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  1. I went along this afternoon. Nice to be a rare witness of Smith getting out, at least. I think Anderson will keep going yet, he sounds keen. I just wonder how England will manage it all, but since they've already got him and Broad on Test-only duties there's a chance.
  2. he's basically got one innings left to save his place on the next tour, right? Blowing a review on it as well, it just looks worse. Eesh, they were looking reasonably well set at tea.
  3. EXIT THE GUNGEON has been announced. Side-on shooter. An Apple Arcade exclusive, at least for now.
  4. Wasn't that long ago you could do the same in many premier league grounds too, but alas those days are gone. The old clipboard/tie over the shoulder thing would get you anywhere. Now the best I got is a jacket with 'UEFA Signage Crew' on it, which usually makes security at least be polite while searching bags, pockets, ID, primary school record of achievement, swimming badges and so on.
  5. Luton v Leicester (for some reason)? I've yet to actually show up in person but there's some milko work in there.
  6. I wonder if something like Blender is also worth mentioning, 3D stuff. Again potentially way OTT at this level but if the interest is there it could be really fun. I was dicking around with a pirated 3D Studio Max at something like that age, maybe a year or two older. Much easier nowadays! https://www.blender.org/
  7. Here's a lightroom alternative: https://www.darktable.org/ GIMPshop is a free Photoshop thing: https://www.gimpshop.com/downloads (or just plain old GIMP: https://www.gimp.org/) Inkscape is like Adobe Illustrator: https://inkscape.org/ Davinci Resolve does a lot of video effects/editing stuff (might be a bit much at pre-GCSE level!) https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/davinciresolve/
  8. Reign of Fire I saw the trailer and the posters and goddamn how exciting and silly does this sound! Apache helicopters versus fire-breathing dragons! Destroying the modern world! I didn't look too carefully beyond that, and me and boys duly snuck in a few beers and went to see it at the cinema. Turns out the entire bit where dragons take over is done as a couple of minutes' flashback, generally suggesting rather than showing all that went on. We then proceed to a pretty goddamn lame post-apocalyptic tale that has a few dragons in it and some very ropy CGI and green screen effects. There's a funny bit where a pocket of survivors are acting out a theatre show for the kids and it's Star Wars that they're doing. A human baddie is the main threat and dragons are kind of on the side of events for a lot of the time. I don't know if it's truly as lame as I think, or it's just that it wasn't the film I wanted.
  9. milko

    Anno 1404

    How long do we have until they run out of combinations that add up to 9 for the name? I guess there's a few to go yet.
  10. The opening partner for Burns is a real toughie. They've got at least one more year of the County Championship not particularly helping with that as well. I sort of feel like the ECB need to find a way to help Haseeb Hameed rediscover his mojo no matter what. Put him in a lab with a team of specialists for six months, parachute him into various matches for various teams, I have no idea (obviously). I guess Root needs to stop being captain sooner rather than later if possible. Get back to being extremely good at batting and handy to have around in the close fielders. Not many obvious candidates here either, yay. Bairstow up the order a bit and batting properly, yep. So Foakes with the gloves. Buttler I don't know, he shows so many signs of being able to be great in red ball cricket as well but it's been a fairly long time so far having him as a luxury number 7 getting like 30 runs at most. If Jimmy bowls again in Tests we're fortunate, need to plan for him to not be around either way. Broad won't have a great deal longer. Moeen coming back and somehow being more resilient form-wise would be ideal, but is that ship already sailed? TLDR: Doooooooomed. (that's a great result for the Afghans, not easy to win in Bangladesh for any team)
  11. Imagine if we patiently and sensibly bat out a draw and then go win in Oval. hahaha! Meanwhile elsewhere Malinga just did very mean things to NZ in a T20 game, 4 wickets in 4 balls and 5 in less than 3 overs.
  12. Its not particularly new, we miss having bowlers who can bowl dry with a consistent 4/5th stump line when the wickets aren’t tumbling, they all seem to try very hard to find the wicket which can lead to leaking many runs. I think the more urgent problem just now is batting, but this does need solving and Jimmmy’s impending retirement won’t help.
  13. We're gonna have to bat a lot better than we're - well, speaking honestly - capable of doing. Oh dear oh dear. All that effort from Stokes and Leach at Headingley just to be right back against the 8-ball already? It's a very England way to do things, certainly.
  14. @SharkyOB I thought the forecast was alright, or is that just for the weekend? Have fun, anyway. Yeah, Smith. Dagnabbit. If we don't at least rip through the rest of them soon this is going to get dangerous.
  15. milko

    Football Kits 2019/20

    Nike definitely discount loads of kit on their site later in the season, couldn’t speak to how much off though as I’ve never wanted to buy any of it, I’m just scrolling past endless PSG/Barca/Chelsea stuff on the way to the rest of it.
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