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  1. Can we rename this thread to ‘Good games I just didn’t enjoy’ as most of the games mentioned here are not bad. Maybe they have issues or could have been better but most here are pretty great games.
  2. It's all about how it scales. The Mega Drive resolution doesn't scale great to 1080p (same with the snes etc) where as it does scale to 720p perfectly. Of course if you have the equipment you can then line double it to 4k and it'll look great still.
  3. Ahh goddamit I’ve been working on a similar video this week after visiting in the summer lol. Great video though and really well done!
  4. Show of hands, who thought Retro Gamer would be at 199 issues when it first launched? I certainly never imagined that and didn't really buy it till issue 50 and that for me felt like the turning point where the 80s computer talk was massively reduced for more modern stuff. I am so glad it's at nearly 200 issues and hope for at least 200 more!
  5. Omg tutorials. Gears 5 is a prime example. ‘Hey guys, welcome to the 6th game in the gears series. You’ve probably never touched a controller before but have decided to jump in with gears 5 of all games. Well let’s show you how to play a game. Run around these boxes. You can do that by moving the left stick up, right, down and of course left. Why not try movements in between these directions too! Now you probably want to shoot too, here’s a gun you didn’t have before, push the right trigger and bullets will come out the gun....’ Stop it. Unless your game has a brand new never before experienced control scheme that needs a guide to use then we don’t need a controls tutorial. Give us the past where you gave us an open area at the start of the level to push all the buttons if you must. The second thing that bugs me is slow animations on characters. Halo is a great example of this, Master Chief is a super soldier who can destroy whole army’s by himself. But when he’s on a mounted gun he must wrap his legs around it and lock himself in just in case he falls over. Of course this means when a grenade is coming your way and you want him to get off the mounted gun he must first slowly unclip his safety belt, unwrap his legs from it, pull off each finger from around the gun and then maybe he can think about slowly walking away. Actually any time you need him to move out the way quickly, he just slowly hobbles away instead of diving or running out the way. But the armour is heavy I hear Halo fan boys shout. Please, he might as well be naked for all the good that armour does at protecting him as I get perfectly snipped in the head from the other side of the map and die instantly.
  6. Lttp has the better dungeons and story progression but LA has a much better village and characters have more personality.
  7. Of course not, if the metro could have gotten away with copy pasting the press release they would have. This information is super niche, is there an audience for it? Yeah of course. Is it a big audience? No. Your best bet is someone like DF retro but even then time is more often than not the limiting factor let alone if they even care about talking about this stuff. It certainly won’t increase their ad revenue enough to spend lots of time on it. But hey maybe you’ve found a niche here, go start a YouTube channel covering stuff like this and you may earn yourself a good fan base!
  8. Youtubers won’t be covering this because 1) such a tiny tiny tiny percentage of people will care and 2) most youtubers are not very knowledgeable about what they’re talking about and only knock out videos for the views rather than spending time researching and verifying everything like some channels do.
  9. I was only thinking the other week it was werid Merry Hill still had 2 stores. Years ago it was common to have 2 or even 4 stores in the same shopping centre but now you wouldn't find that. Even odder that it was the downstairs store that originally closed during the last administration and then got reopened.
  10. Why can’t they ever get someone who’s actually good or humble about what they do instead of everyone being the same selfish dick head ready to lie through their teeth worse than a used car sales man and throw under the bus anyone who gets in their way to then just come out with a business plan that’s either a bricks and mortar estate agents or bollocks buzz words that don’t mean a thing. He never gets the chance to pick anyone good, just the less crap person out of a bunch of people who don’t understand business.
  11. Played this on my surface pro and got similar speeds If not a bit faster to deKay, didn’t even think it’d run as it’s only an onboard graphics card. It’s Shenmue alright even if just like Shenmue 2 when I first played that it didn’t feel quite the same as before. Ryos run feels a bit too smooth, his walking and running speed is a lot faster and graphically it’s a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes ryo looks fine but other angles he looks a little odd. I think whilst the Dreamcast strives for realism, it’s lack of power gave it a bit of an artistic look, especially with clothing textures that means it hasn’t aged as much as this feels with its more realistic shader texturing. I can certainly see reviews will be marmite flavoured though. If you like Shenmue you’ll most probably like this however if you are new to the series you will be wondering how this ever got made as it does feel quite clunky in how it plays as well as how interactions happen. Hopefully it’s the Shenmue 3 we all wanted.
  12. Isn’t it you need to select the epic key and then tick you also want a steam key too (if they release one)?
  13. Just games and the look is slightly different.
  14. Anyone got the tower and a US mini? Apparently the Japanese carts only fit in the Japanese version, hoping that’s not the case or at least the 32x still fits.
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