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  1. Curtis


    You're looking at about 60-70 hours for a playthrough. Then a bunch of other missions open up on completion, along with higher difficulties. There is a lot of content.
  2. 100% drop reward for [Village★3] Royal Rhinos Gone Wild. Remember to use Prowler Mode for all Gathering Quests (no need for stamina, nets, pickaxes, bait).
  3. I am loving Protection Prowler. It took some getting used to, but i'm satisfied now that i can match my standard Hunter performance(s). Still trudging through the all-too-familiar 4* Village Quests , but i'll be raring to go online once i get home and have a stable internet connection. Obsessed with this game all over again, but from a somewhat shorter, furrier perspective.
  4. See this is what i love about this game: i'm currently playing as a cat, dressed as a crab, and using a sheep for a weapon. Not a weapon made from sheep parts, an actual sheep.
  5. More than happy to share the love. If you see me playing (which'll be quite often, cause i'm on holiday), send me a message on here or via PSN and i'll set up a temporary lobby. Not sure if i can do any actual online hunting though because this hotel's wifi is shaky at best. Last thing i want is a disconnect when the monster is at death's door.
  6. Slowly getting used to my Prowler main. I started from scratch "meow!" for the third time (Gen and XXS), but thats good, because i need to learn as i'm going. My accuracy & damage output went up dramatically once i changed the camera angle from my preferred max height, to almost ground level, where the Palico is actually aiming from. All-in-all my clearance times have been about on par with the first time i ran these quests, so thats a good sign. Now i need to keep grinding and unlock all the skills that make the build(s) come alive.
  7. The only QoL change i'm missing after 7 hours play on Day 1, is the 'hold down X/A' on the reward screen to send all items to your box.
  8. Joined gaijinhunter's lobby earlier and bagged his 6 perfectly rolled Palicoes. Now i just have to level them up. Also, i'm playing Prowler only in MHGU, so don't tell @ann coulter.
  9. The download section is live. 9 pages worth of Event Quests.
  10. I need to make a decision about if and when to download this. I am currently on holiday abroad and will be for another 3 weeks. So the situation is: I have a 25 hour save on my 3DS but i didn't bring it with me on holiday because i have enough carry-on electronics as it is lol. I also have a 50 hour save on MHXXS but got bored having to translate everything, which made build planning problematic at best. Am i right in assuming the only way to transfer my Generations save data is via the app on the 3DS store, and there's definitely no way the XXS save data will translate over (regional and title differences etc)? If both the above are a 'no' then i should i just start fresh, and use all these free hours in the sunshine to overtake where i was previously? Help me decide fellow Hunters.
  11. Thanks for recommending this. I watched the entire first season yesterday.
  12. Curtis

    No Man's Sky

    I am soooooo happy they added 3rd person mode to this. Roll on Tuesday...
  13. Curtis

    Dark Souls II - Release: March 2014

    Scroll back a few hundred pages and you can find my live journal of that exact run. And this was before the weapon degradation was fixed, so you can imagine how that played a huge factor.

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