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  1. Do you have a vacancy for an Atari Jaguar evangelist?
  2. Just remembered one on the Mega Drive which I recently tried briefly while flicking through the Everdrive. Greatest Heavyweights, I think it was called. I only played for half an hour but it seemed good and I must remember to go back and give it a proper play.
  3. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    My definitive verdict is that Arrival is indeed good so as you were everyone.
  4. Nathan Wind

    Console start up sounds

    Yeah, you've gone on my list. Right to the top. Let me tell you about that 'animated 3D cube because why the hell not' - if you hold pause as the machine boots, you can MANIPULATE THE CUBE That's right, a 3D tech-demo on a console from 1993. Let's see its rivals do that. Oh wait, they can't because they don't have the 64-bits necessary to do so, since they're so weak and pathetic. And while I'm at it, the Gamecube is shite, just in general. Well more specifically, absolutely everything about it is shite. Yeah.
  5. Knockout Kings is excellent and one of the games from when it became Fight Night was great too, maybe FN3? It was heavy on different styles of boxing. I was partial to a bit of Frank Bruno’s on the 8-bit home computers (specifically Amstrad in my case) which was a Punch Out rip-off, but a good one. Finally, I’ve always loved Ready 2 Rumble Round 2, which I recently started playing again on Dreamcast. Arcade as hell and tons of fun.
  6. Nathan Wind

    Neo Geo Mini

    It would look better in the big red livery but the gold buttons and stick are an abomination.
  7. Nathan Wind

    Console start up sounds

    Playstation, 'cube, Dreamcast - all terrible. They lack power, weight, imagination. This is the start-up king -
  8. Nathan Wind

    Neo Geo Mini

    It looks fucking dreadful, but that line-up of games is a lot better. I might just about break if they do those games in one of the other shells.
  9. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I quite digged Rogue One - it's comfortably the best of the recent ones in my frequently uncorrect opinion. Excited to see Arrival, which I've meant to watch for so long, I'd completely forgotten about it. I'll get that watched tonight.
  10. Nathan Wind

    What do you emulate and what do you do it with?

    I agree, it does look great. If you're into big angular uninteresting lumps of black plastic. I KNOW YOU ARE BUT WHAT AM I?
  11. Nathan Wind

    What do you emulate and what do you do it with?

    Oh sure, I can totally see the appeal. If you like horrible big lumps of shiny black plastic.
  12. Nathan Wind

    What do you emulate and what do you do it with?

    Just look at that namco stick. So pretty compared to those other.....things.
  13. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo Switch

    YouTube is a pleasing development, but is an online subscription necessary?
  14. Nathan Wind

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Can you do Bob Monkhouse?

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