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  1. I can see why reddit have a system in place. Seems like a nightmare when someone has a good price.
  2. This would have been a chance for a great bit of PR for Activision and Sony. "Hey... You know we have a exclusivity period with Sony for Call of Duty content, but due to the world we are in, both us and Sony have agreed to forgo the deal for this remaster. Everyone can now enjoy Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered. Stay Home and Stay Safe!"
  3. I've added a channel to the Mental Health Gaming Discord server if anyone fancies some AC talk there as well. Have set up text and voice channels https://discord.gg/N4vF9x7
  4. I am now wearing a dress, but nothing to do with my kids. Works with the axe.
  5. You should do the ChuChu Rocket arrows.
  6. 198 Bells... I suck at investments. I have a feeling my application to the real life stock market will be sent back
  7. Sweet, my son bought some blue flowers back from an island and now we have peacock butterflies spawning.
  8. Might go island hopping tonight, see if I can get a few rare fish and do some tarantula hunting. Used my turnip profits to fast track an incline and pay off a loan. So need some funds so I can relocate a bunch of stuff on the island. I want to create a commercial district near the plaze, then housing in a community. I think that will cost me a fortune.
  9. Hold fire if you were planning on picking anything up in next couple of days
  10. It's like the opposite of Spurs. Tottenham's 550 non-playing staff will take a 20% pay cut during the coronavirus pandemic, the club announced in a statement on Tuesday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52105337 oh and Newcastle https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52098392
  11. Dumb question, is the only way to lay paths right now by doing the following for every single square... 1. Open Phone 2. Select Designer App 3. Select Tile 4. Choose place on ground 5. Step forward 6. Repeat 1-5
  12. Left you a gold nugget, by your feet at the Cranny.
  13. That is so tempting. Can double my money with that.
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