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  1. The demo was OK. I guess the guns will, like Resi 4, be varied. The pistol was, as others have said, rubbish. It's a pretty game. I'll wait for Game Pass. I just wish it was third person like 4.
  2. Chelsea are shithousing Madrid. Only one yellow so far but should have been three.
  3. To be fair, PSG lost their heads in the second half of the first leg.
  4. There was a torture/beating episode in the novel that was horrendous. Looking forward to seeing what they do with it. I read it a few years ago and had totally forgotten I had until these posts popped up.
  5. What We Do In The Shadows Amazon Prime I am a huge fan (like most people) of the TV series which obviously borrows the exact same premise as the original film. I was disappointed in this although, without the TV series, I'd have probably enjoyed it more. Having watched the TV series first, nobody else will be right to play Lazlo (or Vlad) other than Matt Berry. The film version also doesn't have Colin Robinson or Nadia. The Viago character played by Taika Waititi is also a little different than Nandor. It feels weird and just not right. I know that the film version came first
  6. @rgraves That was against us. About a minute before that, Lincoln were denied a penalty that should've been given. If the boot was on the other foot, I think you'd be spitting feathers.
  7. I love that film but this isn't the same. I don't get you. It's like watching a film and thinking "I fucking love Ghostbusters!" and you watch Nil By Mouth and think, this was not as funny as Ghostbusters!
  8. @Plissken posted this in the League 1 and below thread. If you think refs and officials are crap in the Premier League, check out Peterborough being awarded a penalty against Lincoln. Peterborough only needed a draw to be promoted as only Lincoln could overtake them. The match was 2-3 at this point.
  9. I thought we were completely seen off by the officials yesterday until I saw that Peterborough penalty decision. That's frankly disgraceful. Surely they can send that footage to the EFL and make a real complaint. If anything, that should be a red card to the Peterborough player. Lincoln were 3-0 up at one point so it shouldn't have even been an issue but if I was the Lincoln manager, 'd be getting a fine through the post next week for comments against the officials. It makes me laugh when Premier League fans bemoan how bad the officials are in the top flight. Yesterday, we lo
  10. Echo everything said. It's brilliant. A feel good movie with a heart and soul. Anyone with teenage kids will relate to this. Pixar are no longer the pinnacle of this genre.
  11. What @PeteJ said. Mitchell's Vs The Machines (Netflix) Really funny. Really full of heart and my relationship with my middle daughter was so close, I had a bit of a teary last 15 minutes as although I'm not like the Dad, the daughter is exactly like mine. 5/5
  12. Yes, me and Mrs neoELITE watched this earlier. Fantastic. Funny, charming and the animation was brilliant. It reminded me a few times of The Amazing World of Gumball... I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. Who are the Avenegers? People who neg people on forums?
  14. Jesus* Are there Leprechauns in these comics too? I also read that wrong and thought it said "King Sized Anal". What's wrong with me?!??
  15. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/56940793 It does go on, winding people up to gain an advantage. In my semi-pro days, I was well up for a bit of ribbing/bants to get under someone's skin. It happens in most sports including the genteel sport of cricket (sledging) but this is pretty low.
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