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  1. Mario Strikers: Into the Void
  2. Let's fuck Everton at the weekend and win the European Cup. Liverpool having a dud of a season, Everton and Moyes looking at 4th... Where is the final this year? German team in the first Knock out round too. Who knows
  3. Missed this as was busy today. Can't wait to see the Firmino assist
  4. It explains his reactions to the endless dumb questions from reporters of late. What you say is spot on. Look at the way Jesse Lingard was treated as another example for the standard athletes are held to. Hand waving away personal issues because of who they are. We never learn.
  5. Sad to hear about Klopp's Mum. Do we know if she'd been ill?
  6. bradigor

    PES 2020

    Just booted up PES 2021 on Steam for the first time with a few mods added. Looks and plays really well. What are the essential mods to get for this? Will only be playing offline.
  7. That's a shame as I had a word with Jurgey (we're buds) and he said he finds you a charming chap.
  8. Imagine being a team that actually lost to Liverpool at Anfield this season
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