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  1. Just a note regarding this - if you haven't finished Forsaken you might need to finish levelling to 50 before you can use the 690 stuff!
  2. Obviously to commemorate the club's Jan 1901 match v "German XI"
  3. Oh jeez that was a stinker! Think you're right though. Liverpool parking the bus and Spurs firing route 1 shots down the 'keeper's neck all match, it was like a 90s mid-table clash.
  4. Yeah I've see it a few fakes using that shirt template so far. It's got the pattern from this year's away on the shoulders for one thing, don't think that's coming back. Too bad though, the navy with that subtle striping looks nice.
  5. To be fair to Nike, if they asked the fanbase about it that's exactly what 95% would want.
  6. Just in case anyone hasn't heard it, here's Serj from System of a Down singing The Rains of Castermere:
  7. Yeah I enjoyed it, although I'm looking forward to reading the books much more now. Yeah that's right, BOOKS!
  8. Yep, do that and you'd see plenty of more variety. Whisper might be a DPS monster but it's also a pain in the ass to use!
  9. This isn't because those things are too good though, it's because so many other exotic armour pieces are trash, it's been applied so haphazardly and, speaking personally, feels like certain players are being punished whilst others aren't. Tethers by themselves aren't high-DPS supers & aren't providing a debuff that's as good as a class ability, without the quick recycle you get with Orpheus Rig Nightstalker is basically a dead class when it comes to Endgame content, and how is that supposed to help make the game experience better? I don't want to have to be a f*cking Arcstrider to be a useful member of a raid team, but this along with Shards being way too unreliable means that there's little choice. I guess I'll just have to get good at getting that 3x Combination Blow stack up and utterly break my Super DPS output instead, because that's not going to break your content is it, Bungie?
  10. After Dany and Jon Gendry has the next strongest bloodline-based claim, since being legitimised as a Baratheon. He'd be my bet.
  11. Fortunately I hear there's a novelisation in the works that'll be much more filled out
  12. I'd always assumed that Al would just be replaced by that old guy who appeared when Sam accidentally almost got young Al executed for murder!
  13. I thought the big revelation was that he has the power to choose to leap home whenever he wants, but then never does as there's always more people to save.
  14. Oh god the "jump on the tiny drain ledges" bit can f-off and die. I'm convinced there's a hidden cheese to skip it waiting to be discovered, like the green room in the Whisper mission.
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