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  1. I bowled 50 x 5 frames last night, so I'm gonna say its good.
  2. Turn it off in the options. Its annoying for sure.
  3. I've played 50 games of online Bowling tonight. Only 5 frame options online, but its nice & snappy. I've won 40, lost 4, 5 rage quits, and 1 was a draw believe it or not. I have a certain knack of pulling off Turkeys in the 5th frame. Its no wonder these randoms don't choose "play again". *edit* I did it! Perfect Strike! Maximum points. Every throw a strike!
  4. Bloodborne PS5 and PC upgrade is welcome, because the more who can play it the better. For me its too soon. I bounced of the vanilla game after completing it, then once the DLC hit that game became top-top-tier! Diversity is key. Thats why Sekiro is such a disappointment for a Souls fanatic like myself. Luckily Nioh 2 exists and is soooooo good i want to shout it from the rooftops! Buy it. Play it. Love it. I'd love a Demon's overhaul with the DS3 combat system, but that game is better left in the archives. I still hold it with the fondest regard simply from the amount of time i spent with all 3 versions. 5am PvP lobbies on the Japanese server were something else!
  5. This is gaming in its purest form! I'm very happy.
  6. Its greater than the sum of its parts, mainly because all your faves are right there in one place. Its oh-so convenient, and a perfectly presented package. Best £27 i've spent on a game, and its only Day 1. It made me immediately renew my Nintendo Online sub, which at £15 per year is a steal.
  7. It's disappointing that 3 player local does not work with a Pro Controller.
  8. Okay i need someone off my friends list to play Bowling with me. I just got 6 Strikes in a row against some random, and you guessed it "Communication Error" aka rage monster.
  9. Just won my first online Bowling match with a Turkey Strike on my last throw. He rage quit shortly after.
  10. It feels pretty close to Wii-Sports as i remember it (been a while). Its easy to put spin on the ball by twist-flicking your wrist. It also seems to throw really fast balls with little effort, which isn't always a good thing when you're after a delicate spare. I need to play it more and hone my technique, but all signs are good!
  11. This is such a comprehensive package - all the faves are there plus many more unknowns that i can't wait to try out. And the presentation is top-drawer.
  12. This game is way too more-ish, and oh-so-jolly! I don't remember there being certain quests that make you return to the NPC and turn them in. The best mechanic this game introduced to JRPG's is the instant completion once you've killed or collected X amount of whatever. Also, the instant (and i mean instant) fast travel between waypoints is simply divine!
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