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  1. Gotta be a wind up, no one would be seen dead in that
  2. I think they're still in profit from the players they've sold though.
  3. Delph is a great signing for Everton. Looks like Trippier is off to Atletico for £25m. That's a great deal for Spurs.
  4. I think that was the most amazing sporting event I've ever seen. Unbelievable.
  5. Must say, I was expecting this to be £60ish a ticket so £45 was a nice surprise.
  6. Well, that cardinal is very scary!
  7. I guess it could be a case of it not mattering how shit they do because Ashley will get the blame anyway and if he can keep them up, he's done a good job.
  8. I think this is the same for every team. Leeds signed 4 and everyone was saying 'announce promotion', we sell one player who wasn't expected to leave and now it's all falling apart. It doesn't help that half the rumors you hear are bullshit. There was a picture of someone in the background at Villa Park with hair slightly similar to Kalvin Phillips and Twitter went mad. Of course, it wasn't him.
  9. I used ticket master, it cocked up first time I checked out but I managed to get two standing, thank God/Satan.
  10. Heads up, Tickets on sale at 10.
  11. I just wish they did an option for no sponsor or alternate ones like the kids get.
  12. You might have a really good defensive midfielder soon
  13. Just after Pontus, I think I think people read too much into this stuff, I remember people claiming Hazard must be staying at Chelsea because he was in the new kit promo shots.
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