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  1. I think every single potential suggestion I have for this thread is 99% due to the music; game soundtracks do so much heavy lifting. One exception is Playdead, Limbo and Inside have very little music if any and create a sense of foreboding and existential dread through ambient sound, minimalist visuals, swift death, darkness, water, creatures, buzzing industrial machines, and uncomfortably close proximity to the above.
  2. Do you hold it at arms length? In handheld I feel much more connected to the game as I can press my nose up against the glass*. *plastic
  3. Also remember that any lines you make before the queued junk actually arrives will be deducted from the incoming pile, so even singles and doubles will help chip away and will buy you time; the red flashing junk won't enter your screen until you place a block that doesn't complete a line. That means if it is already flashing you can take a little bit more time to choose where best to drop your current piece, or even switch to your hold piece, but don't wait forever as there'll usually be more on the way. And finally, if you can just clear away your own pieces you'll be able to clear the grey blocks easily with a long piece or 2, so you could even play slower at the start.
  4. No you misunderstand, separate entities. A handheld and a console, not the handheld AND console we got, which none of us could have predicted would work as well as it does. I adore my switch, but I couldnt argue that it isn't compromised in any way by having to be both, and Nintendo have obviously listened to demand for a cheaper smaller model.
  5. From brad's video the new theme looks gorgeous. Very, er, clean? Maybe not the right word where Splatoon is concerned.
  6. I seem to remember before the Eurogamer switch scoop there was a rumour that the next Nintendo consoles would be a handheld console and a home console that both played the same games, so this is very tenuously a step towards that. The next step of course would be a Switch Pro which isn't portable.
  7. I wouldn't worry about it, its just a different final cutscene really and unless you're going to finish the game 4 times you'll be youtubing some of it anyway.
  8. You've probably already seen yourself that the answer is yes. Didn't help that I told myself "I'll just do the furry ram"
  9. Good advice, this. As an example here's me early on trying to play like Souls And here's me 20 hours later
  10. It's safe to go get it.
  11. Really sweet video from Max, the first 9 minutes outlines the behind-closed-doors part of the E3 demo, then 9 mins in he tells how Kitase was in attendance and revealed to him that
  12. Finished up my NG+ run earlier in the week and think I've had my fill. Last boss I found really tough even with all my experience and powered up Wolf. Not going to bother playing through another 2 times (well, 1 and ¾) for the other 2 endings, which is a shame as there are a couple bosses unique to one route, and I still have 22 more skill points to go for the final few combat arts.
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