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  1. The answer to most of these questions in Hades is usually "keep playing". The core gameplay loop doesn't change too much, so repeat until bored or everything is unlocked. Make sure to try
  2. I like trying to do the This or That quizzes without Googling. Anyway, this one is on countries that have Arabic as an official language. Djibouti and Israel both have Arabic as an official language so when it asked to pick between them it was bullshit. Djibouti was the "correct" answer.
  3. I have also had a couple of weeks break from this due to work, but I've not got rid of the smell just yet. I was having loads of fun with Nago once I took the time to learn him. Also when I was playing Sol right after the patch I found myself naturally gravitating to more 2S than just 6S for pokes, as it felt you had to make use of both tools in different situations than just abusing 6S. 2S felt now like the safer go-to poke most of the time.
  4. Assault on Precinct 13 was added to Prime recently. How about that? It covers all those bases.
  5. Another great little moment towards the end which explains the point of it all:
  6. And I'm sorry but (opinion eh!) I think this is just flat out wrong.
  7. I think the general critical consensus is very favourable though to be fair, so I would say for anyone wondering about the film to try it at least.
  8. Could you maybe spoiler that though for those who haven't seen it yet @Gorf King - it's really a film I'd advise people don't read all of that about before watching. People seem to sometimes not bother with spoilers on here if they don't like a film much but it shouldn't make a difference.
  9. As for action: it's actually extremely well directed action. It's from the school of holding shots so it's clear what's going on at all times, and it's actually a lot more physical than the John Wick films have become of late. Reminds me more of the scrappy, messing around nature of the first film in that series.
  10. I strongly, strongly disagree. It knows exactly what it is: a mid life crisis exploitation fantasy. I also enjoyed it enough to watch a second time a few days later, picking up on a few things which came across differently when you know how it plays out.
  11. Benny


    It's much more accessible than Evangelion. Plus also better I would say. Plus Evangelion is only really apeshit towards the end.
  12. I was going to avoid all trailers until it's out, but caved... Watched about 30 seconds then turned it off. Already sold. Going in blind. Bye bye thread until Xmas.
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