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  1. milko

    The Spurs Thread

    Poch to Bayern might be fun. Or are PSG due to be looking, about now?
  2. I noticed quite a few seemed to have little moths and stuff, that must help. I thought they could’ve had more of them if they kept them out of the foreground at least. If they’re getting seen in any detail they’ll come at quite a cost to make convincing I should think.
  3. yeah I enjoyed the books, and saw Timothy Dalton ‘be’ Asrael in the big South Bank show which was amazing (dem puppets!), but I got really bored and restless in episode 1. It still happens a bit in the subsequent ones so far but not so much.
  4. I have to say, having decided after one episode to not bother, a hole in our schedule and downloading habit has meant me and my wife have carried on after all with this and it's definitely grown on us I'm now up to typically-English feelings about it, like it's not too bad, and so on. And we also enjoyed watching 7 Worlds One Planet and getting the scary monkeys right alongside this.
  5. have you got GOG Galaxy 2? It unifies the PC ones pretty nicely.
  6. Well, if I read it right, they're saying that all the things they did which took them over the cap, were not in fact applicable to the cap. They're helping them with investments to give them a source of income after retirement, that sort of thing. I mean, the cynical view on this is pretty obvious so it doesn't look particularly right or good to me either, though I haven't read into it in any depth. I suspect it will come down to what the lawyers can argue rather than actual morals and fairness. Presumably they can afford some pretty good ones too.
  7. I don't think they're even saying it's not true, they're just saying it's not breaking any rules.
  8. has it got Space Geordies as well?
  9. I had the impression that was several episodes-worth, or it's going to be at a real breakneck pace to get through all of that.
  10. I struggled to keep my attention on this to be honest, not sure why. I enjoyed the books years ago well enough, and went to see the theatre show when Timothy Dalton was Asriel so I guess I should qualify as liking it. Still, I found myself wishing my 5 year old was a bit older as I think watching it with a suitable kid would've been better. Ah well, watching the immensely long 'coming soon' bit afterwards pretty much saves me from needing to bother with the rest of it!
  11. All of that is true, but part 3 is different again and likewise took me quite some time to come to terms with and enjoy it. Keep it in mind if it’s heavy going! I think I liked part 2 best of the trilogy.
  12. I was gonna say that and then I thought... well, you can also do that while buying on GOG so what the heck.
  13. milko

    Best New Music 2019

    I haven't heard anything by him in ages, that sounds a lot nicer/less silly than I remember. Not that I had a problem with the old stuff and I suppose the video could still count.
  14. What's a really nice spaceport in Elite: Dangerous? So long as I can qualify to be in the luxury bit getting waited on by robots, gazing out of the window at stars and whatnot.
  15. It would be nice if they at least mixed up a few old hands with something new. I guess they're being risk averse, I haven't seen much of their tennis coverage but that always seems like more of the same as well.
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