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  1. The way we've lost titles in the past... It wouldn't surprise me!
  2. Yeah I noticed that, then talking about how City had another good day. I so wish we were doing as well as both of those
  3. It'd be nice if we went out and battered someone to hammer it home.
  4. I'll start doing some AAA games so I can shit on them instead
  5. Another one... Story of Seasons which is out on Friday https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/story-of-seasons-friends-of-mineral-town-review/
  6. We had a discussion about the role of women in videogames recently. Part 1 of that discussion is available to listen to now. Part 2 coming later and a full video version after that.
  7. Because it is a decision by committee. VAR room sh ould be there for offsides* and alerting the ref to incidents he needs to look at. Just give the power to the referee on the pitch as much as possible. Hell if you really didn't want to always stop the game for him to run over, make use of the fourth official for checking the monitor, at least he is there and saw it live. He can then get over the on-pitch ref in much needed cases. *Adjust those offside rules.. not clear within 30 seconds, then the original on-field decision stands. Scenario 1: Cross into the box and Joe Gomez knocks it away with his hand Ref misses or feels it is accidental Liverpool clear and play continues VAR are already checking and see that yes the ball hits Gomez's hand. Advise 4th official to check monitor He checks and clearly sees Gomez move hand to ball to stop it reaching opposition attacker Alerts ref - PENALTY - Games stopped Scenario 2: Luiz flies into a tackle but ref thinks he got the ball and game continues VAR check incident and Luiz catches player above the ankles with studs showing, but does clip the ball Advise 4th official to check, but he is unsure himself. So gets referee's attention who stops play. Ref heads to monitor and decides it was a dangerous challenge and gives Luiz a red card. In both cases the VAR room aren't making the decision, they are just checking the incident did or didn't happen and pass that information to the on pitch officials. Using the 4th official to check first and allow the match to carry on with little disruption until such a time it needs to be stopped (or stops naturally). It all comes down to the ref that way, which everyone will accept.
  8. and this is where the implementation ruins it. It is too close to call, so keep the on-field decision.
  9. Aye, if they made the decision to just let the ref look at the monitor more, VAR would look much, much better.
  10. Smith trying to defend him. Horrible challenge. VAR shows how it works when used properly.
  11. Just reviewed it and really enjoyed it. https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/superliminal-review/ But @schmojo nails it somewhat there. Portal and the likes are clearly seen in this.
  12. Superliminal is out on the Switch and it is totally worth your time. https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/superliminal-review/
  13. Away from men kicking balls, we have a review for The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature https://www.mentalhealthgaming.com/the-wanderer-frankensteins-creature-review/
  14. bradigor

    F1 2020

    Closed duplicate thread original can be found here:
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