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  1. I loved Voxelgram https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/voxelgram-mhg-review/
  2. Never forget Arsenal fling similar to Liverpool and Robbie Keane scoring.
  3. Rush was something else. As was King Kenny
  4. Yeah gave the video a watch ahead of time. Easy to follow. Can you get an image for the second card for roms? MAME is usually the biggest headache. Obviously not after direct links, more whether I need to do a lot of legwork.
  5. Getting a RG351M for Christmas. Now my eyes are improving. Can anyone help me find a guide on how to get the thing updated to something better than the stock firmware and get is into a worthwhile state??
  6. Possible dumb question. If I run the cloud version on the Xbox One, what version of the game will I get? Just want to try it out on the TV, before installing to PC.
  7. He went for P5S. He didn't enjoy Xenoblade and of course we already own DDMR many times over
  8. My son has £40 credit on the Switch from his birthday and is torn between P5 Strikers and Marvel Ultimate Alliance III Hive mind, help him decide.
  9. 73? We call that s Thursday around these parts.
  10. Blame the blind NB holiday fairy Should be sorted now
  11. Send the kids to Milan to screw Simeone
  12. Really enjoyed it. It knows what it is and leans into it in just the right way. Some really good chemistry and loved the Consolevania bits. 45 minutes on YouTube is spot on too. Not rushed and didn't drag
  13. The old Wimbledon don't exist any longer. The FA Cup should be given to whomever their opponents were that day.
  14. bradigor

    NFL 2021!

    I love the Lions. Find new ways to not win every week. All my Detroit teams are shite right now
  15. I thought it started this coming Wednesday
  16. We are ridiculous as and attacking force
  17. bradigor

    The Man Utd Thread

    So rather than fall short by Christmas you'll just fail in the last couple of games of the season.
  18. bradigor

    The Man Utd Thread

    Have your players downed tools? It looks like they are actively trying to get Ole sacked.
  19. It's the problem with many games from known publishers. Trying to shoehorn new games into existing franchises when they'd be better off as new IP
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