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  1. The ledge at the top of the stairs isn't there by accident.
  2. Worth it for the Uchi alone. But also he's a cunt.
  3. If we're talking about a Dark Souls virgin then its a definite "No". It's daunting enough already when you stumble into the two early "Nope, not this way!" areas, you don't need to add even more dangerous avenues on top of that. Sure, they'd eventually figure out the Burg is the way forward, but how deflated would they be by that point? If you've played Souls out of sequence and want to try this game having enjoyed and familiarised yourself with the others, then its a "Yes" for sure!
  4. Seems i've barlely made a dent on the Switch version - I have three low level builds - the most advanced i had a little run-around with earlier: SL30 // Balder Armour // Claymore +5 // Grass Shield +5 // Long Bow +5 // Lautrec's and Havel's Rings I just Homeward Bone'd back to "Clink-Clink" Andre after killing the Butterfly. So i guess its down the Depths next to grab the Large Ember. Wish me luck!
  5. You lot have got me wanting to continue my Switch run now. Not sure where i'm at with it. Will check after my coffee.
  6. Fantastic weapon! RNG was clearly giving you a sign.
  7. Surely there will be 'PS5 Enhanced' updates/patches of older games from all the bigger studios?
  8. Yeah that whole encounter seemed very out of place. It felt like it belonged way later into the campaign.
  9. I'm not sure. My Switch says i've played the game for 55 hours, but a lot of that was trying different builds and team composition. I'm not actually that far in. It's my holiday game which i'll continue week after next.
  10. I just checked: the Main Menu offers English, French and German options only.
  11. Not sure about the PSN crowd, but it got a new lease of life on XBox once it was added to Gamepass. But don't fret if its quiet online, I played the majority of it solo and it was all good, albiet slightly more challenging.
  12. The next area isn't quite as intricate. But still a joy to explore (no pun intended).
  13. No worries. I love this game and would happily recommend it to anyone, even at RRP. Enjoy!
  14. Do you not have Gamepass?
  15. That finale was great. Loved the You could tell it was a Taika episode.
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