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  1. milko

    Synths and Similar - an electronic music gear thread

    haha. With the Volca as well there's clearly a 'thing' happening. V cool.
  2. milko

    Your shameful gaming secrets

    oh, me and a mate used to pull out the tape and rub it between our fingers, that was usually enough to break it. I don't think they ever actually tested them when we returned them anyway, but hey ho. Got rid of a few terrible games back to John Menzies that way. I was just thinking I didn't seem to have any gaming shame, beyond the inevitable Steam Pile of it at least, and then there's that little flashback.
  3. milko

    Football Thread 2018/19

    VAR lets officials make an interpretation with more time and evidence. Those interpretations can still be argued against, obv, it's not an automated Hawkeye-type situation is it. I dunno, does leaning make a player count as offside?
  4. milko

    Why did we never get head coupled-perspective?

    I think @Strategos said in the thread he had one. I have an http://www.edtracker.org.uk/ which is pretty fun for playing Elite Dangerous with, similar concept. It's weird, hard to describe exactly why it works well but in short, yeah you don't move your head much to move the camera, so you still see the screen just fine. It feels limiting to go back to not using it, even though it's not exactly earth-shattering. Anyway, that's the other thing.
  5. milko


    that looks cool. A bit like XBMC/Kodi in a way.
  6. Haha, I can turn that off at least, right? But I’ve a hankering for playing some semi-realistic cricket if it acts reasonably convincingly.
  7. oh aye. Is that newer/better? I haven't kept up.
  8. Don Bradman PC is finally on discount in the latest steam sale, £20. Anyone get much joy from it, did they ever patch out the worst of the problems?
  9. milko

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    damnit I have half that list already. That Eleanor Oliphant is good, is it? The title makes me want to lump it in with chick-lit or something, all judging it by the cover and that.
  10. milko

    Kindle shop Recommendations

    it's been there before, you might get another chance eventually. All of Spike Milligan's war diary books are 99p today.
  11. Yeah I found that interesting as a concept and setting, but a tad laborious to get through. Maybe "not for everyone" at least.
  12. milko

    Rat Arsed Gaming

    are you actually taking it at face value, though? I mean, I thought "clearly a joke" but maybe one or other side of my thought was wrong.
  13. milko

    Rat Arsed Gaming

    Yea @Naieve you were close but competitive Monkey Target on MB1 was the way to go with drinking. Music games were always a bit pants, all ready to be a rock god and getting about 10s into a song before failing miserably.
  14. Oh I'd second the Station Eleven suggestion, liked that one a lot.
  15. Have you read anything by China Miéville? I'd say quite a few of his books qualify, Perdido St Station or The City And The City for examples.

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