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  1. Ha fair enough, wasn't my intention. If you knew how many hours I spent playing and watching videos about this stupid game then you'd see I wasn't trying to show off!
  2. Well despite having my best ever team in FIFA, I'm also having my worst ever weekend league, ha. I started ok, 10-2, but now I'm 10-6. The team I have seems to make no difference!
  3. I'm tempted by Death Stranding at £25, but going into the last few pages of the main thread there seems to be more moaning than saying how good the game is. I also don't know if I can handle cutscene after cutscene, I just want to play. But I'm well up for a game that is unlike any other.
  4. Not played enough yet, I've just reached the telephone/hotel bit after the first boss and I'm a bit underwhelmed so far, although I assume it gets much better as you unlock stuff.
  5. Neymar is so much fun. He's the glass cannon of the game, a breeze will knock him over but if you have some space to dribble he's almost unstoppable. And his shot is the best I've used, which surprised me. Like CR7 but 5* weak foot. I've been trying to learn some new skills to use with him. Here's a fun goal, awful defending but still. I've also included my new favourite skill (actually 2 skills linked together) which is my go to when attacking down the channels. It's fake shot + RT, then L1 + the opposite side you were running on the right stick (La croqueta). It works so often even against good players.
  6. It wasn't marketed very well. I just had it down as a very generic shooter.
  7. Just very souped up popular cards. Expect Kent 95.
  8. Absolutely ransacked my team in those upgrade packs. I've actually found the premium packs (any 12 gold rares to get three Ligue 1 rares) have been paying out more. I got three TOTS in a row earlier! Sadly it was ones I have already.
  9. I'd have loved Lala, only RB who fits my team
  10. I was so, so close to not going for untradeable rewards this morning, 75,000 coins. But I thought what the hell, and then Renato Sanches in the first pack! Amazing seeing as I was gonna buy him anyway. Untradeable rewards have been amazing for me since I started picking them. Also got two discard TOTS who'll be good for SBCs. My other rewards were pretty awful, but then again tradeable ones almost always are. I did get red Di Maria, but I'm not even sure if he'll reach my bench.
  11. Now you know how I've felt the last four or five years watching your pulls!
  12. Timmo

    Playstation Now

    Mine took about 4 or so hours in the end. I think he sent klargon's because it's just one code, maybe more of a delay for you. I wouldn't worry, they have over 99% feedback, it's just admin I guess. Listing has ended now so I can't imagine you'll have to wait too long.
  13. Timmo

    Playstation Now

    Yeah mine just came through and he gave me the option of one code or 12, then threw in an extra month. Guess he's getting low! They all worked.
  14. Nice, I got Gueye last night. Not made my mind up yet, he's amazing on the ball but I'm not sure if he's stocky enough to be a good defensive mid and his shooting is obviously poor. Can't wait to get Renato Sanches, either as a red or once his price drops.
  15. Timmo

    Playstation Now

    This was linked on Hot UK Deals and several people said they got the codes. Someone on eBay is selling year subscriptions for £19.99, same day delivery. Not many left at all: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/114245901357 Pay with PayPal and you should be protected anyway.
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