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  1. I see 'Song Exploder' is in there, based on the podcast I expect? Edit - yes it is. Could be good
  2. You can also check the model number in the battery compartment, Model 1537 is the old one without Bluetooth, model 1708 is the newer one with Bluetooth.
  3. It's so good I'm going to watch it again tonight @Graham S. Thanks for the reminder
  4. Completely agree @Graham S, I said the same earlier. Well worth 16 minutes of anyone's time
  5. Challenger : The Final Flight About the tragic launch of the Challenger Space Shuttle in 1986. Watched all 4 of these last night and it was excellent. Has interviews with all the main players involved and the families of the 7 crew who lost their lives. A lot of it goes into telling the stories of the crew and how they came to be chosen for the mission and theres also a focus on problems with the solid fuel boosters and about who knew about those problems and what the did or didn't do about it. Some of the footage is stu
  6. Haven't seen him for a couple of days really. I've got an update to do in that thread today though.
  7. Sorry. Not my attention at all.
  8. I caught this last night by accident, after Paul & Bob's lovely fishing programme and before Louis Theroux's interesting and quite genteel* first of 4 retrospectives of his BBC stuff. *(not the Nazi/Skinheads bits) While normally, I do like Harry Hill's TV stuff, I thought this was a bit badly scheduled to be on in between two much more thought provoking programmes. It was a bit jarring and I enjoyed it less because of that. Now I know I can basically schedule my own TV timeline with Iplayer etc. but I was just intending to have a lazy Sunday night in front
  9. Somewhere in the settings you can adjust size, font, colour and background colour for the subs. There are so many options though, I'm constantly fiddling with them until I can settle on something I like.
  10. I love this book so, so much. Its such a great story told with an unforgettable mix of the everyday, the fantastical and the strangest tales of a kid growing up. I need to read it again now.
  11. I have Ring alerts set up on my various devices.
  12. I don't think he was pushing for people to see it at the cinema though, was he? It was more a question of why something like Tenet was showing in cinemas but Mulan wasn't?
  13. Bloody hell ignore @Vespa Alex, please start with the mini series which is also up there on iPlayer too @StopharageIt's pretty essential in setting up the whole thing. I'm very jealous that your going into this blind. It's absolutely fantastic television for the most part.
  14. Damn, poor Geata, proved himself on Battlestar's bridge but never got the breaks. At least he's still making waves in space based stuff.
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