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  1. Curtis

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Am i gonna be the first to buckle and buy RE4 and that outlandish price? I'm on holiday for another 17 days and i have my Switch with me.
  2. Curtis

    Nintendo Switch

    Thanks for the link. Just ordered one ready for my holiday next week.
  3. I'm obsessed all over again. I've been thinking about it all day at work. Crazy considering i rinsed it dry back in the 360 days. And then cleared the DLC when that dropped. It has such charm and character, its infectious.
  4. Sorry i didn't know it was yours. Either way he's not my type. Skill-wise he was identical to my Pawn (at that time) so he wasn't actually contributing much. Oh, and i always send fish. I've spent today mainly in offline mode because the server syncing constantly was doing my head in. I also made an insane low level shit-your-pants run into the depths of Bitterblack Isle to get the Ring of Perseverance.
  5. The Warrior is considered the weakest of all the classes for that exact reason. Even the DPS output doesn't make up for the lack of utility.
  6. I love this game! I only played a few hours earlier and already my character looks bad ass, has an OP weapon of choice (after numerous quit/reloads lol), and 320K gold in the bank. Prior knowledge works wonders.
  7. Just started this. First order of business: Options > Pawn Chatter > Off
  8. Downloading now... I might not get proper stuck in til i'm on holiday next month, but i'm definitely gonna re-create my Pawn Yuria, who was the ultimate buff/healer Mage. She always came back with 5* reviews and gifts aplenty!
  9. Curtis

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    I think its the best thing (an album as a whole) they've done in a very long time. For want of a better word its 'fun'. Heavyweight but warm and comforting. Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I bought the vinyl version after work today because it needed added to the collection.
  10. Curtis

    The Division 2

    Fuck! Endgame ruined my stress-free loot from laps around my Control Points. Back to square one i guess.
  11. Curtis

    The Division 2

    Its a modern day miracle a game of this type rolled out Day 1 with no server issues, and knowing the streamers and maniacs were gonna rush to Level 30 within a week, had a legitimate end game ready. And not a limited rinse-repeat affair - actual variety! I know this only through here-say because i've been taking my sweet time. I hit 30 this evening, and even though i'd been holding onto all my Side Missions for the final XP bump from 26-30, it only took maybe 5-6 to push me over. Then i realised i have the Strongholds to beat before unlocking my specialisation. Soooooo much content. You'll struggle to find a game that gives you more bang for your buck. Not gauged by hours played, but by the fact even a minor session wandering around can be as rewarding as following the beaten path, or chasing the RNG. Its a rare thing where a game makes you feel like the time you've spent with it isn't wasted in anyway. Top notch product!
  12. Curtis

    The Division 2

    I know this won't matter to you end-game players, but as you're levelling to 30, be sure to re-visit the Control Points you've freed - the loot crates (bar the big yellow one) respawn every 24 hours. All of my High End gear has come from those. Its stress-free loot. Just tonight i got 8 High Ends. All upgrades to my set-up.
  13. Curtis


    Don't Google it. Learn the pistol parry, and the axe is a fine choice from now until end game.
  14. Curtis

    The Division 2

    Neutral lighting in the original added so much to the overall atmosphere (which was already top notch) - wandering the streets became like a survival horror - you wouldn't see the mobs until they're right on top of you. At which point you shit yourself and jump for cover. I've not tried it extensively on Div2, but i assume it won't be as dramatic, simply because swampy DC doesn't hold a candle to winter in NYC.

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