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  1. Timmo

    Titanfall 2

    Just finished on Master for the first time. Still a pretty easy game for the most part but you need to use cover like a more traditional shooter. Therefore I think Hard is the sweet spot, and I think I'm gonna play through again on that difficulty very soon in order to get the rest of the achievements. I love the campaign so much, there really isn't an ounce of fat on it. It's like a 3 minute song that you want to hear again and again rather than a drawn out 6 minute one which repeats the chorus four times. I think my only criticism is that there's very little fleshing out of the named enemy pilots, reducing the agency of the story, but it really is a small or even non-existent nitpick because I certainly wouldn't want the ultra concise campaign stretched out at all - that's why the game is so replayable.
  2. Koulibaly and Busquets. Can't believe I fell for this stupid SBC! Ah well, game is basically over.
  3. You packed 99 Ronaldo and fucking 93 Eusebio!
  4. Good riddance, hopefully this will end the complete saturation of samey superhero movies and give us more thrillers.
  5. Timmo

    Playstation Now

    This moth's games are out - Greedfall a nice surprise! AO Tennis 2 Dead Cells GreedFall Hitman 2 Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Pure Farming 2018 The Sinking City Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor - Martyr WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship
  6. Timmo

    Fall Guys

    This happened with Rocket League, it's completely normal when a game is more popular than expected. It'll be sorted.
  7. Timmo

    Playstation Now

    The Japanese Now has been updated and Hitman 2 and Dead Cells have been added - likelihood of being the same games over here is apparently very high.
  8. Exactly the same. Very rarely watch films twice but this was still great.
  9. I haven't even seen the picture but I've heard there's a fake going around.
  10. Never usually watch films twice but loved it even second time around. So well put together.
  11. He actually didn't, as much as it looked like he did in real time. No idea why the match director didn't show this replay: https://streamable.com/7rj0jy
  12. You don't need 10 chem on mid 90 plus players, the boosts are negligible at that point. Put Mbappe at LM as a CM and he'll get 7.
  13. It certainly seemed that way! So I've gone back to explore. I think my other complaint would be that it's a bit too obtuse, at no point did I really know what exactly I was doing or why.
  14. I finished this last night with 25 hours on the clock. Now I'm muddling around trying to find what I missed. Most of my deaths were to that invincible grave protector character. I spent so long fighting him not realising it was pointless! Everything else was just the right side of challenging with most bosses down in 1-4 goes. Felt like a walk in the park after Nioh 2! One thing has annoyed me though, finding out that missable things exist and that I'd have to restart to get full completion. Pretty shitty. Amazing game otherwise, though, a definite 9 or even 10.
  15. Timmo

    Football Kits 2020/21

    That's one of the best kits I've ever seen
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