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  1. Perhaps the only way to explain this is how they spent their advertising budget. I cannot fathom how *any* human being could write positive things about STD without being paid for it.
  2. >"remarkably tedious" >is talking about the 'standard' set by STD oh my. i can't imagine how bad it must be to stand out in STD. am not regretting my decision to bail around ep 9
  3. why would they even bother? all it will do is piss off anyone who buys without checking.
  4. One that no-one seems to have mentioned - i'd love to see more Ren & Stimpy.
  5. Playstation Vita

    i've heard it is relatively trivial. but then again some people forget how good they are at these things!
  6. Playstation Vita

    apparently you can buy a 3.60 mobo from certain chinese websites and just swap yours out. r/vitahacks had some info on this i seem to recall.
  7. SNES Mini

    it's amazing how talented some people are
  8. SNES Mini

    before the internet, we had no way of knowing just how inferior we are to other mortals. i cannot even imagine finishing DS, nevermind using bongos. i console myself by mumbling aout some people having too much time but that is clearly sour grapes :-)
  9. SNES Mini

    people on youtube one-life it
  10. SNES Mini

    I spent a long (LONG) time on that as a kid. Got to the fourth stage but could never beat it. What was really annoying was that the JPN version had the konami code that gave you 30 lives. But they took it out for the US release! the bastards!! one day I shall cheat my way to the end of that game, just to see what it is like.
  11. SNES Mini

    that was my experience back in the day. these days we are spoilt. we can drift in and out of attention and just going. there's a reason why they called SNES and especially NES games 'Nintendo Hard'.
  12. I must be the only person who thought that the slow, deliberate, highly-enunciated manner of speech of the Klingons was perfectly in keeping with a species obsessed by ideas of racial supremacy and individuals whose passions focused exclusively on demonstrating their power in order to gain support and followers. I could see real-life megalomaniacs from stuck-up cultures doing exactly this. Not to mention that I found them downright pleasant to listen to - especially the main Klingon protagonist - the balls on that guy! I really wanted to see more of him :-/
  13. SNES Mini

    I would hope that a ROM hack would address that glaring oversight :-)
  14. Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    If you can find one with firmware 3.60 - you can make it run all psp games (henkaku & adrenaline). also, there's always ppsspp which actually looks better than an original psp due to upscaling the psp's vector graphics

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