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  1. Just about. I'm not talking about their net spend, though. I just think that price for a player with one decent but not outstanding season behind him is ludicrous.
  2. Reading about Trippier lead me to research Atletico's other signings. £113 million for Joao Felix! Fucking mental.
  3. Jesus. What a nerve-wracking match. Surely no other sport can cause such prolonged anxiety. I was tense all through the England innings.
  4. bum

    Nintendo Switch Lite

    Hyrule Warriors was much much better on a new 3DS.
  5. bum


    Get in! Fucking smashed her!
  6. He has the most headed goals in Premier League history, apparently, with 51. https://www.google.co.jp/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/football/2019/jul/12/peter-crouch-retires-from-football I suppose part of the reason is the longevity of his career, and aldo that teams with him up front are more likely to be looking to put high crosses in.
  7. Peter Crouch has retired. I always thought he was very under-rated. He was a much more skillful player than people ever gave him credit for.
  8. Bugger that then. I'm not that much of a fan of the series, so I'll stick with older versions.
  9. Switch version of R-type? Could you say the exact name of the cart you have - I can't find Switch R-type on Amazon.
  10. bum

    Gaming grudges

    I disagree with this. I think most gamers expect better graphics when a new generation comes slong, and as the generation progresses, and would be dissatisfied if the graphics didn't improve.
  11. I can enjoy a lot of older games, even some that aren't classics. PacLand, Sky Kid, Kung Fu Master, and Dynamite Duke are all games I can have a good play on, and none of them are considered all-time greats. I play Golden Axe and Shinobi just about every month. They never get old.
  12. I might regard it more fondly if I'd played it back in its day. But for me, it's not as good as Captain Commando or Final Fight.
  13. The dancer's legs look very nice, but it's actually one of the few tedious parts of the game to play. For the coloured balls, Twin Bee is the king. His rocket punch clears the path ahead in an instant, and his 3-way gradually makes space either side for you to aboid obstacles.
  14. I haven't played that, but I don't think many of the games mentioned hold up to the Capcom Collection. Certainly the Neo Geo ones were quite dusappointing.
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