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  1. I'm going to assume the ps plus version is just the barebones ps4 version and even running it on PS5 won't get me the new visuals etc?
  2. ah thats good to hear. I shall perservere.
  3. Does this get better after Mass Effect 1? I am playing on casual (about 7 hours in)and it seems to be a little boring? Story OK but the combat is pretty bad and I my team don't really seem to be a great deal of use. I see you can change their weapons and some perks of some type but I dont really see the point in them yet. Perhaps this is down to playing on casual? Also trying to find out where to go next is not the easiest - checking the journal all the time seems to be the only option.
  4. I cannot believe you missed the opputunity to attempt this in a cardboard box.
  5. send it to Sony - they will sort it.
  6. Oh wow thanks. Certainly going to try the ancient ruins method. Only about 5 hours in but a bigger inventory would certainly help!
  7. I'm back to loving it! However. I need to increase my inventory slots and they seem bloody expensive and you only got one free one from each space station. Any tips for quick increases? Also same with my ship which is still the starter one but any I have found are knackered and can't be fixed.
  8. Thanks - never played any of them so looking forward to getting through them in the best / quickest way possible!
  9. Does this apply to all 3 games?
  10. All PS4 games can be downloaded and played?
  11. Did it?! - Is this LBP all over again?
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