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  1. Can you do something with 'select color' and slowly move a slider? Sorry for being all vague, I should probably check before posting.
  2. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah, that's the angle I was going for really. The "this shouldn't be a demerit", not particularly the "farting as a legitimate tactic", I think I need more time to process that one. I watched the NFL neuter celebrations with penalties a few years ago too, it's kind of weird and I only sort of get it. Century for Pope!
  3. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Yeah I just listened to the Sky pundits spend most of the lunchbreak arguing abour Rabada. He's been a fool and no mistake, but it still doesn't really sit right with me that this one was a demerit point. Buttler was swearing on the hot mic, it's a bit different. But maybe we don't want to be encouraging the kids to celebrate too aggressively either.
  4. milko

    Cricket Thread

    haha Stokes just put the ball quite a long way out of the ground off Maharaj, batting does seem a bit more fluent this morning. That looked quite dangerous for the nearby traffic.
  5. milko

    Nintendo Switch

    I have to say, from first glance on a mobile screen I thought somebody had modified an egg box.
  6. milko

    Cricket Thread

    Pope and Stokes setting something good up here. Rabada suspended from the next test. Fucking ridiculous really. I know him and Joe Root have some kind of previous, but he bowled his off stump out of the ground and then did a roaring celebration more or less right next to Root. I mean, it's a bit off? But also the kind of thing that adds a bit of needle and interest to a match, this stuff is fun! A demerit point which took him over the threshold and 15% of his match fee. Meh.
  7. Interesting. If the author is trans (which I understand is the case) it feels unlikely to be intentionally anti-trans at least! I mean, it's quite confronting and confident, but I'd thought entirely positively so as well. Tricky, and not really my place to judge, but if the author's own community is objecting, then I better understand the reasoning for taking it down.
  8. I don't think it is, at least not yet. They do Kindle etc formats, but all online. Archive.org has it still: https://archive.is/oXDEt
  9. That story has been pulled, by the author's request, apparently (though official statement still to come) because of shitload of trolling and bad faith reaction. Which is weird, when I read it there were about six comments saying things like "this is the best sci-fi story I've read in years" and "I'm a 60 year old man and thanks to this amazing story I finally understand the gender/trans/nonbinary thing, thankyou" and a bunch of tweets saying similarly positive things. Sigh. What a shame, I hope it finds a way back, and I hope a few of you got to read it! I wish I'd kept a copy too, I'd have so much more to say now I know it's gone
  10. I don't know (having very little opinion about xG either way) that I'm comfortable with this being any kind of proof - could you not equally argue that the tactics of Guardiola have influenced more and more teams into trying the style his teams play with, all of which seem to end up setting up lots of close-in finishes. I dunno. Like, teams would already have started examining stats about speculative shots with or without xG. Is it 2014/15 that xG began being used? It's strange to me that it would affect results more in its own first season than the ones thereafter, like teams were really quick to start playing for that if so. Again, not saying that's impossible, just doesn't seem a no-brainer conclusion at least.
  11. Oh, my friend made a documentary about her recently (I don't think it's actually released yet, actually). I keep meaning to listen to more than the tiny amount I've managed so far.
  12. So I wasn't quite clear from your description, it sounds damn good fun and all but it's years since I did a Secret Cinema. They used to be all of that interactive stuff but would ultimately climax in you watching the actual film - potentially (but not always) with some live action accompaniments or interruptions. Do you actually sit and watch some TV for any length of time at some point with this?
  13. Read this free short: http://clarkesworldmagazine.com/fall_01_20/ it’s really very good indeed.
  14. milko

    Horace - PC

    This was somewhere in my mental list of 'should really try that one sometime'. It's going to be free on the Epic store next week.
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