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  1. Can you explain data cubes to me? I've only found two so far, losing one. Are you saying I can go back to the ship and dunk them there? I thought you unlocked new artifacts by buying them at the machine next to the ship. Are datacube items in addition to this? Can anyone explain these systems?
  2. The biome 1 boss is a big roadblock but honestly, you're better off just going straight there and not worrying about RNG. Your experience against the boss is much more valuable than any combination of items and weapon you can take. Just focus on learning the boss over anything else. If it helps, don't bother with active reloads and just focus on dodging everything, you have as much time as you need.
  3. Finally got the second boss down! I'm perplexed that people found it easier than the first, the last phase was fucking me up big time, it all gets so hectic and I lose my focus. Third biome has some amazing enemies. I didn't reach the boss but I extended the bridge which presumably gives me a shortcut of some form.
  4. Talking of the spitmaw, is there a single person in the world glad to get one with a wide shot mod?
  5. Apparently they've changed the spaceship heal. You can only use it once and it heals 10%. I don't mind that, it spoils the flow anyway. I do wish the healing was less stingy overall but I guess that's roguelites for you.
  6. There's few better sights in football than watching Mahrez take down a long pass. His first touch is elite.
  7. I bought the audiobook of IJ and had a physical book as well. I basically read the footnotes at the end of each chapter. It was an absolute pain to be honest, there's no reason he couldn't have built them into the main narrative. It's an amazing book in many ways but so impenetrable and I feel like I missed massive amounts of subtext. I can see why people read it over and over.
  8. Season 3 was peak Line of Duty for me. Absolutely batshit crazy and thrilling popcorn drama.
  9. Ugh, can't stand Adrien Brody. Hopefully he changes my mind in this.
  10. Timmo

    Funniest Mods

    Still Dunkey's best video:
  11. Fuck, you guys sound like my Dad. Yeah, nice house son, the door needs fixing.
  12. Follow the green rectangle entrances until you come across a red rectangle, this leads to the boss.
  13. Once you've unlocked the boss, I found that the best thing to do is make a beeline to it each time until you finish it. You can usually get there within 5 mins. Once dead you don't need to kill it again. After a few attempts the first two phases become much easier.
  14. Thought this could be a good place to talk about the books and authors you thought you'd like but just didn't. Perhaps someone here can convince you to try another book by that author, or to persevere a little further. Don Quixote by Cervantes This left a good first impression with me, I found the start very funny and enjoyed the concept, but I soon found it bogged down with lots and lots of dull parts and endless references to things which meant nothing to me. I've got this down as an important book of its time, but not something I want to spend the many, many hours i
  15. Wasteland 3 is a good one actually. It was one of the games I was most looking forward to trying when I got Game Pass but it felt clunky. Awesome that they're throwing these out.
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