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  1. It poops them out (and barely takes any away) until you reach where it thinks you belong in terms of rank, then it should even out.
  2. They should stick a "Story" node on the Destinations screen or something, seems really dumb to hide it away in a corner of the Tower somewhere and lose that opportunity for new player engagement.
  3. Even for New Light players?! That's an awful decision if so! I know everyone hates Osiris but not sticking the Red War Campaign in first, which is designed to introduce the game to you, seems incredibly silly :/
  4. I'd say the best thing to do when you're starting out is just follow the story (red "Red War" icon on the map for the initial storyline, after that it'll be Curse of Osiris starting on Mercury, then Warmind on Mars). Don't worry about stats and builds past getting the highest light level equipped until you're past the Soft Cap of 900, just always stick on whatever guns and armour are the highest light and give those enemies of Humanity a damn good thrashing
  5. Think you do more damage to Nightmares with it. Edit - actually, it might be a buff v "Unstoppable" enemies.
  6. Oh man, New Zealand are in a mood this half. Canada getting seriously embarrassed.
  7. You should do, but you'll need to install it manually in the Game Management screen.
  8. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

    I don't think he wants to go, but I do think he's incredibly frustrated at the moment. Finally got the players he wanted in a Transfer window and they're all injured, and the rest of the squad is performing well below what's expected of them. What's odd is that I think for many of them, the England lads certainly, this was their first summer off in ages, yet it really doesn't look like it's helped them!
  9. redbloodcel


    Tangentially if you want to experiment a little with your Aeropress and have an Android phone give Aerorecipe a go.
  10. It looks as lame as when Hawkeye popped his bow open in the first Avengers. That said I think it could have looked better if they'd had her do a bigger flourish when opening it up to disguise it. As someone who enjoyed TLJ I just hope JJ doesn't slide it up to 11 with the fan-service.
  11. redbloodcel


    Yeah it's really not bad in terms of volume, and it's also incredibly fast so what noise it does put out doesn't last very long!
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