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  1. Thing is, we'll have games that we'll get points in that City won't. Maybe starting next week against Spurs. City set the bar way too high, but we are taking the challenge head on.
  2. We were awful. Will take a point
  3. We have been utter shite
  4. Was hoping to see Brewster on the bench.
  5. It’ll be a United win today. They need a reaction and we all know this game, form doesn’t matter. United by a single goal
  6. Imagine Sami and Virgil at the back.
  7. I only play support as either Mercy or Lucio. I have no desire to do any of the others
  8. You may find a moody stream somewhere, but not sure what that situation is like at the moment. I'll miss the game tomorrow as Lucas needs to be in Solent for Ice Hockey, will try and watch on the phone, but seeing as we'll blow it tomorrow, probably better I don't watch.
  9. Hi, As some of you will know, I have started a new site up called Mental Health Gaming and I am thinking of writing a piece on Fortnite. Recently there was some news that some parents are suing Epic Games for making the game too addictive. Now whilst this should be mocked and laughed at, it picked up some traction in the trash press and mouthpiece TV shows. This led to some really shocking representations from those who know nothing about the game (or gaming in general). Now I don't for one moment think Fortnite is perfect, I stopped playing it and decided to stop my son playing it as it had a negative effect on him. So I haven't played it in ages and don't feel I know enough about the current state of the game to address things properly. So would rather get opinions from those who are still active with it. So a few questions I'd like to ask you all and then if possible use in the article. So here goes: 1. What makes Fortnite so addictive? 2. Is it easy enough for you to pull away? If not, why not? 3. Do you have a different reaction to Fortnite than you do other games 4. If you have children, have you noticed any change in them since playing Fortnite? 5. Do you feel forced into spending beyond Battle Passes to get the skins? 6. What are you overall thoughts on the game? How does it make you feel? Is it something unique to Fortnite? Or the genre? Feel free to add anything too, these aren't questions that need to be answered with definitive answers, more guiding the sort of thing I'd like to know for the article, as this is covering Mental Health side of things. If you are happy for me to use what you write, let me know too if I can use your name / username too.
  10. Saw that Jimpressions earlier and it sold me the game. Will get it on Switch when I have finished Witcher 3 (next year)
  11. This really is good on the Switch. Easily lose yourself in the game handheld. I am still on mainline quests, but looking forward to some of the meatier side quests.
  12. Carrol was shite yes... but we had Suarez to comfort that for a bit.
  13. I think she only got the job because of her name.
  14. Liverpool paid £32m for Benteke. (Who as the time was a 1 in 2 striker).. which was stupid. Yet Palace then paid a minimum £27m for him from Liverpool.
  15. I know it makes me the worst human being in the world, but I had to put this on easy to get through some early sections as I just kept dying as was under-levelled. So another doth of the cap to CDProjektRed for allowing me to play the game as I want. Letting me save when I want, but also change the difficulty at will, changing the enemy scaling and many other little things.
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