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  1. There are some really fucking boring scenes in it. Mostly the ones with the computer nerds
  2. Surprising lack of exploding heads.
  3. Now I'm going to watch Scanners, which amazingly enough, I also haven't seen. I know, right? Scanners.gif
  4. The opening sequence alone is existentially terrifying.
  5. Though it did give rise to the best pun I ever uttered at the bit where Murphy falls into the GM wheat field or whatever it was...
  6. Never seen the recently added King of New York before. What a deliciously grotty little film it is too.
  7. Benny


    If I had someone going on about that throughout any film I'd have trouble enjoying it to be honest.
  8. Nails on a chalkboard: everything in Kingdom Hearts
  9. Benny


    I'm jealous of how much awesome you have to look forward to.
  10. It's more important that you all know how much I enjoyed it.
  11. Looking forward to the Elden Ring exclusivity exclusive.
  12. For £70 you can get Streets of Rage 4, Huntdown, Hades, a nice bottle of wine and still have change. Or you can get Game Pass basically for free. Though then again when Elden Ring ends up being £100 it's essentially money already set fire to at this point.
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