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  1. Oh man, you've got the Felurian section to "enjoy" in Kingkiller. You'll see.
  2. The contrast between the music and the utterly uninspiring rewards is perhaps the greatest work of art this century has seen yet.
  3. Red Robertson and tradeable upgradeable Neres. I actually packed a card worth 80k. Hold me.
  4. Don't think I'll be getting another CM next time...
  5. There are still 12 available: Schmeichel (86) - 6 tokens Okocha (87) - 8 tokens Guardiola (85) - 8 tokens Giggs (89) - 9 tokens Nesta (88) - 9 tokens Roberto Carlos (86) - 11 tokens Crespo (85) - 12 tokens Kluivert (86) - 12 tokens Klose (89) - 12 tokens
  6. Beware Pep, I tried him and he's incredibly average. Keane and Nesta is your other option.
  7. The main reason I decided against Butrageuno in the end was that I just know there will be a striker I want more in Season 2. I'm happy to wait for an Henry or someone like that. I do really like Keane so far, and I am having no issues playing him alongside De Jong, although there is a small part of me that does think what might have been with Zanetti. That's probably just always gonna happen, though. The thing is, though, you can't get Politano to 10 chem with Zanetti without making half of your team Serie A for the entirety of FIFA and I didn't wanna force my hand. And with the already brilliant Politano getting upgraded at some point I don't think he's going to leave my team. Plus I could always buy Zambrotta, or EA might release a flashback Florenzi like they always seem to. I'd describe Keane as Vidal, on steroids, with insane passing. The passing is incredibly noticeable. The other great thing is that I can switch to 4-1-2-1-2 anytime and he does a great job on his own as a sole CDM. All that said, I don't think you'd be disappointed with any of Rio, Zanetti or Keane. I'm gonna get Nesta as well as Keane. I tried Sule and had no issues with his agility so he should fit in nicely for at least a while.
  8. Oh Christ, it's actually happening. Are we christening this Liverpool The Unbearables or the Insufferables?
  9. You need to use them this season, I'm 99% sure.
  10. @Pants McSkillMcSkill Any closer to your icon decision? I think it's between Keane and Butra for me. Keane because I love Vidal and he looks like the same card but suped up, and Butra because he just looks so meta with that 5* weak foot and finesse trait. 0.99 goals a game, too, on FUTbin. I've decided against Rio because I just can't get excited about a centre back. New tokens are out tomorrow evening.
  11. @Pants McSkill Latest thoughts on icon swap? Either Keane or Butra for me. I can't get excited about a centre back, so I'm not going for Rio. I absolutely love Vidal and Keane looks like suped up version of him, whereas Butra fits the meta. Tough. The new tokens are released tomorrow evening.
  12. At first I wanted Lottie gone ASAP but now I can't imagine the show without her, she's incredible. Like bottled evil.
  13. Suarez is 37k! I've been using him with Engine behind the striker and he's an absolute beast. He doesn't even feel slow at all and bullies everyone, I assume due to his aggression/strength combo.
  14. I actually did it lads, I have Politano. Only cost me about 400 skill points. (I basically went ultra attacking every match and lost most of my games about 7-4) (Also, from the 40 players I got, not one was a board)
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