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  1. GOG.com

    Devil Daggers is on GOG now, DRM free. Been waiting for that to stop being Steam-only for a while. Really like having smaller or older games like Limbo, Inside, Kingdom Rush, Fez, VVVVVV, MDK, Quake 1+2 available as a bunch of installers or zip files on a USB, ready to go whenever.
  2. Imagine being as shit at anything as Sega are at knowing what to do with ther astounding back catalogue. Watch them massively fuck up both the Shenmue ports and the little console, it's going to be horrible. Shenmue on PC is going to be one of those conversions that needs loads of ini file editing to even launch. The console versions will be stretched widescreen, running at 20fps, with terrible save bugs. Both versions with have mental texture reworking for licensing reasons as well as a weird shadow bug that essentially makes the originals better looking games. There will be no arcade games included for some reason.
  3. Should all games have an easy mode?

    Biggest thing in the future should be accessibility for stuff like controls for disabled folk I think. Auto combat, movement and camera control for something cinematic like the new God of War would be nice. Make it a bit like Asura's Wrath or something. Huge amount of work though.
  4. I AM TUROK!

    Thanks to this great video on Turok by Kotaku funny-man Tim Rogers I started playing the original again via emulation (don't have a PC or xbox at home) and it's still a hoot! Works well on a playstation controller (move/strafe on D-Pad, look on right stick, shooting and changing weapons on shoulder buttons) and it still plays quite well. It's really fluid for an N64 game and because of that I think it's aged a lot better than Goldeneye/Perfect Dark or just about any other FPS on the system (maybe not Doom 64). I'm on an old game binge at the moment RE2, Tomb Raider, Exhumed, MDK (amazing) and the simple run and gun goodness of this is kind of intoxicating. Playing on easy with the game's ridiculous auto-aim really adds to that. Bodies flying everywhere. Platforming is fine (amazing for the time I think) and the levels themselves are just intricate enough to be interesting unto themselves. Good stuff, and unfairly maligned by some. The remaster does look quite nice as well. Very faithful.
  5. God of War (2018) - Magni-ficent!

    Was similarly ''meh" about this, thinking it looked lovely and all, but not seeing much else exciting or interesting in it. But the reviews really do read similarly to the wave of excitement and that greated RE4 being just as good as it was. That little edit in the IGN video review with the axe returning to his hand is really great. Seems like the whole thing is incredibly polished in every area for 20 hours or so, but it's still not obvious from anything I've seen or read why it's in that 'game of the generation' bracket. Just need to play it I guess.
  6. Very interesting. Altering the entire city to fit the swinging sounds like something Nintendo would do.
  7. Sega Saturn for Beginners

    Heads up that Saturn emulation got really decent a while back. Tried Sega Rally, PDS, Daytona, HOTD, Nights and Tomb Raider recently on OpenEmu (uses mednafen saturn I think) and rendering/audio/speed were 100%. Great for trying an old 'classic' before spunking £40 on it and realising it's complete shit (Virtua Racing Saturn) or objectively worse than the PS1 version (Tomb Raider).
  8. 20 years ago today - PAL N64 Launch

    N64 launch was when I became most keenly aware of the difference between NTSC and PAL gaming. Had heard about the whole thing through magazines at the time, but a spoiled rich mate of mine got an imported US machine on launch, and was running it through a SCART cable. Played through most of Mario 64 with him, and it was mindbendingly brilliant. When the N64s started turning up in Virgin Megastore, running PAL code and running through what looked like RF cables, I was amazed that the best thing I'd ever seen, in Mario 64, suddenly looked like arse. When I scoffed at what was on show the other people crowded around looked at me like an absolute crazy person, moreso when I attempted to explain why. Was then a bit bummed that the only chance I'd have of enjoying the game myself would be via this squashed/fuzzy filter.
  9. Best classic tomb raider?

    Finally attempting to complete the PS1 original on OpenEmu thanks to this thread. It really is great. Love the slow methodical pacing. Save states are a big help with the more frustrating deaths.
  10. Wish the length of these hadn't bloated so much since VII. The 25-35 hours of IV & V is perfect. Started VII on 3DS and was liking it a lot, but then heard it's like 70-80 hours to just get from A-B. Had to bail. XI is a tad shorter according to HowLongToBeat, but still pretty massive.
  11. Classic games that you never ‘got’

    Any Kirby game. Never sure what's going on with the mechanics. You can fly, a bit, never sure how high, feels weird when you do fly. You spit out air after you fly, this seems to hurt enemies, but not all? Can't fly when you do eat enemies? In some of the SNES ones you transform and get even more abilities, weapons and stuff. The levels have all these doors to other bits of the levels. Levels look a bit samey but are also quite hard to parse, lots of big blobby shapes, and the enemies all seem like coloured blobs. There's stars flying everywhere, I'm never sure what they do. The movement in general feels clumsy and imprecise. I feel so confused playing them, a bit like Sonic. Never sure if I'm playing well, or doing anything right. Music is quite nice though.
  12. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Liked it better second time around. Jedi/force stuff still brilliant, rebel bits less convoluted than I remembered, as well as 'silly Yoda' not actually being that over the top. The lightspeed smash thing still annoys me. Why have they not had R2 units lightspeeding x-wings into star destroyers for decades? Or how about a frigate lightspeeding into the shooty bits of the death star/starkiller base? Stupid.
  13. Before Black Panther I hadn't seen a super hero movie at the cinema since Iron Man 1/Dark Knight (can't remember). I stopped going to the cinema full stop for some reason (first was off travelling, then had kids straight after I think?) and then by the time I was going again I had seen a few more of these at home and was uninterested enough in the whole genre that I just never fancied paying full-whack to watch another one. I had a weekend away with my brother last weekend, and based soley on the whole 'this is an interesting super hero movie featuring a totally black cast/crew' buzz that is surrounding this, I made a point to go and see it at a morning showing. It doesn't extend to every genre, but it's definitely the reason I paid money to see this film on the big screen.
  14. Thought this was really good. Action/fighting not as good as Spider-Man 1/2, doesn't look as good as Thor 3/Varylian, hero not as charismatic as Wonder Woman etc etc but Michael B Jordan is fantastic (Friday Night Lights baby!), the setting/premise is really interesting and liked that it didn't have everyone from all the other bloody movies in it. Vegeterian gorilla guy was fantastic as well. Can't imagine how cool it must feel for a young black person, from a black family, who grew up with lots of black friends to see millions and millions of dollars spent on such a totally black movie, have that investment deliver a really good film and then have it just demolish the box office like it has. I'd be doing the famous Eric Cantona celebration as the credits rolled.

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