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  1. I played Sunday League with one of the bouncers who almost killed him. You have to read his book (Jock's) to understand that. He took an hour long beating and still survived. That's why he left our club. He was a lunatic but a great player who squandered his career through violence and alcohol abuse.
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49013849 Joey Barton's in trouble.
  3. Made up for one of my boyhood heroes Jocky Morrison. The man was a psycho. His autobiography is brutal. Love him.
  4. Looks like Steve Bruce to Newcastle. That takes a bit of balls considering he's managed Sunderland before. I'm surprised really but he might want to go back to the North East. If that was me, I'd have stayed at Wednesday - Mike Ashley's not someone I'd want to work under. It'll be good to have Steve back on Match of The Day with his sad looking face and his softly spoken miserablisms. My favourite Steve Bruce quote: Just looked up his Wiki page and I'm amazed he played in numerous Man Utd squads that literally won everything and he never won a single cap for the full England team. That seems mad.
  5. Pie eating Yorkshiremen will look interesting in that skin tight shirt. Hopefully, the away kit will be a bit more roomy. That Roma shirt looks like an MLS kit.
  6. I'm surprised we haven't been sponsored by whoever sponsored Bury last year and changed our name to Bury Argyle. Telford and McFazdean have arrived now.
  7. The lower leagues will be impacted more by Brexit if work permits are required for all non UK players. I include the SPL in that as they can't fill their squads with international players (ie players who play for their countries). It'll be interesting to see what the quotas will be. There will no doubt be loopholes for the biggest, richest clubs.
  8. Niall Ennis is being linked to a loan move from Wolves to Plymouth Argyle. Just a rumour but do any Wolves fans know anything about him?
  9. I read the book aged about twelve, saw it soon after.
  10. The run rate right now is so slow and poor. Stokes needs to speed this up.
  11. I watched Superman 2 yesterday for exactly the same reason. They should remake it. Zod is a great character and his henchmen are also brilliant. I can't stand Lois Lane though and I always hated the fact he was disguised by his glasses. Love the ending when Superman goes back to the diner. I watched One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest the other week. Jack Nicholson was and still is a phenomenal actor.
  12. Watched this just now. The animation at the start was phenomenal. Loved Forky and Kaboom. The end credits encore was brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  13. Dragons Dogma? In the sale. Worth £20? I never played it on the 360.
  14. neoELITE

    Nintendo Switch

    Ah OK! I'll 100% be getting a third Switch now!
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