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  1. AK Interactive's ultra matt varnish is what you want. It has a low viscosity so is easy to apply either with a brush or airbrush and the finish leaves no shine without dulling the colours.
  2. I doubt I'll bother with the contrast paints. I'm still learning how to get the best results from scale colour and warpaints, adding another set of paints with very different characteristics seems like an unnecessary distraction regardless of whatever benefits they may offer.
  3. This seems more of a demonstration of Latham's skill than showing any unique properties of contrast paint. There are nmm guides in the scale 75 books which aren't too different.
  4. I'll buy a few to try out but I'm not sure I want to switch to a totally different painting method. Depending on how well they can be applied over regular paints (especially scale color) I might use them for glazing.
  5. I tried a couple of different sizes a while back. They weren't the best synthetics I've used, princeton's heritage and velvetouch series are what I'd recommend.
  6. I'll buy a few pots to experiment with and see how they work.The shading looks a bit too dark and dirty for me, but at this stage it's not possible to tell what different effects can be achieved with those paints. I am somewhat interested to use them as a quick basecoat, though any benefit might be negated by an apparently long drying time.
  7. If this is going to be something as mundane as a new type of paint product I'll guess it's a reactivable paint like the wilder aqualine or washable paints from ammo. But rather than designed for creating weathering effects these will come in shade and highlight colours.
  8. What is the quality of the models for these cmon games? I haven't backed a big box kickstarter in years because I didn't enjoy painting the models, but I've been thinking about having a big project to work on. I know mantic have improved a lot with their miniatures, well with walking dead and hellboy at least, and I've seen quite a few painted examples of the fantasy zombicide that look very detailed.
  9. yeah, but what colour wheel? the matrix angle hints at something based more on a scientific understanding of colour perception rather than the mainstream artist wheel.
  10. I don't bother with pinning for anything other than large heavy models. Instead I use my hobby knife to score the surfaces to be glued which increases the surface area and the strength of the bond. For applying the superglue I first put the glue onto a metal dental pick then use that to apply glue onto the model. All of these tips and more can be found in a video I made
  11. I made another painting video: I'm still figuring out how to do things and I suspect that'll remain the case for the rest of the year. But at least I'll get some painted models out of it.
  12. @Kzo vmc isn't the best paint for this type of glazing technique and getting the balance of colour intensity and transparency is kind of the issue and why I don't use this approach with my regular painting. I'm working on a method that produces a similar textured result without the need for glazing and will put up a video once I have refined the process. I have a bit of time coming up which Ill spend on creating more videos. I have a lot of ideas for content, it's really a matter of deciding which will be the most interesting and is possible given the technological restrictions. The complete tutorials for particular models are the easiest as they require the least planning, but I'm not sure I want to make these the focus of my channel. I can't compete with the display level painters or the high production values guys like sorastro or the maniac. And my normal painting style isn't very interesting, just go from dark to light and large to small. So I'll probably make some shorter videos on specific things like painting faces etc. The main subject I want to cover is the technical aspect of painting, going into detail as to the variables affecting each technique, and, more interesting to me at least, the theory of how miniature painting works. It's surprising how little of this is discussed. Most videos/articles amount to paint by numbers or "hacks" with almost no explanation of the why. I won't pretend to understand the hard science, but I have been working on a simple theoretical framework. There's still a lot to work out as every book I read gives me new ideas, and I have a lot of books still to get through. Just the basics of colour theory are fascinating which is why it's so surprising why no one ever goes beyond the primary/secondary colour nonsense. We'll see if I ever get around to making these videos as the paint by numbers stuff is easier to produce and there must be a reason why no one talks about the theory.
  13. yes it's crystal blue mixed with blue tone ink.
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