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  1. Because they're all-in on the card design thing. You're right that there's a lot of wasted space, especially considering it's designed for 4k so you could fit loads of small, sharp text in, and you're right that Parties and Friends should be two separate options. "Game Base" is a misnomer too. There's certainly a lack of customisation that would make everyone happier.
  2. Not saying it's perfect by any means but pressing R1 (or just press right) once is much better than having to scroll down past parties to get to the friends list.
  3. Like this Rath probably has the easiest tell but you get used to them.
  4. The most newcomer-friendly addition is probably your hunter shouting "HERE IT COMES!" or similar when the mon is winding up its hardest-hitting attack.
  5. Great fun in this coming up against familiar faces and new beasties alike. Last night we did one where we had multiple "it can do that?!" moments mid-fight.
  6. Also if you pick up a puppet spider somewhere on the map you can use it to skip all that and go straight to mounting.
  7. It can be amazing when you time it right. Once they're mountable it's basically holding R, directing them towards a wall, press Y to bash it, then B to stay on (one recovery per wirebug).
  8. It does, it rumbles like mad on big roars and less so when landing certain attacks.
  9. What if you forget your personal pin number?
  10. X with the stick neutral. Was just playing with a pal, loving how little downtime there is compared to World with much less running between places in the hub, much less flavour text to be skipped through when doing anything for the millionth time, bounties being rolled into the quest gal, and much quicker loading.
  11. Visit that park with the bowing deer?
  12. Also available for cash from the vendor in the mask outside by the normal quest woman.
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