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  1. Oops. For now he's even better than Diego Carlos, and the he's so fun on the ball as well. https://www.futbin.com/20/compare/44123/43965
  2. Tomiyasu is ridiculously good for free if you can get him in. EA messed up.
  3. Just switch the CBs for 10 chem all round.
  4. They remind me of someone I used to know who'd really aggressively look for reactions every time he'd tell a (usually bad) joke.
  5. Timmo

    The National

    Whilst I'm not completely taken with the new album, I've been revisiting everything else and the back catalogue of this band from LP3 onwards is just, mmmph *chef's kiss*
  6. Ben Yedder SBC is up, and his 86 squad is glitched so you only need an 80 squad to do it. Gives a Rare Electrum Players pack, well worth the 10k or untradeables it'll cost you to do. Edit - gone now.
  7. Why don't you give 89 Barnes a go? @Steely I bought him last night as his prime hasn't moved for ages. Played about 5 games with him and he's brilliant. Has all the traits that matter and great stats all round. Shouldn't lose much when the other cards drop.
  8. Gold 3 being lucky is a total myth, there are just far, far many more that get it, so naturally a number of those are gonna get the big pulls. Elite 3 gets you one extra pick. It's nothing. I've played almost every weekend league for this FIFA, about half of last year, the whole of the year before, averaged Gold 1, and never had a good red.
  9. Upamecano would be nice, for objectives, and is realistic. It's not even worth dreaming about getting anyone worthwhile, I don't even get a tinge of excitement anymore.
  10. Guys, don't buy big purchases now, look how much prices have gone up since TOTY. They'll go down again soon, they always do.
  11. I'm in as I'm sitting on a fortune until the market drops again, although I have visions of us all losing shitloads of coins...
  12. Let me just check my crystal ball right here. *Sees Gooner packing icons* *Smashes ball in a rage*
  13. I just think Reactions is too important a stat to ignore, all the best players in the game have it in the 90s.
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