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  1. multiclunk

    Now TV

    Fuck man, that's The Leftovers AND The Deuce I missed from my list. I'm sorry. I bet The Americans in on there as well. (It's not, I think that's on Amazon)
  2. multiclunk

    Now TV

    There is some fantastic stuff in the Entertainment pack, as I posted earlier. Like I said, I haven't used it for a while but researching before I posted, I was surprised to find so much quality TV that I'd either forgotten about or didn't know was on there. Fair enough if you've already seen all you want to see, but to say that it's limited is incorrect. I'd put Nowtv behind Netflix and Amazon Prime in my own preferences, but there is certainly plenty of quality and choice there if you look.
  3. multiclunk

    Now TV

    Yeah but no adverts though. That's a good thing.
  4. multiclunk

    Now TV

    Oh shit yes, I'd forgotten The Leftovers was on there. Almost perfect that was. Watch that, then watch Gomorrah.
  5. multiclunk

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Oh Superman - Laurie Anderson. Must have been a hit because here it is on Top of the Pops. But the official vid is where all the cool kids go. Have I won?
  6. multiclunk

    Now TV

    Yeah they sometimes do that but more often than not, they put them back up 6 months later, for another 6 months. Can be frustrating though if your halfway through a rewatch of the Wire or something, which is what happened to me last year (It's back up now though)
  7. multiclunk

    Now TV

    As for recommendations: The ones I mentioned above plus (some obvious ones that you should have already seen) The Sopranos Ray Donovan Gomorrah (best thing on there) My Brilliant Friend True Detective (S3 this month!) Billions Nurse Jackie Quarry Tin Star The Trip The Tunnel (starts as a UK/France version of the Bridge but then branches off) Patrick Melrose Oz Get Shorty (better than the movie) Both Twin Peaks Band of Brothers Big Little Lies Brotherhood (getting on now but still excellent) Deadwood There's a shitload of good series now I've just had another look, so I'll stop there. But really, everyone should watch Gomorrah, it fantastic.
  8. multiclunk

    Now TV

    I'm only signed up to the Entertainment package and also pay for a days football now and again. Last month I realised I hadn't used it for a while so decided to cancel (online). Went through the usual rigamarole of 'are you sure?' questions, then at the very second to last page (I'm assuming) I got a 'please stay and you can have it half price for 6 months!' offer. So I accepted that & I'm paying only £3.50 a month for it now. Still haven't used it for a while though, as I've watched most of the good stuff (GOT, The Wire, Last Panthers, The Night Of etc.) I'll check back every now and again though for any new HBO stuff and obviously Game of Thrones will be back soon. I think the streaming quality isn't as good as Netflix or Amazon mind. I've also recently changed my broadband service to Nowtv as well, and that's rock solid 30 Meg + for £25 a month which is ample for our two person household. Previously had Sky shitty 12 Meg (usually only getting around 4 Meg though) for £15 a month. I dunno what the difference between Sky and Nowtv would be though as I thought they were the same company, but Nowtv had the better offers for similar services.
  9. multiclunk

    Best Films of 2018

    It's on Netflix now! I watched it as soon as I spotted it on there and loved every mad minute of it. Edit: completely out of step with the thread, but I watched Kill List for the first time this year and it totally fucked me up. One of the most disturbing films I've ever watched. Along with Under The Skin, which I also watched for the first time in 2018. Also very much enjoyed this year, The Florida Project, You Were Never Really Here, I, Tonya, Annihilation, Wind River, Calibre. And loads more that I will remember as soon as I hit 'post'.
  10. multiclunk

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    Fuck yes, I think that was it, thank you. Did you try it?
  11. multiclunk

    Sh****st game you ever got bought

    I think* I started the Flipnic thread on here, sorry. *I definitely started it. SORRY. Worst game I ever bought was something to do with dolphins on one of the first two PlayStations, cannot for the life of me remember what it was called but it was something I was looking forward to, bought it, played it for one night, realized it was utter shite then took it back the next day for money back. If anyone can name it I will be forever in your debt.
  12. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Wasn't expecting to put Netflix on tonight and find "The Endless" on there waiting for me, but there it is. I've heard very good things about it.
  13. multiclunk

    Roma (Netflix Film) - Alfonso Cuarón

    Ah ha, of course. I never watched the trailer - My bad.
  14. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Friday! Great, thank you.
  15. multiclunk

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    When the heck is 'Roma' getting released on Netflix. I keep reading very good things about it and how it's Netflix big time break out movie and it's tipped for the Oscars etc. But nothing about when I can see it on Netflix. Anybody know? Also, there's a new sport documentary about Sunderland AFC's nightmare season last year when they got relegated to the third tier of English football. A behind the scenes, fly on the wall 8 part documentary - 'Sunderland Til I Die' is released this Friday If it's anywhere near as good as the one they did when Peter Reid was the manager, 'Premier Passions' in the 90's, it'll be a great watch.

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