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  1. They are going to be unbearable mate.
  2. Really enjoyable game of football. Chelsea were clearly better than Liverpool, but we battled well and kept them to half chances. The goal to win it was a rifle into the top corner from just outside the six yard box. Preuss had no chance. Liverpool's best chance fell to Furness, but we hardly threatened and really need something else up top. Players came over after the game to sign autographs and have photos taken with the kids. Liverpool staff gave Edith and Lucas a wristband which was a nice touch. Players were all very appreciative of the away support.
  3. As long as nothing gets in the way, we are off to Kingsmeadow to watch Liverpool's visit to Chelsea in the FA Cup. First time actually being able to watch Liverpool Women live. We'll probably lose (by a single goal again) but excited for my daughter to be able to see them up close.
  4. Rumour is, that part of the deal is that we do not have a template kit.
  5. RIP to Harry Gregg. Read up on him a few years ago and he was the epitome of bravery in the truest sense of the word.
  6. GAME in Chelmsford had loads yesterday from what I could tell. If that helps anyone.
  7. Finally got round to sitting to the finale. Absolutely perfect. No you have something in your eye.
  8. Was never going to be the most fluid performance after a break, but as usual the team did what they needed to do to get the points. You saw they threatened to move up through the gears a couple of times. It's funny watching games as you see the level of which we are judged now. If Norwich got over the half way line Tyler wet his pants. Teams are being praised for staying in a game. We have become ridiculous.
  9. Really checking for a foul there? Behave.
  10. What a save from Krul there.
  11. Plenty of the ball, but not penetrating them quite yet. Shots from the edge of the box mainly. But we have them moving about, so they should get tired.
  12. That scoop pass from Bobby deserved something better from it.
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