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  1. Ok, I'll stick with release order. I'm going through them with the other half who hasn't seen any of them so I'll go with that. Thanks.
  2. I'm coming to the end of my research of all these, including the ones I skipped first time. I've been going on release order which tells me I should watch Infinity Ant 2 (skipped first time) Marvel (skipped) Endgame I feel like I should watch Endgame directly after Infinity, so Ant and Marvel first? What do you think?
  3. Piano based and orchestral, apparently. I'm looking forward to it.
  4. Help, I think I'm addicted to buying vinyl. Hardwired RSD version.
  5. Leeds have been shite so far. Probably doesn't help that the pitch looks like it's been ploughed.
  6. Arsenal and Palace taking the 'no goal celebrations' thing a bit seriously here
  7. Arrived today, American Idiot, how appropriate
  8. 2 games in hand over Brighton, who don't look particularly strong, could have a good chance now.
  9. And deciding to not have a striker on the pitch in the second half.
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