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  1. milko

    A song of ice and fire

    I assume he's gonna change any plans he had on the plot depending on the tv audience reaction, he could see it like a massive beta test in that regard. Then he just needs to decide if they hate things for good reasons so he should drop 'em or things he can fix by writing twenty pages about the ingredients of a feast. I don't see that he's as much reason to bring back fan-service characters who disappeared long ago, and/or keep them alive for an hour of being swarmed by baddies.
  2. That was the thing that worried me at first but I was happy enough to stick with it, thankfully. I'm sure we can mod the OP if @JohnC doesn't mind/doesn't want to do it himself but doesn't object.
  3. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    ...had quite a lot of money injected by a rich owner, even if not on the scale of the big teams.
  4. Doesn't stop Better Call Saul being great fun.
  5. milko

    Football Kits 2019/20

    I'll wager she has some variety of Neil "Razor" Ruddock's shirt on!
  6. milko

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    That first Praed Street one looks like one of those 'superheroes walking determinedly into battle together' except oldish ladies.
  7. milko

    Loik V credern's Interesting Photography Thread

    haha, sorry. I didn't want to speak for the others! And I'm not much good or practiced at writing (or even thinking) about photography. I consciously like that they're a lot different to the other photographs posted in this folder and that it can be fun looking through to see what's going on there. Are they aware of the camera. is the treatment making the scenario look different to what is really happening. See that's more thought than before already, I should perhaps be less lazy.
  8. *pushes glasses up nose* And (snort), they ask us to believe that the seven kingdoms has CONCRETE now? This show just keeps on jumping sharks! Also why is Mountain hitting his own head I wish these fights would have a steadier camera so that I can keep up with what's actually supposed to be happening. I'm not even going to watch the rest of the episode, never mind the series.
  9. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Nah, Liverpool had that a couple of years ago already. Something obscure like Official Malaysian Plumbing Supplier is more United’s speed, gotta segment that market. They’re still very good at that!
  10. milko

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    https://www.theguardian.com/football/2019/may/08/press-reaction-barcelona-defeat-liverpool-anfield-semi-champions-league i was kind of hoping for some hot takes about the corner trick being cheating, but haven’t seen any yet.
  11. milko

    Loik V credern's Interesting Photography Thread

    At least some people here like looking at them though, one way or another.
  12. milko

    Loik V credern's Interesting Photography Thread

    Quite a lot of people seemed to get angry when he did.
  13. milko

    Digital Pressure Cookers

    We've got an Instant Pot and I don't think we really know what to use it for. Slow cooking - we've a slow cooker. Rice - we ended up getting a rice cooker, which does a much better job of it. I need to try some pressure cooking I guess.
  14. milko

    The Wandering Earth - Netflix Sci-Fi

    the book/short story is kinda cool, I like the different perspective that he seems to have even when it's on the outskirts of anything conceivably possible. Can't help thinking in clichés about it but there's a different attitude to death and sacrifice and numbers and being rational, that sort of thing.
  15. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I wonder why the voting for these awards is always so far from the actual announcement, does it really take so long to work it all out? Hazard had a bit of a flat period earlier in the season that presumably accounts for his missing out even though he's been amazing for the past few weeks and more. Likewise Eriksen, thinking about it.

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