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  1. Yeah, Taylor getting given LBW when it was going over as well.. there's loads of fine margin things, just like most matches except this particular one seemed to have almost all of them in it. We can't know what would've happened if any of them had gone differently. Still, I bet the 'most boundaries' fallback will be ditched by next tournament (world t20 is it?). Maybe they'll just keep Super Overing until someone gives up. It could be like penalty shootouts that go on for ages, limit every player to one attempt each bowling/batting so you end up with fast bowlers facing the openers dibbly dobbers.
  2. haha. Actually from what I've seen online, by far the most saltiness seems to be coming from Australians rather than Kiwis. Weird! Ashes gonna be fun. NZ by contrast seem to be quite accepting of their poor luck.
  3. Aughhhh, my heart! What a fucking game, just crazy in so many ways.
  4. Big latter-era Metallica fans?
  5. King Cricket is pretty good on the Roy dismissal. https://www.kingcricket.co.uk/who-had-the-strongest-emotional-reaction-to-jason-roys-dismissal/2019/07/11/
  6. that was an absolute battering. Can't see Roy and Archer not being given a shot in the Ashes now (unless they take a beating from Ireland, anyway). God I'm excited for Sunday now. I've got my parents down visiting... but I also have an all venues staff pass so I'm trying to work out if I can escape for a bit and wander up to 'help' the guys working there.
  7. yeah Roy is unlucky and it's unjust. And given that reviews for caught have that whole ultra edge messing about, there's no way they could just do a simple yes/no quickly. The game is the game! Watched the three sixes already but will happily do it again, that third one was astonishing.
  8. The umpire should maybe be allowed to refer more decisions upstairs (though I fear they'd just refer almost everything, like they do with runouts now)... yeah, maybe not. The players are supposed to review based on it being a howler, not in hope of a lucky reprieve, Bairstow misjudged it and that's the price.
  9. It's one per match for everybody, Bairstow shouldn't have wasted it. I fucking said it right after he did that to the guy sitting next to me, we're gonna cop a bad one and not be able to review now. Dang, I was looking forward to Roy bashing these last runs off in fine style.
  10. It's not exactly gentlemanly but I do hope Starc is feeling below-par and sore and all that. If we get through the first powerplay without much damage then this game is done. heh. I can't really type it with a straight face.
  11. Also need Maxwell to do as normal and get out quick, if he goes big and stays in it's a bit like when Buttler kicks off. Basically I can't relax about Australia at all at any point
  12. milko

    The Man Utd Thread

    Sounds a bit like all the stories Raheem Sterling has to put up with.
  13. It seems that way, although quite a few (that one, Eng v Sri Lanka both spring to mind straight away) it feels like the chasing team at least did themselves few favours. England have won too many tosses in a row, they’ll either lose the semi or final one surely.
  14. wooof. Kohli failing in a big match, Dhoni The Finisher not Finishing (again), that's gonna be a flop for India that gets talked about for a loooooooong time. Everyone gonna write off NZ in the final too I bet.
  15. Jadeja making the Kiwis doubt themselves here. Plenty of recent history showing times where India made comebacks of similar level against them too. Strange that Jadeja was a sub for so long.
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