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  1. Offering is your friend. I got my win with liberal use of it combined with Exhume.
  2. I was on 50% health when I started the fight to be fair, thinking ah I'll be fine when I went for an upgrade instead. Derp.
  3. I had a wonderful Silent setup yesterday - snecko skull, loads of poison cards like noxious fumes and poison strikes. Then just died to the slime boss. Wtf.
  4. I'm still on Season 1 but it's actually been pretty good. In some ways it's better than Voyager...
  5. It's kind of hilarious how many first contact situations in Enterprise are met with heavy sighs and complete lack of interest in humans. It's a bit more reminiscent of something out of Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy than Star Trek.
  6. That Lupin rating is a couple of stars off.
  7. 7.8 on Metacritic isn't particularly great evidence of not being well received. That indicates something a bit marmite more than anything else.
  8. Some of the criticism is more understandable if it's being viewed as a product rather than as a highly personal piece of art. People moaned about gameplay elements of Shadow of the Colossus when it came out as being non player friendly, but you'd be hard pushed to find people still banging that drum today. The "I didn't like it so it must be shit and everyone else is wrong" mentality isn't going to ring true no matter how many copies it sold. Call of Duty sells millions but it's a carefully managed if dull experience. Give me the imperfect perfect any day.
  9. Look, I'm sorry, I just cannot take Andorians and their little twitching antenna seriously.
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