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  1. I did all the story missions and loads of side missions but didn't do all of the extreme and stealth missons.
  2. Just been playing this with the Mrs and totally agree. And the tune it plays reminded me of worms on the PS1. I have had wine mind you.
  3. Finished this last night. 78 hours on the clock. What a bloated masterpiece it is. If this had a story mode of 20 hours ish with loads of extras to utilise the best stealth game engine of all time this would have been a perfect send off. 8/10
  4. Let me know when you get round to it. 17 quid with plus at moment but should probably save money and get back to walking dead.
  5. Anyone played The Room VR?
  6. Just checked to see if I have this on Steam and the Ultimate Box came out over 11 years ago!! WTF!
  7. Steam getting onboard? https://bit-tech.net/news/gaming/pc/steam-includes-geforce-now-support-with-steam-cloud-play/1/
  8. Brill! - thanks mate I will take a look at this and see what we can do. Thanks again.
  9. I have gone back to this after getting stuck years back on the man of fire boss fight. Walked it this time and having a great time with it again. Couple of questions
  10. New Jak and Daxter sounds like it gonna be in this.
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