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  1. I used to like Banjo Kazooie more than Mario 64 back in the day. Then I finally reached puberty at the age of 23 and threw away such childish notions.
  2. Easy: Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario 64 Super Mario Galaxy 2 Astro Bot Doom Eternal Super Mario Odyssey
  3. Sekiro only trolls you some of the time.
  4. I never did - it's actually a very straightforward and fairly forgiving (for Sekiro) boss once you've learned the patterns.
  5. I hated that fight with a passion for ages, especially because of the tight area.
  6. Have always been suspicious of games that no-one could be bothered to post comments about in the awards. It's usually a mediocre game that people have just put a lot of their time into for reasons of compulsion, rather than being anything particularly ground-breaking and comment worthy.
  7. I watched Warm Bodies last night. Better than it had a right to be maybe.
  8. Yeah it's the other lot. It's mainly for squirtle to be honest, unless he's already given up on the game
  9. Christ, spoiler this shit for the other new people currently playing it, guys
  10. I think Filip is definitely a weak character.
  11. Benny


    Ooh, I didn't realise Cells at Work was back. Is it still as good? EDIT: oh is it only on the high seas.
  12. The great thing about Squadrons, is that you can play it in VR, but it's also great not in VR, and it doesn't have any headcrabs.
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