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  1. Mike1812

    Stewart Lee's Comedy Vehicle

    Lee even jokes about how everything is written, the bits where he's saying. 'I wrote that. And that. And that' etc
  2. Mike1812

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Leeds are looking good, considering it's pretty much the same team that were painfully average last season. I need a few more games to be convinced though.
  3. Mike1812

    Football Kits 2018/19

    Announced 2 days before they have to wear it...
  4. Mike1812

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    It's a bit 90's iMac
  5. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky

    Ps4 creative. Maybe that's the difference. I thought it would share the same universe though.
  6. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    I felt this needed to be portrait
  7. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky

    So I dialled up your address and got this stinking hell hole. What went wrong?
  8. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    Risky flying A glass planet Some attractive creatures
  9. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    These guys ran for it when the storm set in. Hey, it shows the storm for me now, the patch must have killed that bug.
  10. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    Is there any way to get storm effects to show on photo mode?
  11. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky - Photo Gallery

    I use Facebook upload. I think this might be the most beautiful game ever in terms of photo modes. Some of the shots posted you wouldn't believe are in game shots. I've said in the other thread, in really enjoying just playing in creative, taking photos. I just want to see what's on the next planet. Oh, and here's a pic.
  12. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky

    I'm having a lot of fun in creative mode. I was just doing it to take a few photos but I think this might be my way to play. I played it and loved it on launch, so I feel like I don't want to learn everything again. I just want to explore and find some nice planets to take pictures of. That's what this game is about for me. Something different every time you land. Maybe I'll get bored but I think I've had my money's worth with this 2 years ago so I should just enjoy myself. Also, no pressure if it crashes.
  13. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky

    This was an odd planet
  14. Mike1812

    No Man's Sky

    Had fun today in creative mode taking photos. Thought I'd leave my other game until it's more stable. It's lonely in space.... More in the photos thread.

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