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  1. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    It's like fighting every kind of invader at once who also has hax.
  2. A month long hard-on can't be comfortable.
  3. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    Think of it as fighting you to determine whether you are "worthy". You're along the right lines with the other thing. The best fight in the entire base game (IMO) being in an optional area is so Dark Souls
  4. I've just realised something: no Jazz category! That'll have to be Day 32.
  5. I'm trying to do the no repeat artists thing too, not just for mine, but the whole thread. So I've put alternatives where it looks like mine had repeated.
  6. Day 8 - classic Hip Hop track Hip Hop is a bit of a blind spot for me, but I've always loved Public Enemy and the styles of that era.
  7. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    Nah you can still warp back from there so can easily do the DLC first. Also, you've probably missed a massive area that might be worth doing beforehand. See if you can work it out..
  8. Day 7 - Classic Rock track 'nuff said
  9. I can't think of a less appropriate game to data mine.
  10. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    Bed of Chaos isn't even challenging, it's just stupid. I think the DLC for DS3 and Bloodborne have the hardest fights in the series, with a few notable exceptions.
  11. I hadn't played this for a few months, only to emerge from my house, bleary eyed and bed headed. After 5 minutes all my anxiety of the world outside just evaporated again. This game is some kind of witchcraft.
  12. Benny

    Dark Souls 3

    O&S are a cakewalk compared to some of the bosses in 3 to be honest.
  13. It's Breath of the Wild. It's always Breath of the Wild. It's everything in Breath of the Wild.
  14. EDIT: only to get wrecked in the next fight by Time Bastard because my deck was too bloated.
  15. I live for this nonsense. That Tempest is going to annihilate.
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