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  1. With Mario Maker (2) now joining the switch, what is left to be s good enough reason to keep hold of a Wii U. Most of the big games have moved over to switch in one form or another but there must be some good reasons besides Nintendo Land and Mario 3D world?
  2. Ketchup

    Crackdown 3 - February 15th, 2019

    I played this co-op tonight and I'm not a fan, sorry @S0L. I'm a huge fan of Sumo, from the sonic racing games to gamepass (and your beautiful offices and wonderful teams I was lucky enough to meet once) but this is disappointing. Tbf I wasn't a fan of the original like most people on here. The world felt pretty dull much of the time, lacking that GTA real world element and the gameplay felt basic. Go here, kill this single character, go there kill this other one and this is identical to that. Sea of Thieves feels like it has more mission variety and that only has three types of chest collection missions. Of course if you enjoyed the original you'll probably like this as it really does feel more of the same. What I can't forgive though is some of the jankyness. Maybe this is down to the net play but things that happened tonight. Car hits a small piece of scenery, spins 24 times within a second and gets stuck on a tree. monorail cars scrolling through the sky and are only updated at 3 frames a second. Two players cannot get into one car. Cutscenes happen when unlocking a jail etc and shows the other player glitching and bouncing through scenery. Music is far to loud compared to all voice overs. Car hits another and both stop dead instantly. Ran over friend whilst they are in a menu which boots them out the menu. Climbing up buildings, you never feel sure if your character is going to grab a ledge or just fall back down. Jumping up an agency tower is scary because you have no shadow to see where you are going to land or are in the 3D space. Cars control like you're driving the camera through the game world than the actual car as it gets snagged on every polygon it can find. Theres many more little things like the above, mostly it seems the physics cant quite hold it together. At times it feels like a Ps2 game with its aim lock on that makes gunplay boring, enemies that can see you through walls so are always ready to shoot at you removing any element of surprise. Enemies don't even react to being shot. It's very barebones with no urgency and messing around doesn't feel all that fun as you fight against the game. Theres a huge world there but it all feels so forgettable with nothing to do except kill groups of enemies every 10 yards. I don't really want to go on as it's obvious I don't like it. It's certainly not a bad game just a very very average one that feels really buggy. As I said if you loved the original this feels pretty identical to that. Something has obviously gone on at MS and Sumo for this to come out this way. Of course I doubt any of us outside Sumo will ever know the truth. A shame for Xbox Fans for sure and I hope Sumo can bounce back with what ever their next project is.
  3. Mega coin squad is such an underrated multiplayer game. Get it, invite three friends round and enjoy some 8 bit competitive multiplayer.
  4. If the game has been on GWG or PSPlus that normally skews the results massively. At the same time I remember in 2003 the Tony Hawks Decs knew that most players would not see the last level. It doesn't help though that gamers and especially journalists will mark down a 5 hour action packed solid game because it only lasts 5 hours but will race about the same game if it has 20 hours of padding. You can see from most games that few complete them and fewer still 100% them and yet development has not really changed. Go look at some COD achievements, games with short action packed campaigns and even they have low completion amounts. So have Devs learnt anything? Probably not as I know in my time in game development there was very little looking at the past and what went right and wrong mainly due to a lack of time on the brand new project. Even if they did remove all the stuff no one noticed, IGN and the like, despite having horrible deadlines to play tonnes of games would still moan it's not a 60 epic with millions of side quests and rank the game poorly.
  5. Links Awakening is one of my favourite and first Zeldas. If anything it moved further away from the tropes the Zelda series became known for later and just has a nice calm feeling to it all. This is one of my fave small time youtubers (who really needs more subs due to his fantastic content) and a couple of days ago he did a video on Links Awakening which is a great catchup for anyone who played it years ago or never did indeed play it at all. It's pretty light on spoilers too.
  6. Ketchup

    Collecting old magazines

    Subscribe to Retro Gamer and it costs a couple of quid per issue. Plus the free gifts lately have been worth the price alone.
  7. Ketchup

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    It's such a shame that Future or anyone else who has access to the pdfs that were sent to the printers doesn't just upload them. I know the legal issues surrounding it but it'd sure make all this a lot easier.
  8. Ketchup

    Plants V Zombies Garden Warfare 2

    Can i be more like 1 and less like 2? GW2 was such a waste of potential, after the brilliance of the original they lost what made it so good by chucking in as many characters as possible and forgetting how to make exciting level design. Such a disappointment.
  9. Ketchup

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

    Yeah, despite all the characters and nostalgia there is a real lack of history here. Who are all the stickers, what games were they in, other random background trivia. All that is missing.
  10. Ketchup

    Treble's Retro Gaming PC challenge!

    Really enjoying this thread. You've given yourself a tight budget to work with but even so you've already done a lot! Can't wait to see what is finally achievable.
  11. Ketchup

    Sonic All Star Racing Transformed (2012)

    @S0L when is the Xbox One X Enhanced Backwards compatible version coming? Need this in 4K. It's a shame the difficulty didn't get one final tweak to allow most of us to be able to actually finish the single player. Got so close but those last few stars are time consuming challenge tracks than racing ones.
  12. I read somewhere it was over 2,000. Maybe that includes region exclusive stuff?
  13. That sounds like a great way to do it. I know at least for the Dreamcast there's a few threads dedicated to talking about its theoretical limits on the sega 16 forums I think.

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