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  1. redbloodcel


    They do a few different kinds of recipes in this test:
  2. Also something else - Where's Poe?
  3. It's a good trailer, but I'm disappointed that they've gone from Rian Johnson trying to move in a new direction to what feels like it'll be an Extended Universe fan service.
  4. redbloodcel

    Destiny 2

    Encouraging players to dip into classes that they perhaps don't play as much is a nice idea I think, and if they do different elements regularly as part of the Mayhem rotation that's a nice way to jazz it up a little. I do find Arc a bit meh though as I'm not a big fan of Arcstrider, I guess it's a good opportunity to try out the Titan and Warlock Arc classes!
  5. redbloodcel

    Destiny 2

    Somewhat related - does anyone feel like they improved drop rates with the last patch? I've been getting a lot more Curated rolls and Exotics since. Managed to finally get the Gwisn Vest and the Queenbreaker in the space of about a week too.
  6. redbloodcel

    Destiny 2

    The 3rd round is now right to the Primeval phase with full Super, works well I think.
  7. redbloodcel

    Destiny 2

    You pair of squares! I picked up both yesterday but didn't get too far in. Overall though I'm enjoying both the new game modes and the new tiebreaker in standard Gambit. Plus the new Prime SMG shreds so there is that.
  8. redbloodcel

    Star Trek Discovery

    It's on CBS Access as one of the selling points of the service, doubt they'll be exclusively on there and not the channel forever.
  9. redbloodcel

    Destiny 2

    Rocket Launchers PvE damage increased by 60–65% Two-Tailed Fox PvE damage increased by 26% Might finally be worth getting that out of the vault!
  10. redbloodcel

    The Spurs Thread

    The two test events are being organised for this month, with the second on the 30th, so it'll depend on when they reschedule it. Would be great to get a run of Palace, Brighton and Huddersfield in the new place though!
  11. redbloodcel

    The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

    I also really enjoyed this, although
  12. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Also who needs bans to not buy any players in two transfer windows?
  13. redbloodcel

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Barca's wasn't, it was merely delayed by their appeal, but it was pretty easy to not notice that whilst they were still winning loads.
  14. redbloodcel


    He popped up in my feed a couple of weeks back too, funnily enough! I would imagine because I already have Chris Bacca and Seattle Coffee Gear on my subs.
  15. redbloodcel

    Robin Hood

    I tried last night, it is not. I was sceptical from the start: I turned it off after that, lasted about half an hour.

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