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  1. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    No chance pal, I've seen enough of his creations with your profile pic. I'd rather sleep tonight.
  2. Super Nintendo Appreciation Thread

    Your avatar is fucking terrifying.
  3. Ahhh, the delicious taste of chicken, how I have missed thee. I died for the cause on a hill of death - there were 19 people in the third to last circle and it seemed like about 15 of them were on the hilltop I wandered up. It was a bit mad because after that circle there were only four left alive. I managed to kill one and knock one down before being moidered but my wingman avenged me and went on to win us a tasty, tasty roast. Flight path will be useful.
  4. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    Is that footage of you playing in the background? Because that Medusa bit looks reeealllyyy irritating.
  5. AMIGArama Episode 26: Space Crusade

    I loved Myth on the Amstrad. I remember being dead excited by magazine previews of the Atari ST version but it got canned
  6. Currently playing...

    Hah, it's pretty much the only game I really wanted to try out on 32X. Thanks for destroying my hopes and dreams.
  7. Currently playing...

    @deKay, second from the bottom, looks like a big stompy robot game. What is it? Metalhead?
  8. Nathan Wind Had some fun rounds earlier with Benny and Rob Rule, cheers chaps. Well I suppose it really depends on your definition of fun. If you love being team-killed via frying pan as much as I do, then it was probably the best session of PUBG you could ever have.
  9. Looks good, must try it. I always liked Warbirds on the Lynx. It's a real technical marvel and plays a pretty mean WW1 dogfight too. Not for this thread but I'm currently rather enjoying Skies of Fury on the Switch. Third person WW1 dogfighting. It's pretty simplistic but seems fun for a pick-up-and-play blast.
  10. I'd like to play more regularly so if anyone ever needs a plus one to make up a squad feel free to shout in my direction! I don't like playing solo. At the moment I'm probably only getting in a pathetic four or five rounds a week.
  11. Mig-29 Fulcrum, that was an absolute belter! My STE is going away for some upgrades next week. I haven't decided whether or not to go with an Ultrasatan SD HDD or an HXC floppy emulator when it gets back, but either way, it's getting loaded up with a bunch of these.
  12. Man, that was doing my nut in for half an hour. All I could find was a double tape of Ace and Ace 2, or the Flight Ace 6 pack with the first Ace game (say 'Ace' one more time, you stuttering prick, go on I dare you!), but I knew it wasn't either of those. Fleabay to the rescue! It was - You may all sleep soundly this night.
  13. Echoing Sabreman, it occurred to me last night that I first played one of these on the Amstrad. I’m pretty sure it was Ace 2 in a compilation pack of some sort. I’ll have to scour mobygames and see if I can spot it.
  14. I'm pretty sure F-15 was one of the ridiculous ones.
  15. I know what you're thinking...this is going to be a strong contender for the most riveting thread of the year. I had a lot of love for flight sims back in the Atari ST days. Having recently got the 1040STE set up again, one of the first games I wanted to check out was an old favourite, F-29 Retaliator. It's still great fun and it got me to thinking about all the others I used to enjoy and how there was a real spate of them at that time. I probably owned half a dozen or so and had cover-disk demos of many, many more. B-17 Flying Fortress and Knights of the Sky were a couple more favourites, the latter being a little less simmy and I remember having some epic day-long sessions on the more realistic ones like F-19 and Chuck Yeager's. Just looking through a list on mobygames, there were so many of them! I don't remember which one it was (F-15, maybe?), but a pal of mine had one of them for his ST (which became my ST), that had the most insanely complex keyboard overlay I have ever seen. Look at that! Beautiful. Just me? Probably. Flaps. Pffffffftttttttt.

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