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  1. Curtis

    Tom Clancy's The Division

    I'll be back on to get the Shields in preparation for Div2, which i cannot wait for! If any of you PS4 lot see me online, feel free to jump in.
  2. Had a great few sessions on this last weekend. Wasn't fussed at first, but it soon gets its hooks in DEEP! Then came the levelling drama; after enough Stamina, what kinda build? Which bothered me, because i've done em all. So as always, i went fashion, and spent a few hours Saturday night farming Balder Knights for their weapons and armour. And once it was done i was happy as can be.
  3. If i remember correctly she's
  4. I had to dig out my (long deceased) laptops salvaged HDD because i knew i kept a bunch of helpful maps/upgrade guides/build info sheets etc. to remind my old man memory of what's what. I feel like a complete and utter n00b, and i am not afraid to admit it.
  5. Re-playing this and i'm instantly reminded why it's so good - no warping between bonfires. You wanna get there, you better plan accordingly. Plus the level design is unparalleled, even to this day.
  6. Curtis

    State of Decay 2

    Thats really good value. And CEX are screwed until they realise the error of their ways. I'm really enjoying this! The risk-versus-reward of "how far do i wanna push it?", is fantastic. Had some real butt-clenching moments where i thought that particular character was perma-fucked, but I narrowly escaped. The night cycle is on par with Dying Light in its "fuck me, do i wanna venture out in this?" - the only real light source is your vehicle's headlamps, but they attract way too much attention, so once you're on foot you really cannot tell where the threats are coming from until their red eyes appear (or very late on the radar). I love it, but it means you get very little exploration done until the sun shows its face. Top Tip: You cannot quit to Dashboard hoping the game didn't auto-save. I tried earlier when i accidentally wrecked my Police Cruiser with a trunk full of goodies. When i reloaded, i was stood in-front of my flaming wreck. lol! Luckily the loot didn't burn up, but it took me forever to find a new car to transfer all the goods. Most Important Tip: Do not go 4x4-ing over the hills & rocks in your vehicle! It will get stuck on scenery, and it will filp. Stick to the main roads even though it eats fuel. There are no shortcuts, even on foot. As a game, sure its a little ropey, but that being said i love the melee combat (crunchy). The shooting is great. Traversal is awful so don't try rock-climbing despite what the tip loading screen says. Go into it with a mindset knowing that its not as polished as most other games, and you may have as much fun as i've been having.
  7. Curtis

    State of Decay 2

    I'm pretty sure: £25 RRP (£24 at Tesco) is for the download code in a box. £40 RRP and the CEX trade prices you quoted are for the physical disc version.
  8. Really enjoyable in that 'Netflix 12 hour weekend binge' kinda way. There are always ups & downs with this sort of series, where its basically an extended movie, but i was never bored. The Doctor side-story was a kinda lame, but that's my only criticism. Glad to hear they're making another season.
  9. Curtis

    State of Decay 2

    I have a love/hate attitude toward zombie games where the night cycle is pitch black. Dying Light was the first. Now this! Its soooo atmospheric, but you get fuck all done, other than creep cautiously, one inch at a time. Really enjoying this so far. But i'm a sucker for survival games, where looting houses and avoiding conflict is order of the day.
  10. Curtis

    Demon's Souls

    Everyone on this forum knows me and my Souls obsession, especially with Demon's. My favourite (yes i bought it 3 times) anecdote is: Asian Server: I spent an entire day (maybe 7-8 hours) farming Pure Black World Tendency 4-2 hidden Black Skeleton. And finally got the Pure Bladestone. I'd never been into grinding or Trophy hunting before, but i loved the game so much i just wanted to 100% it. U.S. Server: Same set-up. PBWT. 4-2. Hidden Skelly. No lie: I got it on my very first go! You have no idea how good that felt. RNG smiled upon me that day. EU Server: I co-oped with some random Italian player who asked me to drop all my equipment on the floor, and stand there naked in 1-1 NG+ and trust him to come back. It's worth noting at this point i had no idea what 'duping' was. I was willing to drop all my edible Souls etc. but not my lovely outfit and Halberd. He did come back and return all my stuff, explaining the 'quit to PSN glitch' that a lot of players were using to fast track their stats. This was the first week of the EU release, and i was rated 3rd in The Pantheon (the Demon's Leaderboard), the 2 players ahead of me being ridiculous dupers. Anyway, a day later the same guy summons me and drops a Pure Bladestone. It didn't feel right, but after the hundreds (by that point at least a thousand) of hours i'd spent in Boletaria, i thought i deserved an easy win. And from there: Triple Platinum Trophies on PSN. Hope you're not bored by that ramble! I'm upset that the servers are shut down, i have such fond memories of sitting up 'til sunrise hosting PvP sessions (always 4-1) on the Asian server, and being humbled by the way everyone i encountered was so courteous, and respectful. Wonderful game now resigned to the past.
  11. Curtis

    Monster Hunter: World

    I've been on holiday for 3 weeks and only tonight got a taste of Kulve Taroth, which is a really enjoyable fight, and i normally hate XL bosses in MH. I was (and still am) confused about the squads and their respective stages/progress. But i managed 4 runs before the reset: the first was me being very cagey and doing minimal damage, the next two better DPS and awareness, but still trying to figure out her route. The final run was a success! No doubt i was carried by the Japanese players who have been rinsing it, but what a cracking encounter! I can't believe they dropped something this good, so early in the games life-cycle. Bodes well for the future!
  12. Curtis

    Monster Hunter: World

    It finishes tonight. You might have the 5th in your head because the date/month are shown ass-backwards.
  13. Curtis

    Monster Hunter: World

    I thought they patched the spawn/firefly/follow the trail neck-breaker?
  14. Curtis

    Monster Hunter: World

  15. Curtis

    Ni No Kuni 2 - Revenant Kingdom (PC/PS4)

    Now that slow trudge of an intro is out the way, and i can start building my kingdom, i'm really enjoying this. The real time 3rd person combat is great, and sets it apart from any RPG i've played. At first it seems too simple and easy, but the optional dungeon i did which gets harder the deeper you go was a promising sign that actual skill and nuance are required. It's very much a Level-5 RPG with its multitude of fetch quests etc, but there are so many other distractions and things to like, you can't help but be won over by its charm. The kingdom/economy/resource management part of it has already got me thinking about leaving my PS4 on all day, so i can come home to fat coffers. lol!

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