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  1. T99 and Slay the Spire are my most played games of the year. So I did good this year
  2. I absolutely adore Tetris 99 and so happy to see it up there. I wrote about it for my site http://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/tetris-99-problems-but-my-brain-aint-one/
  3. bradigor

    Xbox Game Pass

    Started this on PS4 and early impressions were very positive. Glad more will get to play it.
  4. Naby is missing most months anyway* *It was a joke, so as mot to upset those who think I am anti-positive.
  5. I use US eShop credit. Mine was gifted to me by friends in the US, but you can get it off eBay, or p;aces like PC Game Supply. I'd use a separate account for the store, it's what we do.
  6. Fair enough. Learn something new every day.
  7. My first ever game was against United in the Kop 202. Lost 2-1 (Forlan game). Still came our grinning like a mad man. Also, looking forward to seeing how we do at Gay Meadow. Assuming we'll play some kids and a couple of experienced players again.
  8. I for one would like you to tow the corporate line and sanitise all the write ups. No, the other thing... have fun with it.
  9. $9.99 on US store. Had enough credit left to but it Especially as was given review code for Puzzle and Dragons! It is very good so far.
  10. bradigor

    Nintendo Switch

    Oh I do hope so. It'll be mobile though.
  11. Meh, we played the game that needed to be played against a Mourinho team. It was clear they'd have to come at us at some point and we changed the way we played to match that. They had one chance that was really well worked, but messed up. Everything else came from individual mistakes, rather than them playing well. We weren't great, but we did enough to win. Which is how we are different these days, we don't need to play out of our skin to win.
  12. My son got 2 minutes roughing in his game yesterday. Now he has had plenty of penalties before for tripping, hooking, slashing and even roughing, This one made me proud though as this roughing call was for punching someone Never knew he had it in him.
  13. I got 18 officially as I forgot to spell Van Nistlerooy correctly, then forgot to Google it to check. So spent last moments thinking about who I had missed who played for United.
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