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  1. bum

    Nintendo Switch

    It is indeed region free
  2. Skyrim, Shinobi, Double Dragon, Final Fight, Mario Kart 8, Mario Maker 2, Link's Awakening and Katamari Damashi are all on my all-time favourite list. Hopefully Wave Race will join them one day.
  3. Picked up the Taito Variety Pack today. Chase HQ Elevator Action Bubble Bobble Sagaia Not a bad compilation.
  4. 1-0 2-0 2-1 3-1 HT 3-2 3-3 4-3 4-4 FT 5-4 Fowler scored Liverpool's fourth. Think the winner was a free kick deflected in.
  5. I think most people on here buy plenty from Amazon if that's the cheapest place they can find what they want.
  6. Wave Race still has beautiful looking water. Amazing how they made it look so great. Definitely my favourite game on the system.
  7. I miss the glorious music of the Wii. The shopping channel, the Mii channel and, best of all, the photo channels. In particular, the minimalist rendition of the Dolly Suite.
  8. The only way I'll ever clear my backlog is Tetris-style. New games keep coming, but if I can fill a complete line on the shelf, then those games don't count any more.
  9. Yes. I just want to play it, not sit through rubbish story-telling. It seemed to go on forever between the first level and the second.
  10. Any way to skip the damn cut scenes?
  11. I'm so crap at this. Any tips for newbies (to the whole series)?
  12. For a long time Liverpool have been making good keepers into crap ones a few years later. James, Westerweld, Dudek, Reina, Mignolet all suffered a huge loss of confidence and form from which they found it hard to come back.
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