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  1. It doesn't mean anything to me.
  2. Benny

    War of the Worlds (BBC)

    Yeah but cars, mate. They set it later so we can have some high speed escapes.
  3. Benny

    Anime recommendations

    I started watching it last night, and despite the HDR searing my eyeballs I still nodded off after 10 minutes. If you would like the opposite effect, watch Redline: it was recommended on here and it's one of the most arresting anime films I've ever seen.
  4. Benny

    Anime recommendations

    I recommend watching that Godzilla anime on Netflix if anyone is having trouble sleeping.
  5. I now want less of this, and more of Dark.
  6. Benny

    Anime recommendations

    Paranoia Agent is one of the few anime series that feels like it's written by an actual adult.
  7. The guy trying to tell her how to do her job was wrong, her response was wrong, the employer firing her was wrong. It's all wrong.
  8. I'm up for a noob team up. (I'm still shit)
  9. Benny

    Dark (Netflix)

    Late to the party, but why the hell is this only 3 pages? It's one of the best shows on Netflix!
  10. Wow, Dark is great. Already desperate for season 2.
  11. I'm gonna try for this challenge.
  12. Benny

    Desert Island Discs - game edition.

    This is actually easier than I thought it would be: Dark Souls - endlessly giving, and that's just in single player. The sheer variety of builds you can experiment with, the scope for personal challenges, the world, the combat, the feel. Dark Souls had some competition from Breath of the Wild for a while, but it's still my favourite game of all time. Speaking of which... Breath of the Wild - I can turn on BotW any day and just stand in game, listening to birds, enjoying the peaceful environments, the gentle breeze animation. It's a game you can wander for hours in just for the sounds all around you, and drink in the little moments of joy. DOOM - the 2016 version in this case. Just endlessly replayable in Arcade mode, and absolutely smashing fun. I used to think Halo would never get boring as a combat chess you keep going back to, but Doom has supplanted it. UFO: Enemy Unknown - Much as I do love the recent re-imaginings of the X-Com series, the original is still the best. You can spend hours trying to beat the alien menace only to realize you are essentially screwed and require a restart - perfect for those desert island days of existential dread. REZ - with my luxury item of a PSVR, this is essential desert island equipment. When you are stuck miles from civilization, why not take a lovely trip into a nirvanic trance? Overwatch - my online game of choice. Hundreds of hours later, and despite ramping down my obsession, I've still not got bored. Team Fortress 2 I played endlessly, and Overwatch has a similar gameplay loop, but with a cast of characters that gives it the depth of a fighting game or MOBA, so it keeps revealing new depths to me each time I try a new hero. Elite Dangerous - this really doesn't need to be online to enjoy the main aspects of the game: getting absorbed in your role as intergalactic space trucker. There is something incredibly beguiling in how the sounds and visual design comes together in ED that just makes it enjoyable as a universe to exist in. Much like Breath of the Wild, you can get lost here, and live out your days not doing very much, but loving every second. Full Throttle - it may only be a few hours long, but the characters of Full Throttle feel so lovingly fleshed out, so real, so human, that you'll need to replay it every few months on your island to remind yourself what loving asphalt is. And finally, a gaming book: Game Over by David Sheff - Just to remind you why Nintendo are your lord and master.
  13. Benny

    Bargain buys for everyone.

    Hi, do you have a link? Struggling to find the right one on Google results. Cheers.
  14. Benny

    Desert Island Discs - game edition.

    Excellent topic. I will do a proper post with picks and reasoning when at my desk tomorrow. I think it will be similar to my top picks for the top 100...
  15. Benny

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Or just watch Ragnarok anyway because it's fucking great.

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