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  1. I think focussing on any game on this will hurt your eyes! Lol! Seriously though, the screen is 1.15 inches diagonally. That's about the size of a 1st class stamp. How is anyone reading the text in an RPG on that?
  2. Megaton! how do stories like this still catch on in this day and age? Edit: my phone auto corrects "megaton" to megatron apparently?
  3. Yeah, civ revelations is a stripped down civ that's a great introduction to the series. Edit: it's called civilization revolution, not revelations. Civilization revolution revelation realisation.
  4. Yeah, but not with ftl. I had to delete ,re download and reinstall sunset overdrive as that just wouldn't start past the menu screen. I assume it's some data integrity thing but there doesn't appear to be a way to check like you can on steam.
  5. CE is fun in a "what if the enemy spawned at the end of your gun?" Kind of way
  6. I'm playing this on PC at the moment (thanks xbox game pass). Is there any way you can remove maps, the way you can de select playlists? I'm so utterly sick of wizard/warlock/Gandalf. It's the worst map.
  7. Hyper light drifter is a challenging action game. I saw a few pages ago people were saying it's not hard, but it definitely is compared to most games.
  8. I've started playing this on the PC (it's on Xbox game pass!), mostly to check out my new graphics card. Questions! Is it stealthy the whole way through? Do people ever shut up?
  9. Thanks for the suggestions! It is just a GTX 1660 6gb though, so the rtx features might be a bit limited. I'm strictly playing at 1080p though so things should still look pretty snazzy
  10. Ì got a new graphics card. Does anyone have any recommendations for a graphical tour de force? Something adventurey (Ì already have witcher 3) or shooty? Preferably that's in the sale or maybe on the game pass thing? Started alien isolation last night but looks like my old gpu could cope fairly well with that on ultra already.
  11. This link says "Your exciting reverse-harem cohabitation with these animal men is about to begin!"
  12. Played it for a couple of hours. The prologue had a pretty bad frame rate, and I might have seen an untextured lake, but I'm not sure. Other than that it plays and feels like it was designed by space aliens who don't quite understand humans, so the it's much the same game.
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