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  1. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    What a joke the fish 'boss' is!
  2. Ahhhh, saw your post on the Atari ST FB group a short while after you posted the photo here
  3. What flavour Atari ST is that, @Bluejam? Can’t tell from the picture.
  4. Would recommend Gore Tex ones. They're breathable and dry out very quickly.
  5. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    This game is great, btw. I'm really getting into it now.
  6. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Key Cavern done. This one felt very straight forward after Bottle Grotto, mid-boss (bomb worm things) and main boss were a walk in the park in comparison to previous ones. Speedy boots are now in my possession. Have been to a couple of bomb-able cave entrances and previously inaccessible spots around the map, mostly for a piece of heart or rupee chest, I haven't been bothering with the seashells. Have also done the next step in the trading quest with Tarin, swapping the stick for the honeycomb (SPOILERS!). A good portion of the map is open now - time to head west. The water dungeon where you get the flippers (I think?) is as far as I've made it before, so I'm getting close.
  7. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    That's the one that got me, but I remembered there was one tile in there with a different texture on it which is a sure sign that there's a hidden chest or key. If you look those guys up on the Zelda wiki they're actually called 'Masked Douches'.
  8. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    There’s a room with two of those masked douches that copy your movements in reverse. You can just walk through it, but you get a key if you kill them.
  9. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Is RetroArch one of the later dungeons? I haven't found the ROM yet, do you need to beat a mini-boss to get it, like the power bracelet? Whereabouts is the switch?
  10. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Please forgive me. I promise to tell you every single thing I'm up to from now on, dear. Edit - sorry, mistook you for my wife due to your incessant whining.
  11. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Cracking on with this. Bottle Grotto flummoxed me because I’d missed a key early on, but I had a good idea of where it was, boss was no problem. Easier than the first one, in fact. Since then I’ve returned Bow Wow, been to see Richard at his slime key holiday residence, done the errands to get bananas for the monkey, got Richards leaves and now I’m ready to do the slime key dungeon. Tres bien.
  12. Nathan Wind

    Game Boy & GB Advance Appreciation Thread

    Tremendous game. That and Super DD on the SNES are the best games to be graced by the Double Dragon name for my money.
  13. Nathan Wind

    Treble's Retro Gaming PC challenge!

    Valiant attempt.
  14. Nathan Wind

    Retro Game Club - March ‘19: Link’s Awakening

    Playing this via flash cart on an original Game Boy. To my shame, it's a game I've played many times and for many hours over the years, but have never finished. What always strikes me is just how clever it is in its map design. They've worked magic with such limited hardware. It looks great, the music and writing are charming to this day, and it's actually pretty fiendish. I've done the first dungeon, taken Bow Wow to Bottle Grotto and beaten the mid-boss for the power bracelet, but have called it a day there for now because I was finding it a little bit of a mind-bender. I'm pretty sure I know what I've missed when I go back to it. Lovely game.
  15. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo Switch

    The 'HD vibration' is fucking awful in most games I've played and only serves to disturb anyone nearby rather than, you know, actually vibrate the console. I ended up just turning it off outright.

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