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  1. I'd suggest taking a good look through the options menu, because it'll solve at least two of the things you mentioned that are bothering you.
  2. Curtis

    Adult Swim

    The first episode of Primal was great. Typical Genndy, but i love dialogue free story-telling.
  3. Back off holiday and back into this. Did a few mining laps around Wildspire to get my MR Iron LS and Armour set. The damage increase isn't as high as i was expecting. I was only just HR100 with bog-standard HR gear. I'm sure the defence upgrade will be noticable, i just expected a hefty increase in attack. Maybe with Longsword the increase is the extended white sharpness? I dunno...yet. Anyway, looking forward to slashing up the place later (solo only while i see all the new stuff).
  4. Curtis

    The Surge II

    I agree. Then i changed it to 1080p and turned all three graphical options down to zero, and now it looks more like a regular game. The texture pop-in is still a problem but i've read the devs are working on a console patch.
  5. Story Mode is the easiest setting. I recommend Explorer Mode if you're getting creamed on Classic (which is very tough in Act 1).
  6. This is as wonderful as i remember and a stunning Switch port. Any idea when it unlocks? I never completed it on XBox and am dying to get stuck in.
  7. I'm no expert at builds, but on my Wizard i only added enough ability points (+2) to unlock specific spells/scrolls. Then i pumped Polymorph for the extra attribute points (Intelligence). That could be a n00b mistake, i dunno. I do know that Summoning scales off ability points, so always take that to +10. It's obviously a lot easier on a physical damage build, where you +10 Warfare, then +10 weapon type (one-handed etc) - in that order. i would highly recommend adding a point to Scoundrel and choosing 'The Pawn' talent. 1 extra AP per turn can be a life-saver. I have this on all of my characters.
  8. Yes, for Mages/Wizards etc you should always max Intelligence first. Only putting points into Memory when you need more spell slots. Aren't Clerics mainly for buffing & healing your team mates as opposed to straight-up DPS?
  9. Curtis

    The Surge II

    The dismemberment looks better than ever.
  10. The Larian mods are basically player created PC mods that the developers thought were great ideas and patched into the game. They're all worth activating and none feel like cheating. The Pet Pal is a must! All of the animals have hilarious dialogue. I'm not sure I've noticed that yellow bar. Lol. I'll have a looksee after my lunch. I started a new build yesterday despite being 30 hours deep in my previous save. Its amazing how much I've learnt by just playing. Love this game so much!
  11. The pouncing dog/scorpion type things? Yeah they're a pain at first until you realise their jump is well telegraphed, so a quick side roll then lop off its tail and they're done for. Hitting em head on does no damage at all.
  12. Nice on the X performance! I really enjoyed the first game. More so after i did i little research into weapons/suits/mods etc, because unlike Souls, this isn't a game you'll play again & again, your first build is paramount. But there is a lot of enjoyment to be had. I'm gonna choose the sequel over Code Vein which looked promising before the delay. All this is after i've finished Remnant, which I'm calling now as an underrated gem.
  13. It can become a little confusing and semi-blurry when the entire environment is engulfed in flames during combat, but other than that its all good, and a miracle this game is actually on a handheld.
  14. The characters, dialogue and narration are all very good. First RPG in a long time where I've not mashed X to skip NPC's and their constant waffling.
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