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  1. That’s an absolute classic. Wonderful performances from all of the cast and some stunning direction and framing.
  2. Nathan Wind

    Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema - Tuesdays 9pm BBC 4

    I thought the same thing, but then, I'm not interested in rom-coms. Very much looking forward to heists and horror. I went to a live evening with Mark Kermode a couple of years ago and he's a very open and likeable chap.
  3. Nathan Wind

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Polaris prelims are streaming live on Friendface now, for anyone interested in grappling - https://www.facebook.com/pg/www.JOE.co.uk/videos/?ref=page_internal Edit - aaand a beautiful kimura to straight armbar finish in match one
  4. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo Switch

    Many thanks.
  5. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo eShop

    The first Hand of Fate is excellent. I’d been holding off buying the sequel, hoping it would come to the Switch so that’s good news. It’ll be a great fit.
  6. Nathan Wind

    Nintendo Switch

    Did you get to the bottom of this? I've had my eye on Lone Wolf for a while.
  7. I wouldn't worry about that. It'll still be happening when you've got 600 hours.
  8. Preach. Nowt wrong with spending an hour or two getting used to movement, looting etc. but as soon as you're comfortable with the absolute basics, hot drop often. I wish I'd started doing it from the beginning instead of spending half an hour hiding in buildings, only to be killed by the first decent opposition I met, for the first 70 hours I played. That said, I do quite dig mixing it up from time to time and approaching it like the old (proper) Ghost Recon games for a change of pace. Escpecially solo. It's quite fun being an utter weasel sometimes.
  9. Nathan Wind

    Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    As recently discussed in the horror films thread (it's not a horror), Calibre is good. Well acted, tense and a decent story that kept me guessing.
  10. Also @Rikku, that first firefight where those scrubs stormed our compound in a muscle car was ace. You held your nerve admirably. Many fun.
  11. We’ll be fine, don’t worry. Honestly, it’s fine. In 250 hours I’ve only been killed in a red zone half a dozen times so you know the likelihood is sli.....oh. GG.
  13. Nathan Wind

    Commando Madness!

    Look at that arrogant son of a bitch. What a fucking snake.
  14. Nathan Wind

    Desert Island Discs - game edition.

    Online (well, LAN) - DOOM - Atari Jaguar Super Burnout - Atari Jaguar Power Drive Rally - Atari Jaguar Alien vs Predator - Atari Jaguar Wolfenstein - Atari Jaguar Cannon Fodder - Atari Jaguar Rayman - Atari Jaguar Raiden - Atari Jaguar Luxury item - Atari Jaguar beach towel.

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