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  1. Ketchup

    Xbox Game Pass

    Agree. Oxenfree was clever, intriguing and had interesting characters. This felt quite half baked, the story just wasn’t interesting, the deeper lore about friendship felt rushed at the end and a lot of stuff just didn’t feel like it made sense. A huge disappointment for me after the excellent Oxenfree came out of no where.
  2. What’s something you’d just love to own and why? Did you ever end up owning it and if so what did you think once you got it?
  3. I have to ask why was all his collection not only all plugged in (that’s a lot of sockets) but also turned on? Like did he need a Sega master system turned on so it’s ready to go at a moments notice?
  4. I feel there was another one as well. You had the one by Shiny of all people and then another one. The Shiny one was oddly popular considering what it’s actually about.
  5. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    I think that part of the game design is either a like it or loth it thing. For example I hated in Dead Rising that you are meant to die and restart the game lots until you have levelled up (as that carries through deaths) to a point where you are strong enough. This game in some ways has that vibe to it where you are meant to die lots to move forward. Its fine to not enjoy that part of it, I wouldn’t say it’s not a game for you because of that but it’s certainly understandable to not enjoy that part of the game if you are more keen on just being left alone to explore and just get through the game. In reality much of the game could have worked without the time mechanic. There’s a few puzzles and simulations that are affected by time but generally if time didn’t end you could do a lot of the game in one sitting. I never had much issue with the controls and found it funny where I got overly confidant and smashed into a rock or something. That really added to the game for me having to be aware of my motion compared to something like Mario with its tight controls which allowed you to recover from minor errors. I also disagree with a lot of the other comments here saying you’re not allowed to not enjoy the game. It’s fine to not like this game, it might not be for you or may not have things in it you don’t enjoy. That’s totally fine we all don’t have to like the same things no matter how great you might think that thing is. Maybe this is a bit like Celeste where people love it’s difficulty (it certainly has a similar indie vibe and story you have to unlock) but that game had features for gamers who didn’t want the difficulty. Maybe a rewind function for those who just want to enjoy the story would have been better here too?
  6. Jackbox, it's already a quiz game but honestly i can see it easily becoming a series on Dave with your favourite c list comedians as they all try to draw something that doesn't look like a cock but everyone thinks is a cock. You don't even need a host, the game does that for you annnnndddddd if it was live could have audience participation. Now where's my big cheque Dave/Channel4?
  7. Ketchup

    Nintendo Switch

    The switch is region free but your account will be set to an eshop store. Best thing to do to access other countries stores is to create a new account just for that store and then use that to make your purchases. If you change the store your main account loses you lose all money held within it (but not games).
  8. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    I love how inventive a lot of the achievements are. They really did just put things in cos they thought it'd be cool. In the documentary on another page they talk about how they simulate everything. But they only simulate the planet you are on for obvious technical reasons. This actually can cause issues though cos potentially you can be on three planets at once (you, your ship, your scope) and if you are on three planets then they all have to start up simulations to affect those objects. Which causes technical issues. One of their achievements was to actually do this but the publisher came back and said 'We can't have an achievement for trying to crash the game'. With the devs responding, why not, thinking it's kinda a cool geeky thing. Sadly that achievement didn't make it in.
  9. What about if you try different HDMI ports or set a port up to PC mode? Some TVs have funny quirks like that.
  10. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    This will relate to the second part of your content. You can actually move the ship without the little lights lighting up showing your direction. It takes just a tiny push and this will move you very slowly forward without your engines actually lighting up the place.
  11. Don't forget goldeneye supports dual sticks in the options (with two controllers).
  12. That’s a very good point. When I worked in GAME in 2002 one side of the store was filled with big box pc games in alphabetical order. Just loads and loads of games. Same with the psone, ps2 etc sections. You had the charts and then just walls of everything else they had in stock. You’re right that now it’s just a top ten (which isn’t a top ten, just ten new ish games they have) and then some random second hand titles. Considering second hand was the money maker for GAME for years it’s werid how they’ve basically killed that area off to just tiny sections now.
  13. That’s partly because the staff are so busy chatting to each other that getting served in any branch of cex is like a mild form of torture.
  14. Ketchup

    Outer Wilds

    Yeah, this isn't like most games where you are given way points and levels to feel accomplished. I get the frustrations if you want to feel like your 20 minutes wasn't a waste but that isn't the game. The accomplishment comes once the story all ties together. It's certainly not a game you can play and expect to get a lot out of in 20 quick minutes or one you play chatting to friends over a head set. Much like is actual publisher, its more an art house for a lack of a better term game compared to a summer block buster. I found loads of fun in running out of oxygen or fuel and having to scrape by, maybe just barely making it back or failing spectacually (like the time i used too much of the last bit of fuel, and escaped the gravity with no fuel to just nudge me back down) or in some cases just find a way to restart time. Sometimes you do have to do things 2 or 3 times as you need to plan in advance for them and often you can't do that without the prior knowledge. The game does have its down falls for sure, like the start of the game needing more guidance on how to begin but like Oxenfree or Shenmue it's very unique and is a slow methodical burn of a game.
  15. I rarely game on a pc so these may be stupid questions but can i play epic game store exclusive games via steam big picture mode? What about hooking up an xbox controller, does that just work like a console or is it a per game basis? Is windows still running in the background, doing 'stuff'? What about patches, are they automatic in big picture mode or do i have to manage those? Can i chat to my friends easily in big picture mode via voice chat/invite friends easily? I guess if any of those questions has a no then it's a faff again compared to a console. TBH the last great console experience (before the switch) was the gamecube. Disc in, turn on, boom in the game in under 5 seconds. Consoles now as you say are slow to load, bogged down with dashboards and movie stores and twitch and all sorts. Just putting in a game, boom it's playing is not really a thing now except for the switch.
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