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  1. This is excellent. I expect I'll have this done and dusted before the weekend is up.
  2. Haven't played for a while but I think I'll crank it back up again tonight, it's a great little game. Feel free to add multiClunk if you're on Xbox
  3. That blue and white 3 wheeler thing keeps popping up along their route, can't be a coincidence? (It probably can) These three have made watching Top Gear ok for me again. I think they're doing a pretty good job of it.
  4. I've got myself a Sky Cinema pass for a few weeks on Nowtv to catch up on stuff I've wanted to watch for a while. Got a long list of things but started with the last 2 Avengers movies (4/5 each, entertaining, impressive spectacles but never been a huge fan of superhero stuff really) Dogman (2018) 4/5 - Italian dog groomer/small time crook & dealer coming to terms with being picked on by his town's huge, criminal bully. Set in a somewhat delapedated Italian seaside town where everyone seems to know everyone else. Loved this. Absorbing story and great characters and although they don't really have much to do with the plot, the dogs in it are wonderful. 4/5 but a better 4/5 than I gave the Avengers.
  5. Seen it loved it loved it loved it loved it
  6. Christ almighty, the last 20 minutes of Uncut Gems is tense as fuck. What a ride. So many good scenes, the whole 'orange' thing in the nightclub, for example, was just so well done, without it even having any meaningful impact on the overall plot. Amazing. More of this please filmmakers. Cannot wait to see what these two do next
  7. Bit of a bump, but I've got this on my 'wishlist' and have some credit burning a hole in my pocket. Has this sunk without trace cos it's bad? (the trailer looks good but I suppose it's job is to make it look good).
  8. Exactly the same here. But having said that, I read the Observer review of Sky 1's 'Cobra' today, which gave it a lot of praise, so I've started watching it tonight and I've already burned through 4 episodes.
  9. The premise sounds very much like Aniara (which was the best thing I watched last year), but with comedy. Watched the trailer today. Not sure if I'm gonna like it but I'll give it a go due to Armando being behind it.
  10. Not a film the brothers did, but if you're interested in Robert Pattison films, watch The Rover. Great movie. Was on Netflix, not sure if it still is.
  11. I watched it on Netflix, I think/hope it's still on there. Log out of here and do yourself a favour. You will not regret it
  12. Bold claim for a January there fella, but if it's as good as Good Time you might be onto something.
  13. Very happy to find that Uncut Gems will be on Netflix at the end of the month. The Safdie brothers last film, Good Time was one of the best things I watched last year.
  14. multi

    Neil Peart has died.

    Lovely post @Nequests, thanks.
  15. multi

    Neil Peart has died.

    Would I be right in thinking this is a return to the 'concept album' thing they did in the 70's? I seem to remember at the time it came out it was linked to a novel, or maybe a graphic novel or comic series? Thanks for the recommendations, appreciated.
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