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  1. Same here. Game feels horrible to me so far, like I'm fighting it.
  2. Wow! You lucky boy. Also that bitter neg wasn't me!
  3. 10 hour Trial is out if you have EA Access. https://store.playstation.com/en-gb/product/EP0006-CUSA15545_00-FIFA20PREORSTAEU It'll say you have to pay but when you go through the price will be zero.
  4. Is the show considered equal to the books?
  5. You know you could have watched half of an episode instead of typing that out, right?
  6. Oh and numbers 2 and 1 were definitely the wrong way around.
  7. Yes! I had forgotten it! What a brilliant show, definitely due a rewatch.
  8. FINALLY got round to watching the rest of this. I didn't actually like it all that much to begin with, I thought it was overly crass for the sake of it at first, but as the show went on it just got better and better and the second series in its entirety is one of the best things I've ever watched. It's just masterful TV.
  9. Ozark? But stick with it, ZOK! It definitely gets better.
  10. Southgate's done him there telling everyone how good Kane is at penalties. He'll probably never score another.
  11. Or you buy a 90 rated defender but he has 38 pace.
  12. We've got a 5* attack and 2* defence.
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