I think for the hardcore gamer, the type of person likely to preorder one of these then the drop out rate will be high. For the average consumer though who only has a passing idea this exists or maybe no idea it'll be an instant pick up purchase upon seeing it on store shelves as it's much more likely they won't have preordered this. It'll still sell great to those who remember having a playstation years ago and who don't play video games now.
  7. Both, don't think it's out yet but seen it discussed a lot when also talking about these HDMI cables as it provides a straight digital output rather than a conversion.
  8. Saw a video comparing the two and the hyperkin was less blurry and better quality. But still not as good as that internal mod someone is making.
  9. Ketchup

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Especially when they already had an awesome 90s menu in the form of Demo 1.
  10. Ketchup

    Console start up sounds

    I've never understood this one, there should have been zero thought in making this, it clearly creates its self, have a red scratch pierce through the black, the roar, zoom out to reveal logo. Instead we get the roar, then a super kiddy plinky plonky bit followed by an animated 3D cube because why the hell not. Even the Gamecube had a more adult intro and that had one with babies laughing. The Dreamcast is a very minimalist modern one which feels better now but at the time could have used a bit more of a wow factor.
  11. Ketchup

    Dave Perry is back...

  12. Ketchup

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    Watching a YouTube video someone brought up a good point. They feel that maybe some other company has made this and then Sony has just slapped their name on the box. The evidence: Uses public emulator. Emulator has issues with certain games, that's why certain faves may not have been included. Ps3 and PS4 controllers via USB can't be used. Menu interface is simple. Menu interface is a mess in terms of UI with incorrect fonts and kerning going on. Menu also doesn't know what it wants to be, retro background with colour banding and pixel fonts yet game images are hi resolution with jagged edges. The most damning of all is on the box, the PlayStation logo is shown twice for some reason. PlayStation classic in a small font and then underneath that PlayStation in a big font. It's redundant. But on top of that both uses of the word PlayStation are slightly different fonts with the first one have an L that's taller than the P and goes against the logo style guide. Sony shouldn't be that sloppy but a 3rd party company without correct access to assets might be. Everything does point to a quick cash grab and maybe Sony were approached by someone who could make one quick than the other way around.
  13. Ketchup

    Dave Perry is back...

    Yeah the Bikini babes was completely misjudged. I get he's the Games Animal but 1994 was over 20 years ago, things have moved on from lads mag tits and games. It could be quite interesting though, if he follows the Game Hut style of videos, looking back at his past, things he did in the games industry (as he did a lot from TV, to magazines etc) it could be quite interesting. But the booth babes bit just really doesn't fit, his audience are one click away from any porn tube site you can name, they don't need this kind of thing and certainly the people watching it wouldn't be wanting it. I actually quite like Dave, I did an interview with him years ago and brought him over to this forum (before some idiot banned him thinking he was a made up account) and he's open and friendly and happy to talk about what he does. So I hope he takes onboard these sort of comments and can have a nice little youtube channel although i fear he's going to be an invitation for trolls.
  14. Ketchup

    Dave Perry is back...

    Hmm will have a watch, although years ago he said he'd left the games industry and was happy not being in that world.
  15. Ketchup

    Retro Gamer 187: SNK Blow-out!

    Yep I love Retro Gamer. Never leave it Strider and never stop making it. Although I still love the regular covers over the subscriber exclusive ones. The sub ones look great but you put a lot of love and care and attention into the non sub ones.

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