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  1. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    A lot of it is luck. Either by certain rooms giving a lot of coins or using the grate that appears randomly in the shop to sell items for lots of cash. Thats my biggest issue with this game is the RNG really determines how a run will go. Sometimes you get lots of health but zero keys or money. Other times loads of keys but no chests. It's a bit too harsh at times and I'd certainly like an easier mode with a bit more health and item drops.
  2. Enter the Gungeon - Shoot, Loot & Roll

    I don't think there is any abilities but you can unlock lifts to floors you have reached so you can skip straight to the 3rd floor for example. You'll need to do some tasks though, start by falling down the lift shaft on level 2. There are two unlockavlr characters too, one of which involved the fireplace on level 1. It's not easy!
  3. Gaming Magazines

    Back in the n64/dreamcast days I used to buy 2-3 n64 magazines a month, along with edge, arcade, ODM, DC-UK and probably others. Eager to see each new screen shot, what they each thought of a game, the latest rumours and more. Now i just buy Retro Gamer which I find enjoyable cover to cover but besides all the single format magazines dying they just got dull. Edge lost its...edge and became drier than a desert and it was hardly a laugh a minute during its peak. Games TM started as a more fun version of edge but slowly just got dull. Even the single format magazines that did exist or of magazines just didn't have anything exciting to say. I could ignore the reviews and news being out of date but they just didn't have the same appeal as before creating excitement over the smallest of screenshots or rumours. The internet didn't kill the magazines, they killed themselves by becoming something different.
  4. It was...odd. I love the first two cloverfield films but this save for two tiny scenes could have just been generic people die on space ship in stupid mishaps horror film. It did feel like Red Dwarf at times, it felt comedic in the wrong places and nothing seemed to phase anyone too seriously, just another day of weirdness. Ive heard people talk about it being a prequel but that doesn't make much sense in terms of timelines and it really doesn't fit into the other two films either. Still it was better than bright.
  5. Yep I'm very late to this party. I grew up owning a mega drive, never really caring for the Super Nintendo and had little idea about Zelda. My first Zelda was Ocarina of Time which I wasn't even sure I'd like but the hype from N64 magazine convinced me I needed to buy it as an N64 owner. I'm glad they did. Whilst I've played other zeldas since then I've not touched a link to the past, instead waiting till I had a snes or a snes mini to play it on, which is how I've been playing the last few days. Firstly, rewind is a god send for this game. Whilst it's not too tough there is some unfairness in the collision detection and random surprises that may kill you with no warning they are there (eg. Bats appearing out of a bombed wall that only happens once). Certainly saves on lots and lots of back tracking to get back to where I was. The game surprisingly grabbed me very quickly. Being a game nearly 30 years old I thought it'd be a bit of a slog either being too basic or just not that exciting and truth be told it is both of those (compared to modern games) yet it still grabbed me and kept me playing for hours at a time. I've currently only got Zelda to rescue and Ganon to destroy and it really feels liked I've rushed through this far in a couple of days. Dungeons are quite easy, in fact the whole game feels quite linear which in this case hasn't dampened my enjoyment. Whilst puzzles are quite clever, the later games certainly prepared me for them and due to the dungeon layouts each room is a puzzle rather than requiring you to constantly go across dungeons to change things. The difficulty I can see in the game though comes from the complete lack of any guidance. Don't know what to do next? Tough, guess. There's no villagers to talk to, no hints from a fairy and even side quests are oddly lacking. The world is big yet feels small and underused at times and often empty save for enemies. It is a little refreshing in all honesty Not having a million markers on the map or things to do and collect. I can only imagine the frustration of playing this in 92 without a guide. I've only used a guide when I've really been stuck in a dungeon and found it was my fault for overlooking something obvious. Thankfully the over world stuff I've needed I've found randomly and basically known what to do to get it, again thanks to the later games. The music is oddly nostalgic despite never playing the game and I really can see how Ocarina of time is almost just a 3D remake of this. It shares so many similarities and design ideas whilst evolving it to the next level. If there's two things I'm slightly down on it's the lack of rain and atmosphere from the start of the game, I can't remember any megadrive games looking or feeling quite like that and the dark world. In my head is heard of the dark world system and imagined it to be well, dark! I either expected a different world entirely or for it to be horrible and moody and filled with evil instead of somewhere that's having a bit of a draught. It's clever don't get me wrong, I guess I was just expecting something like Ocarina of times oppressive world as adult link. But so far I've really enjoyed it, it's been refreshing to play something not filled with bloat, with boring cutscenes and to just let the world fill in the details. I can only imagine what it was like to play at the time. Has it aged? Yes and no. I don't think you could play it now and say it's an instant classic that is up there with breath of the wild but that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable to play and a great game, it is just s product of its time. Now on to rescue Zelda.
  6. Sonic All Star Racing Transformed

    Smash bros probably does this the best. You have challenges e.g. Beat 100 oponents in this mode to unlock a character or that character will unlock after X amount of hours play time. Then there's the gold hammers for those tasks that are just too difficult for you or you just want to open that unlock right away. Hopefully if there is a 3rd game in the series you could have a combination of miles unlocks things super slowly but also progression which is really the quickest way to unlock stuff.
  7. PlayStation VR

    Except you can choose seated or standing in the options menu. You can also place how high or low your belt is to help with not trying to push your hands through cushions to reach it.
  8. Life is Strange - Season 1

    I quite liked the way it ended. I wish i could articulate why but there was something about it that scene that just added to Life is Strange as a whole. I guess in some ways it helped cement some things from the original.
  9. Super Mario Odyssey - ALL CAPS

    Same, Mario odyssey has a lot of very obvious problems. Doesn't mean it's a bad game but everything pointed out in the video rings true to me as well. 64 in my mind is still the better game.
  10. Is "Game" finished?

    They also have other stores now, so there's a book store who's name I forget that says in the logo 'by WH Smiths' and they own a greeting card store too that's only found in train stations. All right next to a WH Smith's, it's odd.
  11. PlayStation VR

    I picked it up and I would say it's not worth it. The trailer made it seem really cool but it's super super short, less than an hour easily and I can't find any replay ability in it as you'll do most the actions in the 6 or so rooms on offer. its weird and funny but just far too short even for £10.
  12. PlayStation VR

    Love how the manual for 'Keep Talking and nobody explodes' is at http://www.bombmanual.com Looking forward to playing this tonight.
  13. Is "Game" finished?

    The issue in the past with that is GAME would often run out of stock in busy periods. This way codes are generated on the till at point of sale and are effectively limitless. Still sucks though they don't have both types for when you want to gift.
  14. Is "Game" finished?

    Well Poundland at least isn't related to their profitability but rather their parent company doing something dodgy.

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