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    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Get Michael Owen commentating for sure, so much mojo!

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    LEGOLAS DRAGONS jesus christ

    Desert Island Discs - game edition.

    Art Academy Music 3000 smileBASIC Super Mario Maker Minecraft Animal Crossing Super Mario 64 Breath of the Wild Printouts of Digitiser. Music 3000 USB Sampler with Mic.

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Really think the young breezy England team at the beginning of the tournament, desperate to win and score goals, would have benefitted going all out against Belguim. Keeping their momentum, getting another exciting World Cup win under their belts, and either gaining confidence like France/Belgium/Brazil managed to in their last games, or just adopting that crazy, do anything at all costs mentality that Japan did. Doing well at tournaments in any sport is so much about rhythm, confidence and throwing caution to the wind, especially when you're the inexperienced or aging underdog. It was fucking mental that Belgium game in my mind still, for this team.

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    This is definitely the rugby fan in me coming out, but I think it's mental that England team/management/fans thought it was okay to not really try and win against a good team at the world cup. England have won something like two knockout stage matches in the last 20 YEARS in each the world cup and the euros, and way way less wc/euro games in total than teams like France/Portugal/Spain/Italy (England should want to be as good as these teams right?). Here's a chance to push forward, as a young team and get ready for maybe winning the football world cup, by beating a good team at the world cup in a game of football for the first time in decades (instead of crumbling in complete hysterics as usual), and they didn't bother. What a great winning attitude. Inspiring and brave, like a lion.

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Putting a bet on Neymar to dive against one of his own players as they aggressively try to pull him up from an embarassing dive against the opposition moments earlier.

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Neymar is such a horrible diver. That video ref decision catching him out is what it's all about. Great. How exactly does it work? In rugby it's quite simple. Ref isn't sure if its a try or not (didn't touch down properly, foot in touch etc) calls upstairs. Or gets a word in his ear that something shit happened that he totally missed (eye gouge, punch, blatant cheating on ground etc) and that's reviewed. Seems really simple. How is it different here? The amount of moaning suggests quite a bit?

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    Almost every player continually pretending to be hurt in every game they play (to varying degrees (even slightly is too much)) basically ruins the entire sport for most people who aren't bothered by the madness of club football (and so aren't inclined to weirdly hand wave it away).
  9. Fuckin' hell Nintendo. Oh well, I just don't get Smash Bros outside of the nostalgia. It's like if an epileptic fit was made into a game.
  10. Why's that guy got a bit of string tied around his arm?
  11. "History's defining moment." *Rapturous applause*
  12. Can't wait for that terrible fake online chat in an online only open-world XP-filled Splinter Cell.
  13. Man. Halo, Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3 are just the fuckin' best. "Duh duh daaaah! Duh duh daaaah! Duh duh daaaaah! Danananananaaaahhh!" They need to get this series up and running on PC and make the internet notice it again. If they're at least after people just caring about Halo again, getting it on one more major platform, on Twitch and all that, with cool machinima stuff, and some surprise expansion that suddenly makes it at least a curiosity again would be good right? Machine Games did an expansion for the original Quake a while ago right? Cool idea! Do something like that? A campaign based around the cool black sergeant or something. Make people look at Halo, see how cool it still is (the bullet casings in the first Halo roll down hills and have writing on the side of them! Woah!) and speak about Halo outside of some train-wreck comment section for the latest CG E3 trailer on youtube, an angry thread on resetera/neogaf/reddit or some metacritic review-bombing campaign. HOW ARE THEY FUCKING THIS UP?!
  14. BBBBBB

    Anyone Remember Interstate '76 ?

    Loved this game back in the day. Been trying to get it working on a modern computer for ages and finally managed it. There's a version on GOG that doesn't even work properly. The physics are expecting a pentium class processor so it's all skippy and the cars jump around all over the place. There's a whole (angry) forum of people attempting to get this version to work, and it involves all sorts of patches, hex editing, custom dll files and framerate hacks. This version on GOG is the updated Nitro version with 3Dfx stuff, some prequel missions and more online options. If like me you think the 3Dfx graphics look like complete arse (see MDK and Mechwarrior 2 for similarly ugly/blurry/gawdy 3Dfx graphics) and only want to play the single player missions, have access to the original iso files, AND you have a Mac, then this is super easy and runs great. Grab the iso files for the original version of the game from your CDs, (or grab them from myabandonware if you don't have a disc drive on your Mac) and install the Winebottler & Wine combo thingy from wineHQ. Extract all files from CD1 to a folder, Install via Winebottler, pointing to the setup.exe in that folder. Install under Win95 to a new Interstate76.app file. Then, you need to get the iso for CD2 (convert to iso using Any2ISO if it's in mdf format) and mount this disc (need to do this each time you want to play) open Wine, and you'll see a little Wine glass in the top-right, go to Configuration and in the Drives section create a new drive, navigate to the MOUNTED iso (/Volumes/CD2 or something) and set that up as a CD-rom drive. Wine remembers this for next time. Now open the app and it should work a treat. Nice original, almost cel-shaded graphics (no blurry textures or hideous mountain bitmaps on the horizon from the updated versions), perfect audio and it runs at a silky smooth framerate even on a 2007 macbook (Trick to get GOG version working is to force to 24fps apparently. The version I got working looks like 60). The only real issue is that when going from 3D gameplay to any rendered cutscene, the video is all corrupted. (Fine when transitioning from something 2D like the salvage menu), but I've been keeping a phone nearby with acces to a YouTube playlist of all the cutscenes for when this happens. The game itself still holds up really well. About halfway through and having a great time. Missions feel short in the same way that Quake 1 levels feel short, I love it!

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