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  1. outspaced

    Pokemon Go

    Nice! Also thanks for all the gifts to everyone sending them, I'm trying to keep up with it daily. (Petrolbreath)
  2. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    I had the misfortune to purchase and therefore play the GameBoy version of Dragon's Lair, it has nothing to do with the proper versions. Really bad platforming, it stank.
  3. outspaced

    Pokemon Go

    Thanks for the adds!
  4. outspaced

    Pokemon Go

    Would anyone care to befriend me? I live in Australia so maybe that helps in some way with trading? I'm not sure. 2320 1479 3992 in case. For some reason I settled on Petrolbreath as a name.
  5. outspaced

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    I put about 1500 hours into battlefield 3, which sounds like a lot to me now, but it was before I had a kid and I was working pretty nice hours. I think the game that most took me over was Phantasy Star Online, I was a student, had to pay for dial up on the Dreamcast to play online but to hide from my real life issues I obsessed about the game. After I sorted my life out and inevitably drifted away from PSO, I decided never to play a mmorpg ever again, it was just too all consuming.
  6. outspaced

    Nightclubs in Video Games

    Great thread! Tron 2.0 had a club called The Progress Bar. I still love that. It took ages to fill up
  7. Inexplicably I have lately been obsessed with Go, now this comes along and so I preordered the Eevee bundle, I'm so excited for that ball. Will it spin stops if I cycle past them on the way to work? The last Pokémon game I bought was Blue, on import back in the day and really didn't get on with it but this looks like it might suit me better. I just wasn't keen on those random battles. I'd love to play it with my son but he's only just about to turn 3 and I should probably wait a couple of years before getting him hooked on games. 42 years old and just getting into Pokémon, could be worse I suppose.
  8. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    I'd suggest Steamworld Dig 2, you could do it easily in a week. It takes an hour or so to hit cruising speed but then you are rewarded with steady progress. This game made me love the switch.
  9. outspaced

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Do get Heist one day though, it's just lovely. Relaxing and engrossing, that and Dig 2 really sucked me in.
  10. outspaced

    Games you should have played before

    Puyo Puyo (in the form of Puyo Puyo Tetris). I dabbled on one of my mum's apple macs many, many years ago but having bought PPT and playing adventure mode, I realise I absolutely had no grasp of how to play it beyond matching 4 and the occasional random chain. PPT's adventure mode brought this into sharp relief, and so some light reading into basic chaining has instantly boosted my game, and my appreciation of the title.
  11. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    Did wonder about those borders, seems odd that it would let you do a sub par layout.
  12. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    Come to think of it . . .
  13. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    I don't have them set up but do have Dreamcast, arcade stick, VGA adapter and a monitor that rotates. It does look so cool for Ikaruga and under Defeat. I'll buy a house soon and have space to do that stuff.
  14. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    It is done! I needed something in the genre for my Switch and it should do nicely. I do pine for Ikaruga though, there is something magical about that game.
  15. outspaced

    Nintendo Switch

    It feels pretty sturdy! I don't think I have any games to demo it but it is solid on the steeper angle.

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