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  1. Nathan Wind

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    This is exactly my experience with the Amstrad version. I waited so long for it to arrive from Special Reserve and when it did I could barely make any progress at all. Even more crushing was that it came after the rousing loading art and game intro with great music and character bio's. Brutal.
  2. Nathan Wind

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    I also enjoyed (although that’s the wrong word) Good Time. I’m a sucker for night in the city movies and it’s a good one. Kind of has that meandering Mean Streets or Bad Lieutenant feel about it. Synthy soundtrack helps nail the 70’s /80’s vibe. Pattinson plays an excellent manipulative unlikable scumbag.
  3. Nathan Wind

    Now TV

    It used to be really bad for hangs and dropping to Vaseline-o-vision, but I’m going back at least a couple of years and it’s fine now. Film selection is good, I think. You get the odd run of crap new releases but there’s plenty of good older stuff (and Netflix/PS Store/whatever) to ride those out. I don’t even mind the difference in sound or picture quality any more. When I was younger I used to get my knob in a knot if I wasn’t getting proper HD and the best quality sound. Now I couldn’t give a fuck because everything has reached the point where it’s perfectly good enough that it just doesn’t matter. As a vaguely related aside, I’m dreading the day I have to rewire my AV receiver and I used to do that shit for fun. I’ll probably bin the lot and get a soundbar when it dies. *old man shakes fist at clouds*
  4. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    I liked Tiny Metal at first but it soon became a real slog. Very samey, soulless and there’s so much convoluted nonsense dialogue that even skipping through it takes an age. I really wanted an AW-alike but this was not it for me. Into the Breach is scratching that itch nicely in its stead. Can’t wait for Wargroove.
  5. Jammy get! There's big dollar in some of those on eBay.
  6. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Indeed. I bought it on PC (non VR) and found it lovely looking but deathly dull.
  7. Nathan Wind

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    GameCube zealots are the most annoying of all. Gotta have one of each colour, all stacked up in some sort of disgusting childish tower of nonsense. Idiots. Terrible console.
  8. Nathan Wind

    Why are Nintendo fans so annoying?

    Agree with everything OP says. Every single word of it.
  9. Can you buy the Nvidia game pads separately? It’s surprisingly good.
  10. Nathan Wind

    Good new horror films

    Yeah, it's quite something! Definitely one to avoid reading about beforehand.
  11. Nathan Wind

    Atari Jaguar

    I can indeed confirm the above, one of mine is fine but I had to open the other and push the PCB up. This counts as exciting news in the Jag thread. I’ll keep you all posted. No need to thank me.
  12. Nathan Wind

    Good new horror films

    Oh, I also enjoyed The Borderlands (Final Prayer), despite the reviews again. A fun British take on the genre.
  13. Nathan Wind

    Good new horror films

    REC is decent if you haven’t seen it already. I wouldn’t bother with the sequels. I also quite liked As Above So Below, despite the shitty reviews.
  14. Nathan Wind

    Pandora Box

    Certainly in 6 there’s an indexing mode where you can search alphabetically and by game type, split between fighting, puzzle, shmup and action. Puzzle and action are a bit ambiguous with some crossover in puzzle-platform games etc. But it’s generally a helpful system.
  15. Nathan Wind

    DUSK - Classic Shooter Perfection (Switch Version TBD)

    The intoxication effect made me want to hurl within ten seconds of starting. That was a new experience in a game.

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